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Olbert STER
At Our Stable
7 Year Old STER Gelding
16.3 hands
Onne 376 X Rindert 406



One in a MILLION STER gelding, 16.3 hands TALL, was in the 70 day test and nearly became an approved stallion, making it to the last 10 stallions... and this boy has MORE quality than some that became approved.... now 3rd level dressage with MUCH dressage show experience, and a HEART OF GOLD.


VERY special boy for your consideration.....


His name is Olbert van Hilberalti. He is 7 years old and has points in M2 level dressage. He is about ready to start Z level (3rd level) . He is also very well trained to drive. 


Olie  is a gorgeous, 16.3 hand tall, beautiful built STER gelding with a VERY long mane and a very thick tail. He is very sweet and easy to handle.


Here is a  horse that is just so nice to work with, EVERYONE falls in love with him. He really ALSO has such elastic movements!!  TALENT TALENT TALENT!!


A very nice trot with a pretty amazing extended trot. His canter is also very good, excellent collections and extensions. 


Olbert was appointed for the stallion test when he was 3 years old. So he made it through the 3rd round and went to the 70 day test. He made it to the last 10 stallions. And to be honest I think they should have approved him. Because I know quite a few approved stallions that don’t have his quality!


Needless to say, this is a pretty darn good 3rd party verification that the very BEST Judges in Holland think this  boy has the BEST conformation, BEST movement, BEST temperament, BEST health/vet records and radiographs---- of all stallions in Europe!  Hard to beat THAT endorsement....and this 170 cm TALL impressive fairytale looking boy is now 3rd level dressage AND excellent to drive!


Comes from stam line 50---the GOLD STANDARD.


B-day 4/21/12


Fabulous pedigree, sired by approved stallions that have highly  established show records; his sire is the incomparable Onne 376 SPORT and dam's sire is Rindert 406 SPORT.


Motherline is  STER-Model+SPORT +Pref-Ster+Pref+Prest-MODEL+Pref


He is a sensitive horse, but in a good way. You don’t have to push him, because he is wants to work and he is soft in his mouth!!


He is not a spooky kind of horse, Olbert is EXCEPTIONALLY SWEET! He LOVES trails and you can even ride him bareback.


He has the SO sought after, and rare, competition experience and a proven show record. He has been so successful throughout his career AND this boy is ONLY 7 yrs old---so has his whole life left to spend with YOU!!!


You will learn from this horse and you will have so much fun on him, even if you are not an advanced rider yourself (see video, the rider is a novice).


He truly is a once in a lifetime kind of horse.


His gaits are outstanding! He is elastic in the trot and moves sooooo fluent. He has the best canter and great extended gaits!!!


Comes with a brand new pre purchase exam and full set of xrays available for review with your vet. 


This is a horse i will be enjoying, and competing myself, if not sold....he is quite simply, the BEST!!!


Extraordinary opportunity to own an OUTSTANDING 3rd level friesian STER gelding that was in the 70 Day Test.. This horse is a real athlete, look how he NEVER backs an ear in the videos above, AND he is absolutely drop dead gorgeous.


Olie has JUST ARRIVED FROM EUROPE and is available for you to see and try at our San Francisco Bay area stable! Call Janna for more info: 415-272-2112

Just Arrived
7 yrs old Year Old Gelding
16.1 hands
Reinder 452 X Fetse 349

BLACK LABRADOR personality!

This one won't last: 7 year old with excellent proven dressage show record in 2nd level (L2 dressage with winning points!!!)

Very easy to ride and not spooky. New LONG haired boy, he is just under 16.1 hands (164 cm) and VERY safe on the trails---

Setse also already has excellent xrays, and is kind, gentle, EASY to sit, VERY easy even for a novice, and comes with an excellent dressage show record----AND reasonably priced!
AND very well trained to drive.

I have honestly NEVER seen a friesian with this strong of motherline:


Give me a buzz at 415-272-2112 if you would like more info----


GREAT BUY on a VERY nice well trained and EXPERIENCED friesian.  Looking for a HANDSOME, BEAUTIFUL mature boy scoring above 65% in dressage?  Setse is your man!  Pedigree speaks for itself with unbroken MODEL predicates in motherline!!!!  Here is one heck of a buy on a long-legged gelding, with a beautiful head and long, well-shaped neck, he is compact, well-proportioned and built up-hill ~ this boy is TOP NOTCH!! And he isnt just kind and sweet, he   is extremely balanced, uncomplicated, and suitable for most beginners. Setse has the best attitude, very willing to work. He is such a GEM, truly just exactly what most of our buyers are looking for..... what is not to love?!? Excellent stable manners/no vices.


... Ideal age, clean x rays, proven track record in dressage, and IDEAL age with lots of experience in many many different settings---7 yrs old!

What an easy going, fun to ride and drive boy---AND he likes to work for you (read: not lazy, which has helped earn him high scores in dressage:)


He is only $29,900 including import and quarantine to NY, or $31,900 to LAX.

email: [email protected]  Call: 415-272-2112

Arriving on 2019-09-30
4 Year Old Gelding
16.1 hands
Alwin 469 X Folkert 353

Well, this boy checks ALL the boxes!!!!

This young man may be only 4 years old, but he has ABSOLUTELY everything people want in a fairytale friesian... Long mane!! Super refined and beautiful head! A fantastic character. Good movement,  and easy to ride!

What a beautiful baroque fairytale SWEET boy with a lot of charisma. 
He has a KIND character and is easy going.  Not just "trained to ride AND drive", Tron has  MUCH  competition experience being driven as a single, in a pair AND  in teamwork in a 4 in hand---whata horse!!!  166 cm----which is 16.1 hands and still growing, with a tippy TOP character!!!

Tron is sired by Alwin and he is out of a Folkert SPORT MODEL mare, whose mother is ster +pref and grandmother is also MODEL, and great great grandmother is also MODEL--- read: its no surprise Tron has SUCH QUALITY--that's 3 MODEL mares in his motherline!!!!—this boy is bred to be the top of his field in SPORT!!!


Tron excels in dressage and trail riding, not spooky! And he is a good worker!

Super sweet, gentle and kind. If you are looking for a horse that is accustomed to being ridden outside, ANYWHERE, and by himself, or in traffic, Tron is a GOOD one.

He has 3 fluid gaits, and a beautiful head with friendly eyes.  And just check out his full long mane and tail….and jet black coat! 


Tron is good for amateur or beginner/timid riders, and also VERY tolerant---give him the wrong signal...no matter, Tron will take care of YOU. He is SUPER QUIET and gentle.  Read: amateur friendly.


This is a rare GORGEOUS boy who has the so sought after temperament to be suitable for ANY rider, first level dressage--- very easy to ride and drive, super for a rider that needs a confidence building type horse!

Not only is TRON an amazing horse to ride,  you will get lost in his sparkling eyes, and watch him FLOAT. His coat is black as can be, with poodle like feathers.  Tron is a rare baroque friesian; he combines EVERYTHING most people are looking for, in one gorgeous package!  

Tron has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels in whatever discipline you want to do! In dressage, he is already doing excellent leg yields and he is very responsive to the aids. Really a dream horse to ride.

Talk about SAFE SAFE SAFE, no blinkers, safely rides and drives in loud traffic---this 4 yr old acts like a 15 yr old of other breeds, and  is a  NO BRAINER if you are looking for an all around pleasure, trail, dressage, or driving  horse!  


It  doesnt matter the age sometimes, you won't find a friesian anywhere with  Tron's TOP CHARACTER, AND is very good looking---- check out his muscles, and HAIR--can you imagine how long his  mane will be when he is 8 yrs old?????


And super super SWEET---- this is a black friesian that is the MOST people oriented boy in the barn---check him out being ridden bareback in the photos above, AND  with his young rider STANDING on him---- this friesians temperament speaks VOLUMES about what kind of horse he will be FOR YOU:):)


Tron is truly a good choice for most people---talk about a VERY nice boy, he is tolerant of mistakes, and has zero spook.  Call janna at 415-272-2112 for more info. 


Thoroughly xrayed, xrays are available for review with your vet. 

$28,900 including import and quarantine to NY, or $30,900  to LAX, Chicago, or Canada.

Arriving on 2019-09-24
11 Year Old Gelding
16.0 hands
DRIES 421 X Feitse 293 PREF

We fell in love with this AMAZINGLY talented FEI friesian gelding for sale, when we saw him win the ZZ Heavy  championship!!  WOW--what an opportunity...how often are we able to offer a YOUNG 11 yr old friesian for sale, that is Prix St George?!?  NOT OFTEN!! And Benke has PROOF that he is Prix St George level, as he has winning points (read: scoring above 62% in FEI level dressage last weekend!).


WHAT FANTASTIC flying changes Benke has---check out his video!!:)


And GORGEOUS long mane that goes on forever...


We are incredibly proud to be able to offer one of the only Prix St George Friesians for sale ANYWHERE.  How often do YOUNG Friesians come along that have winning points in ZZ Heavy, with gorgeous fairytale looks and LONG hair,....that are THIS reasonably priced...?!?  Not very! This is a RARE FIND indeed, and we can guarantee this boy will NOT LAST!!

Validating the ability of the Friesian breed to compete head to head, side by side with the most notable and highly placing dressage horses in the world, this full pedigree DRIES SPORT son is currently and consistently one of the highest ranked Friesians competing in Dressage in the world today. Not only is he currently successfully competing at an FEI level of Dressage, he is  one FINE SPECIMEN of our breed ..... LONG HAIRED, UNCOMPLICATED, in excellent health, always sound, and just turned 11 years old, and possesses exceptional honesty and character. This AMAZING Friesian gelding is just now hitting his Prime! And aside from being the absolute perfect Friesian Dressage mount for sport, Benke SPORT is a PERFECT gentleman, people oriented gelding, very good walk and safe sweet schoolmaster :)

This guy is so phenomenal, it’s hard to take your eyes off of him!  He is perfect to work around and handle, excellent manners.

Too many notable wins to list.... Benke SPORT most recently beat them all at the championships in oct, 2018 in ZZ Heavy, and is now Prix St George---this guy is just SPOT ON in dressage… can you say PERFECTION, in friesian form?!

VERY good walk, excellent tempi changes, and a safe sweet FEI friesian for sale :)

Benke SPORT is not only an unrivaled Friesian Champion in sport with Dressage, but is also an exceptional representation of the FRIESIAN breed, with GORGEOUS uphill confirmation, and LONG LONG hair, and a gorgeous chiseled head. He is compact and easy to put together, 16 hands tall.

As you can see, this SPORT Friesian for sale is a truly exceptional, “One of a Kind” boy. At 11 yrs. old, he has MEGA years left competing as YOUR schoolmaster--- ideal for an amateur rider, or as a youth rider’s horse, that can teach his rider FEI level dressage! TALENTED enough to make any professional happy!!

An amazing athlete with incomparable gaits, incredibly handsome with tons of mane and tail and a fabulous sweet & loving temperament.


If you are interested in his purchase, please contact Janna at 415-272-2112.


He is truly a RARE TALENTED  dressage schoolmaster that is PRIX ST GEORGE, easy to sit and not too big---16 hands, with a great "go" button, and tons of competition and  clinic experience.  REALLY SOMETHING.  And only 11 yrs old---so he has many MANY years left to  help you earn your bronze, silver, or gold USDF medal?!?


He comes with a thorough pre purchase exam and xrays available for review with your own veterinarian.


Benke SPORT is $49,900 imported to NY, or $51,900 import to LAX, Chicago, Miami, Toronto or Calgary. 

Arriving on 2019-10-01
7 Year Old Gelding
16.1 hands
Haitse 425 X Time 398

7 years old, 165cm (16.1 hands), FANTASTIC pedigree with full papers.

We are proud to be able to offer such a rare, REAL fairytale boy, with  an extremely long mane! 

Tumelo is very well trained to ride AND drive, suitable for every rider!!  Tons of experience!! What a beautiful little head, big eyes, desireable blue black color, poodle-like feathering, and did we mention.... LONG HAIR!! 


Uncomplicated, easy to ride, excellent Dressage foundation, safe for outside trail riding---really a dependable boy in all kinds of settings, by himself, as well as in traffic!

Want to hook up your cart or carriage? No problem for Tumelo, he is ALSO an experienced driving horse!

Tumelo is very friendly, 16.1 hands, with a people-oriented personality. He is forgiving, a willing gentleman, and is thus  appropriate for most levels of riders.

Dont miss this drop dead GORGEOUS deep black, long haired boy with very good conformation AND the oh so desirable unbroken STER predicates in his motherline:


stam line 100, b-day 3/26/2012

We love his excellent character, as he is perfect for novice or nervous riders, because he is very forgiving, and VERY sweet for children. Tumelo is used to dogs, children and traffic. He is willing to please but also willing to work and go on the trail by himself... BOY DOES HE HAVE A TON OF EXPERIENCE doing  all kinds of different things, and in many many different settings in Holland, which further PROVES his athletic abilities. 

Even with a rider bumping in the saddle, Tumelo stays very cool in his head, he would be an IDEAL husband safe horse!

Tumelo has excellent, supple and forward going movement, an easy trot to sit, and a wonderful rocking horse canter. Because he is so easy to sit--he would also make a nice western horse, AND he enjoys hacking out on the trail.


His collected walk, trot and canter, and extended walk, trot and canter are superb. Tumelo is the "everything" horse. This boy is not lazy, he moves off your leg nicely, yet he is nicely laid back for the rider that has previously had a bad experience, and needs to regain their trust riding again.

He is the ideal horse for an amateur or junior, or person looking for a NON spooky Friesian sporthorse to enjoy, and he comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam, and xrays available for review with your vet. Tumelo is compact and comfortable in his gaits; he is an uncomplicated/easy amatuer horse. The bonus is…..Tumelo has an excellent character, and will make a tremendous Friend for life!

 $41,900: Price includes cost of  import and quarantine to NY, or $43,900 to Canada, or LAX, Chicago or Miami.


Just let us know what you prefer!

Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 if you would like more info on this amazing boy! Email: [email protected]

Arriving on 2019-10-20
7 Year Old Gelding
16.0 hands
Wytse 462 X Reitse 272

This 3rd level dressage gelding just acquired  the highly coveted SPORT predicate, for his consistently high scores in 3rd level dressage! He is  one of the SPECIAL finds we acquired on our trip to the Netherlands!  I personally rode this LONG haired  dreamboat on the beach, and in the crashing surf--- wow---- he  looks like he just walked out of a dream...REALLY!!! 

Val is very well ridden under saddle and experienced pulling a carriage in single, pairs and in 4 in hands. We LOVE his rocking horse easy canter, and his  high stepping balanced trot! In 3rd level dressage competition, he consistently scores above 65%:).

...BIG, BRAVE, HANDSOME, he wowed us with his incredible dressage movement! AND we rode AND drove Val all over the place, while we were in Holland.... he has substantial training already, both under saddle and being driven! He even has considerable experience out on the trail and in traffic, AND as you can see,---at the beach!  We think this boy has a great future ahead of him. It is obvious that he enjoys dressage, and he is GOOD at it. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. He is ready to take someone to the TOP in dressage, or make you VERY happy as a wonderful pleasure horse. He really enjoys relaxing trail rides, as we took him on one, and long grooming sessions---- which you should be prepared for---since his mane extends to his knees!!!


He is very comfortable to sit, and has forward and smooth gaits. Val has a recent vet report. AND he is one of only a rare few that have acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate, which is PROOF he is scoring well, under numerous judges, in numerous settings, in upper level dressage!


This jet-black horse is kind, giving, non-spooky, and he WANTS to please, and is not lazy.

He has a FANTASTIC gaits, and shows DEFINITE potential for FEI levels. You will enjoy his fabulous disposition.

Full pedigree:

B-DAY 3/19/12


4.10% low inbreeding

He is already scoring well as a competitive dressage horse, but he also loves to go on trail rides/hacks and goes in the water easily. We like his wonderful training attitude, as he is not a lazy friesian, yet not a spooky one either. He is eager to please, and has a quiet and easy attitude. He is very easy to handle, both under saddle and pulling a carriage. Val is ready for his new forever home, and will make some lucky rider VERY happy.

We are VERY proud to offer this reasonably priced, JET BLACK, long haired SWEET boy....

***In the photos above in the pair, Val is the LEFT LEADER---in the 4 in hand, performing in front of record breaking crowds at the stallion show, in Jan 10, 2019!!

offered exclusively by Janna

$31,900 to NY, or $33,900 to LAX or Canada.


Tjitske BSF
Arriving on 2019-10-29
5 Year Old STER Mare
16.0 hands
Alke 468 X Doaitsen 420
In Foal To Ulbe_506

Super gentle and Gorgeous 5 yr old, 16 hand tall Friesian mare for sale.

And she just made STER!!! Tjitske was first in her group at the keuring, which is 3rd party verification this mare has the tippy TOP BEST conformation and movement, according to the Dutch Judges! She has a very interesting and uncommon bloodline with a very low inbreeding and ‘verwantschap’ (she has whats called a free bloodline). She is in foal to the approved stallion,  Ulbe and the combination of Tjitske and Ulbe is also again very interesting because of that free blood. Especially since the foal will have a very good paper, with a STER dam; the foals motherline is going to be textbook:


Can't get much better than that!!!

This full pedigree STER friesian mare for sale is free of dwarfism and hydrocephalus based on her bloodline. 

FANTASTIC 2 for 1 Deal!!!!!


Tjitske was a 1st priemie foal, she just made STER herself,  and she is confirmed in foal to the approved stallion Ulbe in the Netherlands!

Alke 468 X Doaitsen 420

stam line 47

Tjitske is not only an amazing friesian STER mare,  easy to ride, uncomplicated, she really has spectacular RARE papers, if you are looking to start a TOP NOTCH breeding program, this would be an excellent mare to do it with---mother is a KROON mare, Boukje, and grandmother is STER + Pref ( who has had 4 ster offspring) and great grandmother is ster + pref---also has had 4 ster offspring.  This is a well respected HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE line---it's not often you can buy mares that are out of KROON mares!!!


AND she is bred to the Approved stallion, Ulbe!!!! Ulbe is a son of Anders 451 and he  was bred in Denmark out of a Star Preferent daughter by Anton 343. Next in the dam line (pedigree 10) are Star Preferent daughters by, respectively, Hearke 254 and Cobus 248. Last year there were 32 stallions referred to the Central Examination, and only 6 stallions "made it". Ulbe 506 is one of them, and he is a hot new kid on the block!


This is a fantastic buy and opportunity to own a kind, sweet mare that is a super pleasure/dressage/family/trail horse---who will give you yet another friesian next spring, 2020!!!!


This is ONE SPECIAL FULL PEDIGREE STER Mare!!!  That also happens to be an excellent 2 for 1 deal:)

For those of you just learning the bloodline "ropes" of friesians and wanting a TOP NOTCH Friesian mare.... having the SPORT predicates acquired by Tjitske's father and dam's father is a good predictor of producing horses that will be GREAT in sport, and athletic! -----it can't get much better!  

It doesn't stop there...Tjitske is really a NICE all around horse your whole family can enjoy.  Just get on, go walk, trot, canter, and have a BALL!  You dont have to be an upper level rider to enjoy this  long haired friesian mare for sale! 


And that's not all.... she has a low 0.39% in-breeding.

This gal, with uphill conformation, and super LONG hair, and excellent movement,  will give you a lovely Ulbe foal in 2020.


This is a no-brainer for those of you looking for a stunningly beautiful mare that is an incredible 2 for 1 package AND is excellent to ride in a variety of settings --and very safe on trails.


Tjitske is an outstanding value, as she can nearly pay for herself in less than 20 months.   

Tjitske is $28,900 to NY, or $30,900 into LAX, Chicago, Miami, or Canada.  This one will NOT last at this price! 

Jesse Elviera SPORT
Arriving on 2019-11-01
8 Year Old STER Gelding
16.1 hands
Beart 411 X Folkert 353

We are SO excited to offer this 8 years old “Star" AND "Sport“gelding! He is really special ....... Jesse is the whole package!! 

16.1 hands tall

Jesse has lots of experience and is in the PRIME of his life, at 8 yrs old! This is a great age because he has been there, done that, yet has SOOOO many years left to enjoy with YOU in the irons! He is not a spooky kind of horse and will teach you! He LOVES trails and you can even ride him bareback. He has tons of competition experience and a proven show record. He has been VERY successful throughout his career and loves to compete! You will learn from this horse and have so much fun on him. He truly is a RARE once in a lifetime kind of horses, and a RARE find.

Z Dressage (3rd level), with MANY winning points , always taking home prizes and  scoring  65% +!!! 

This is one Beautiful gelding, great mover , extremely willing, he has a good GO, and he r
esponses to small signals--no whip and spurs required.  

The gorgeous LONG haired jet black boy  was at the same farm his entire life, trained by a neighbor boy, so he  has really been brought along correctly and well loved.  He is very suitable for timid or novice riders, or your grandma. 

Beart X Folkert

Bday 4/19/11


Jesse is an IDEAL age of only 7 yrs old, AND he has already acquired BOTH the STER and SPORT predicates!!! PROVEN track record scoring above 65% in 3rd level dressageX rays available for review with your vet, and VERY people oriented and KIND.

You wont find such an INCREDIBLE in your pocket  friendly sweetheart of a friesian with this kind of 3rd party verification of his  IDEAL conformation, AND aptitude for sport, often, at this price, anywhere!! 

Jesse responds on small signals, is a JOY to ride, and is light on the bit.
He will give you 100%---what a  hard worker!

Positive character, a joy to ride !!!
And for those of you with little aches and pains... he is VERY comfortable to sit!

$37,900 into NY or $39,900 into LAX, Chicago, Miami or Canada, including import and quarantine.  Call janna at 415-272-2112 for more info on this dressage schoolmaster!

Arriving on 2019-09-05
3 Year Old Stallion
16.1 hands
Tsjalle 454 X DRIES 421

TALL 3 year old  friesian stallion for sale! Alger  is super calm and easy to handle. No stallion manners whatsoever!!!! A child can handle him. He is ridden and driven, not a difficult stallion to handle!

We know that 3 years is a bit young for some people perhaps, but friesians don’t get much easier to handle than this one…

He is around 165 cm tall now and still growing, thats  16.1 hands TALL at 3 years of age!! Dont miss this Very nice built horse with a spectacular chiseled head and nice mane and full tail….

Fantastic Pedigree-- sired by World Champion Tsjalle, the youngest approved stallion ever to make preferent---and motherline is IMPECCABLE: STER-STER-Ster-Pref.  Stems from stam line 8, 16th generation. B-day 6/26/16. Reg # 201602754

Here is YOUR opportunity to buy a Friesian Stallion (or we will pay to have him castrated before his import) with a VERY strong pedigree...

 Luxury personified....Fairytale Friesian for sale with thick, beautiful long hair!


Meet Alger with the fairytale look that EVERYONE wants! He has a super long THICK luxurious mane and forelock! Alger is a very brave boy and a horse you can enjoy for MANY years to come!


And talk about UPHILL BUILD--this TALL boy is damn near PERFECT! ...Whata chess piece he would make!:):)

Alger is 3 years old. With this guy's luxury look and presence he will be sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Not only does he have the looks, he also is a joy to ride OR drive!! He is so regal yet not difficult at all ride, and has absolutely NO stallion manners! 


He has very smooth gaits and also very easy to sit. He is not sensitive if you get off balance, and is very forgiving. He is a great all around horse and will build your confidence.


For those of you looking for BIG, Here he is!!! 16.1 hands and GROWING. He is very easy to put in a frame. He gives you a feeling of confidence and royalty when you are on him! 


Grand all around horse that you can trail ride, go to competitions, drive as a single, or in a pair, use in an exhibition or parade,  and enjoy LIFE with this dream boy!  He is absolutely the sweetest young stallion we have seen. No stallion manners at all. He really doesn’t know he is a stallion. And he is not hot-headed, not spooky. Calm and easy. He is really amazing!


Alger has excellent breeding, and would be a marvelous addition to any breeding program, because of his SIZE, and long neck and legs---but he also  would be equally as suitable as a gelding, for all your pleasure and trail riding and dressage needs---just let us know which your prefer!

(and keep in mind, importing a stallion requires an additional 30 day quarantine, and additional expense).


Alger is $25,900  into NY, including vetcheck;  or $27,900 into LAX, Chicago or Canada.


This is a fantastic buy on an imported friesian stallion!!! 


Arriving on 2019-09-15
7 yrs old Year Old STER Mare
16.2 hands
Tsjalke 397 X Sierk 326
In Foal To Julius_486

RARE OPPORTUNITY to acquire a 7 year old pregnant FAIRYTALE LOOKING mare (in foal to the approved stallion Julius and due april 20, 2020) AND  has already acquired the STER and SPORT predicates!! Wow--- ideal conformation and movement, according to the Dutch Judges AND scoring above 65% in 3rd level dressage!!  168 cm, which translates to just over 16.2 hands TALL---this is not a short stubby mare!! 


Merje has acquired 5 winning points in Z level dressage (which is equivalent to our 3rd level without the changes).  And she REALLY has a lot of competition experience... she started  at B level and acquired 10 winning points in each level, before moving up from B, to L1, to L2, to M1, to M2, to Z.  And thats not all, Merje is an experienced driving horse and  is First Level Dressage Driving!!


 She likes going on trails, in the woods, and likes water and riding at the beach too!  FANTASTIC ALL AROUND  FAMILY HORSE that LOVES trail riding with you!!! 


And this is big...... she loves dogs!!!


Merje has had two foals in her 7 yrs of life, when she is not busy galloping at the beach, or  giving the warmbloods a run for their money in sport, she is busy being a proven producer of TOP quality offspring.  She gave birth in 2017 to a beautiful girl (sired by Epke), pictured above. In 2018 she had  a sport year --quickly climbing up the levels in dressage, and this year she had a colt (sired by Julius), that is still by her side, and going to the keuring to get a premie on Aug 22, in the Netherlands. Her 2 yr old filly has not been to an inspection.


She is negative for dwarfism and has VERY long hair, and she likes hugs and kisses. Always happy, this is NOT your typical moody mare!!  Merje is nice to other horses.  Merje is trained by the same rider that trained and showed the gelding, Spirit, before we imported and sold him to Leona Lewis!! Merje likes to work, and she is EASY to ride,  not strong and not lazy.... JUST RIGHT! 


She looks like a fairytale and she is---inside and out!   What a sweet, kind, TALENTED ster and sport friesian mare for sale!! Merje comes with a full set of x-rays taken mid july, 2019, and available for review by your vet.


You cant beat the STRONG LINES of this exceptional  STER and SPORT mare:

She is out of a KROON PREST dam, whose mother is MODEL, her Gr Grandmother is STER+PREF-and Gr Gr grandmother is STER+PREF.

Sired by the great Tsjalke X Sierk

Bday 4/4/12 with a low 3.13% inbreeding, and stemming from Stam Line 49. 

This is one unique find---as talented as our dressage geldings, yet  a tremendous value, as Merje can be imported  as a superb 2 for 1 value, and she will give you a foal in Apr 2020, or buy her as a 3 for 1 deal, and we will import this pregnant STER and SPORT mare for you with her Julius colt by her side!  YOU decide, and give janna a call at 415-272-2112, and let her know your preference.  But don't wait too long, or this mare will be gone....she is a GOOD one, and hard to find!

Two for One: Merje is $35,900 INCLUDING import and quarantine to NY, confirmed in foal to Julius. Or to LAX, Chicago or Canada for $37,900

Three for One:  Pregnant Merje is $45,900 including import and quarantine to NY with her weanling Julius colt by her side; LAX, Chicago and Canada are $2k more: $47,900 to LAX with her colt flown to the US by her side



8 yrs old Year Old Mare
16.0 hands
Tsjalle 454 X Doaitsen 420
In Foal To Norbert_444

FANTASTIC 2 for 1  opportunity on gorgeous 8 yr old PREGNANT imported mare!!!  Sired by World Champion, Tsjalle SPORT , and in foal to another World Champion, Norbert!!!

Tsjalle was 2011 World  Champion Show Driving, and 2011 Reserve Champion of the Stallion Inspection,  2013 Sport Dutch Dressage Champion Z (3rd level) Dressage, and  Grand Champion at the Stallion Inspection in 2016!!!!

and it doesn't stop there... this gorgeous mare is in foal to another 3rd level dressage champion, Norbert !

Birthdate 4/11/11

LOW 1.17% in-breeding

stam line 40

Registered as "Jolientje"

 Pregnant by the sensational approved stallion Norbert! Jovani is a PROVEN PRODUCER---this is NOT her first time at the rodeo!!! She had a gorgeous filly in 2015 and a colt and filly, sired by Thorben in 2016 and 2017, and a colt by Norbert in 2018. AND she will give YOU a foal by Norbert in the spring of 2020!!

Everyone is looking for this kind of mare....beautiful, ideal conformation, and bred to an approved  stallion, so excellent 2 for 1 value!  Jovani is a stunning Tsjalle daughter showing the distinct heritage of her sire in an impeccably quiet and cooperative disposition. This attractive young mare has a gorgeous topline, jetblack coat, poodle like feathers,  and lots of hair!  Get your foaling stall ready, Jovani is a spectacular investment, as her foal will be worth nearly half her purchase price!!  So whether you looking for a tremendous foundation mare to start your breeding program, or adding high quality rare bloodlines to your established herd-- Jovani is an excellent choice!! Jovani is a super attractive 8 yr old mare, trained to RIDE and DRIVE, that  enjoys attention, and reciprocating in the most friendly "horse" way, while providing a valuable investment with secure return....A mare that will bring joy AND give you a foal this spring!

Jovani has ARRIVED from Europe, and is located in  Calif, for you to see and try, just call janna at 415-272-2112 to make an appt. HURRY! 


Terrific value on a full pedigree FRIESIAN mare that also is super on trails, and is VERY sweet!

Directions from San Francisco

via US-101

Get on I-380 W,Take I-280 N, 19th Ave and US-101 N to Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Larkspur.

Take the exit toward San Anselmo from US-101 N

Follow Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Baywood Canyon Rd , turn right on Baywood Canyon

Road dead ends at 59 Baywood Canyon Rd , Fairfax, CA 94930

(50 minute drive)