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Atticus STER
At Our Stable
8 Year Old STER Gelding
16.2 hands
Sape381 X Leffert 306

Competing with winning points in Z level (3rd level dressage)---which is PROOF he is scoring ABOVE 65% in 3rd level competition, under various judges, in different settings:)

AND safe, safe, safe,  with ZERO spook--- loves to be hacked out on trails, and check out the above video of him going bareback.  We have never seen this boy spook or spin---you can really enjoy and relax when in the saddle on Atticus STER:)


Atticus ster is the most willing partner you can imagine.  Not only did the Judges'  decide his conformation and movement is the tippy top of ALL friesians, by awarding him the STER predicate, he also has stamped his hoof on the record books by competing, and BEATING, warmbloods in all the levels of dressage, starting at Training Level, then First Level, then Second Level, and this year  in 3rd Level----thats  a lot of EXPERIENCE in numerous settings!!!


Atticus has done all kinds of things--- a friesian race under saddle, riding bareback, driving, used in childrens riding lessons, under saddle in thrilling "show" classes, and so on.  You name it, he has BEEN THERE, and DONE THAT. We are honored to be able to match this amazing boy with his next owner in the U.S., that can throughly enjoy what a special friesian STER gelding he is!!

His dam (Welmoed fan Lunia) is still used, to this day, in riding lessons with children at the stable Atticus was raised at!  He is a really sweet horse, he wants to cuddle all the time!! Not only did he go to a lot of different competitions in Europe, in many different settings, moving up the levels, from Training, to First, to Second, and this year with winning points in Third Level..... he also participated in the "Bestgaand Rijpaard”.

Buy him fast, ---- he is THAT special. Look at his movement in the video above.....

Super sweet and nice, here is a really teddy bear that wants to be your best friend, and  believe us--- Atticus is absolutely JET BLACK in color.


Bday: Jun 22, 2010


Thoroughly vetted and xrayed.


Started on passage and flying changes and working on pirouettes---this is a VERY talented easy going ster gelding. 


I cannot tell you how excited we are to be able to offer such a well trained STER gelding with  phenomenal movement, at a reasonable price----this one won't last.

COME SEE AND TRY HIM FOR YOURSELF---you will be wowed!

Just Arrived
coming 5 Year Old Gelding
16.1 hands
Take 455 X Wikke 404

TARIQ is a coming 5 year old SUPER SWEET, loving, teddy bear personality friesian gelding for sale. Very good looking, good movements with a friendly, gentle character---he LOVES to hug, and give kisses! He is easy to ride, and has an easy canter for a Friesian. 


Tariq likes to work, learn and please and is a forgiving horse with a quiet behavior. No problem to ride him with other horses and he is easy to handle on the ground---or at the beach, even in the crashing surf, being ridden bareback, and with NO HANDS!  (see video above)


And he is great in traffic. This young gelding has FANTASTIC potential for dressage, already going 1st level dressage, and he has excellent xrays! 


Tariq has three very good gaits, and MUCH experience in traffic AND is double trained to ride, and drive as a single, in a pair, and in a 4 in hand. We are always looking for horses that make fantastic pleasure/trail horses, and also have the quality to show, and Tariq has it all. Very nice conformation and elastic elongated suspension with strong powerful movements, not lazy at all! Tariq is 16.1 hands, and he is comfy to sit, for those of you with achy backs:).


Tariq is 100% approved with a recent pre-purchase exam, including x-rays. This is a great horse for beginners, and he has wonderful movement and an excellent canter, that more advanced riders will appreciate. He has excellent papers and is a son of the highly respected SPORT approved stallion, Take.


Tariq is an exceptional value that WILL NOT LAST, on a young talented GOOD THINKING gelding that is VERY affectionate, loves attention, and really GIVES hugs!!!:)

TARIQ HAS ARRIVED FROM EUROPE, and is located at our san francisco bay area stable, for you to see and try!!

Arriving on 2019-02-01
6 Year Old Stallion
16.1 hands
Haitse 425 X Time 398

6 years old, 165cm (16.1 hands), FANTASTIC pedigree with full papers.

We are proud to be able to offer such a rare, REAL fairytale boy, with  an extremely long mane! 

Tumelo is very well trained to ride AND drive, suitable for every rider!!  Tons of experience!! What a beautiful little head, big eyes, desireable blue black color, poodle-like feathering, and did we mention.... LONG HAIR!! 


Uncomplicated, easy to ride, excellent Dressage foundation, safe for outside trail riding---really a dependable boy in all kinds of settings, by himself, as well as in traffic!

Want to hook up your cart or carriage? No problem for Tumelo, he is ALSO an experienced driving horse!

Tumelo is very friendly, 16.1 hands, with a people-oriented personality. He is forgiving, a willing gentleman, and is thus  appropriate for most levels of riders.

Dont miss this drop dead GORGEOUS deep black, long haired boy with very good conformation AND the oh so desirable unbroken STER predicates in his motherline:


stam line 100, b-day 3/26/2012

We love his excellent character, as he is perfect for novice or nervous riders, because he is very forgiving, and VERY sweet for children. Tumelo is used to dogs, children and traffic. He is willing to please but also willing to work and go on the trail by himself... BOY DOES HE HAVE A TON OF EXPERIENCE doing  all kinds of different things, and in many many different settings in Holland, which further PROVES his athletic abilities. 

Even with a rider bumping in the saddle, Tumelo stays very cool in his head, he would be an IDEAL husband safe horse!

Tumelo has excellent, supple and forward going movement, an easy trot to sit, and a wonderful rocking horse canter. Because he is so easy to sit--he would also make a nice western horse, AND he enjoys hacking out on the trail.


His collected walk, trot and canter, and extended walk, trot and canter are superb. Tumelo is the "everything" horse. This boy is not lazy, he moves off your leg nicely, yet he is nicely laid back for the rider that has previously had a bad experience, and needs to regain their trust riding again.

He is the ideal horse for an amateur or junior, or person looking for a NON spooky Friesian sporthorse to enjoy, and he comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam, and xrays available for review with your vet. Tumelo is compact and comfortable in his gaits; he is an uncomplicated/easy amatuer horse. The bonus is…..Tumelo has an excellent character, and will make a tremendous Friend for life!

 $43,900: Price includes cost of castration and import and quarantine as a gelding to NY, Chicago, Canada, or LAX.


Prefer he remain a stallion-- no problem, Tumelo is $49,900 including cem testing, and import and quarantine as a stallion (average cost of the additional 30 day quarantine required for stallions is $6k+). 

Just let us know what you prefer!

Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 if you would like more info on this amazing boy! Email: [email protected]

Arriving on 2019-02-14
6 Year Old Gelding
16.3 hands
Teeuwis 389 X Jasper 366

The big tall cuddly gelding named Yancy, is another of our SUPER finds on our trip last week to the Netherlands... and boy is he TALL.... 170+cm!!!


6 years old--ideal age.

Nice pedigree, with an abundance of sport predicates in it! Yancy is sired by the SPORT approved stallion, Teeuwis SPORT and dam's sire is the one and only legendary JASPER SPORT +PREF.

AND his motherline is chock full of  STER predicates:


Double trained to ride AND drive.

Super sweet, gentle,  kind TALL boy that is truly suitable for every single member of your family--- from  a 5 yr old child, to a grandma, Yancy is a SAFE choice for all to enjoy!

And EXPERIENCED, Yancy has been competing in dressage and is now competing in Z level ( 3rd level without changes) ---if not sold quickly, his price will be going up, and we will compete him in 3rd level, in order to achieve the SPORT predicate.  Buy him NOW, as his price will increase as his show wins are accumulated.

Yancy has GREAT gaits for dressage, and is easy to sit.

And what a beautiful head and friendly eyes!

Nice long curly hair.

We just had him xrayed---all Good,  without remarks.

This is an outstanding choice for amateur riders,  and also  this boy has potential for the higher levels!

He is not hot,  and also not slow or lazy---- Yancy is JUST RIGHT!

Yancy already possesses  a winning show record  and HE IS CURRENTLY competing in  Z level ( 3rd level).

This is a great buy on an all around VERSATILE friesian for sale!

Wikje STER
Arriving on 2019-01-30
11 Year Old STER Mare
16.1 hands
Tsjalke 397 X Olof 315

What a phenomenal opportunity to acquire a  PROVEN FULL PEDIGREE STER mare, at a reasonable price, well trained to ride AND drive AND proven producer!!!


And TALL, this LONG haired gorgeous gal measured 164 cm by the Dutch judges as a 3 yr old, and is now 16.1 hands TALL!!!

What a fabulous foundation mare to start a breeding program with, or to add to any seasoned breeding operation, or to just ride on trails, for pleasure use, or learn dressage on! ---this Tsjalke daughter is a PROVEN producer of TOP quality foals and her dam just went PREFERENT---indicating the proven track record of her motherline to produce tippy TOP quality foals, AND she is  lovely to ride AND drive---an investment that can pay for herself in less than 2 years, AND a horse the whole family can enjoy!!

Wikje previously had a drop dead gorgeous 2nd premie filly by Thorben in 2013 and a fantastic moving colt by Tsjalle that has not yet been to the keuring, in 2016---this isnt just a "pretty" long haired mare---this FULL PEDIGREE ster mare is an excellent investment!

B-day 4/9/07


Stam line 15


LOW in breeding of 2.34%


OUTSTANDING full motherline:



This is one of the nicest FULL pedigree ster mares on the market today.


Not too many ster mares have stallion like looks with such LONG HAIR, and are wonderful and safe for everyone to ride, AND have 3rd party verification from the Dutch judges that they are tippy top 10% for conformation and movement of all friesian mares--- this is a GOOD one, and will NOT last!

She is currently M1 level (2nd level dressage), and comes with a thorough clinical exam and xrays, available for review with your vet and all acceptable for competing in SPORT!

We will keep  this lovely FULL PEDIGREE STER mare in europe until purchased, so she may go directly to her new forever home, and she may be imported for her new owner ANYTIME! Price INCLUDES air to NY, LAX, Chicago, or Miami, Calgary or Toronto AND 3 day USDA quarantine.

Arriving on 2019-03-10
6 Year Old Gelding
16.0 hands
Wytse 462 X Reitse 272

Valor is  one of the SPECIAL finds we acquired on our trip to the Netherlands last week!  I personally rode this LONG haired  dreamboat on the beach, and in the crashing surf--- wow---- he  looks like he just walked out of a dream...REALLY!!! 

Val is very well ridden under saddle and experienced pulling a carriage in single, pairs and in 4 in hands. We LOVE his rocking horse easy canter, and his  high stepping balanced trot! We are now training Valor for 3rd level dressage competition.

...BIG, BRAVE, HANDSOME, Valor wowed us with his incredible dressage movement! AND we rode AND drove Val all over the place, while we were in Holland.... he has substantial training already, both under saddle and being driven! He even has considerable experience out on the trail and in traffic, AND as you can see,---at the beach!  We think this boy has a great future ahead of him. It is obvious that he enjoys dressage, and he is GOOD at it. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. He is ready to take someone to the TOP in dressage, or make you VERY happy as a wonderful pleasure horse. He really enjoys relaxing trail rides, as we took him on one, and long grooming sessions---- which you should be prepared for---since his mane extends to his knees!!!


He is very comfortable to sit, and has forward and smooth gaits. Val has a recent vet report and just let us know if you prefer he arrive into NY, LAX, or Chicago, or Calgary or Toronto? 


This jet-black horse is kind, giving, non-spooky, and he WANTS to please, and is not lazy.

He has a FANTASTIC gaits, and shows DEFINITE potential for upper level dressage. You will enjoy his fabulous disposition.

Full pedigree:

B-DAY 3/19/12


4.10% low inbreeding

He would do well as a competitive dressage horse, but also loves to go on trail rides/hacks and goes in the water easily. We like his wonderful training attitude, as he is not a lazy friesian, yet not a spooky one either. He is eager to please, and has a quiet and easy attitude. He is very easy to handle, both under saddle and pulling a carriage. Val is ready for his new forever home, and will make some lucky rider VERY happy.

We are VERY proud to offer this reasonably priced, JET BLACK, long haired SWEET boy....

offered exclusively by Janna

$28,900 to NY, or $30,900 to LAX, Chicago or Canada.


Arriving on 2019-01-29
7 Year Old Gelding
16.1 hands
Take 455 X Aan 416


Vaughn is the epitome of the majestic TRICK TRAINED Friesian, with Barbie FAIRYTALE LOOKS!

With his  astounding amount of flowing hair he is
a true show stopper, easily surpassing ANY available friesian currently on the market, on  HAIR appeal alone!


He isnt just AMAZING with his BAROQUE fairytale appearance----and enough mane for THREE horses.... He is also trick trained and bows, lays down, sits,  and goes Spanish walk, and rears on command.
Vaughn has a heart of gold, as is the characteristic for the Friesian breed.
He is safe out on trails for adults and children to ride.


A “once in a lifetime” Friesan for a discriminate buyer, and  has been featured for the last year in exhibitions and shows in Europe. 


He has a solid dressage foundation, and is a REAL sweetheart, that will follow you anywhere, just check out the video above!

  Vaughn is sold with a full set of new x-rays and a thorough pre purchase exam with flexion testing. 


Let us know right away if you prefer Vaughn to arrive into NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Canada. 


Its not often we  are able to offer fully trick trained boys with the WOW appearance Vaughn has----and at this price, Vaughn is a tremendous BUY, and only 7 yrs old!   We can GUARANTEE he will NOT last!

Could  this Barbie baroque SWEET boy be under the tree for YOU this Xmas?? 


What a special boy, super gentle, easy to sit, and loves to be loved, and hugged.   And  double trained to ride AND drive, and accustomed to  bright lights and smoke, and various settings and scary things, as he was used in many shows. 


Vaughn measures 165 cm(16.1 hands). Dogs or traffic, or loud trucks---??, NO PROBLEM for Vaughn!


This one is SPECTACULAR, a ONCE IN A LIFETIME HORSE!!! You will not find another trick trained fairytale boy like him, at this ideal age, and with  his looks, ANYWHERE!  When he is gone, we wont have another friesian to offer like VAUGHN----he is truly one of a kind!


A RARE opportunity to own such an EXTROADINARY horse. Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for more info. Serious inquiries only.

Arriving on 2019-01-24
9 yrs old Year Old Mare
16.0 hands
Wobke 403 X Oege Preferent 267
In Foal To Ulbran_502

We are very excited to offer this 16 hand FULL  pedigree friesian mare, that will give you a foal by the approved stallion Ulbran (that's right---she is bred to an amazing approved stallion only available in Europe, making Taylor one heck of a 2 for 1 deal!!), and thats not all, Taylor is sweet as can be! What an amazing  family horse and safe to ride by small people, and older, BIG people:) You name it, Taylor can do it! Well trained to ride, AND  trained to drive both as a single, and in a pair!  She has a wonderful brain and is a great horse for an insecure rider. What a very loving personality, and this tall experienced gal just loves to be with people. She will be your new best friend. She  shows no "mareish" type behavior---she reminds us of one our geldings! She is super easy to ride with her smooth gaits. Ride her english, western, or bareback!  She is a great horse if you have lower back problems. Taylor is VERY brave and will go anywhere and  traffic and dogs do NOT bother this gal!  She loves to trail ride and we have NOT seen her spook! If you are looking for a fun, easy to ride, sweet horse, AND  a mare that is a good investment, and will give you a foal  this spring that is worth half her purchase price, Taylor is your girl!

She stands at 16 hands, and motherline is impeccable:


 Taylor   is an ideal choice for someone starting a breeding program, or looking for an amazing friesian mare that  is a proven producer AND trained to ride and drive, AND bred to one of the hottest approved stallions in Europe right now! She has excellent ground manners and is like a puppy dog to handle!

 Her sire, Wobke,  is a very classy stallion with enormous presence and he competes in upper  Level Dressage AND has acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate. The offspring of Wobke have made a stunning impression on the Friesian world, due to their conformation and movement, and hence he was permanently approved on offspring.  Her dam's sire, Oege Pref, is our most favorite approved stallion of all time, that is no longer living.  Every amazing show horse i have ever won a world or national championship with has had Oege Pref  in their bloodlines--- he  is known as the HAIR man, and passes on the so sought after  "hair" gene to his offspring, which means Taylor has the goods, and so will her foals:)

Born 4/9/2009 and with a LOW 3.13% inbreeding, and from stam line 135, Taylor is a GREAT BUY, that will not last long. Bred to Performance Champion of the Central Inspection in 2017, Ulbran, Taylor is one heck of a great  buy on a well trained friesian mare that will give you a colt or filly by Ulbran in the spring, 2019!


Price INCLUDES import and 3 day USDA quarantine to NY, Chicago, LAX, Miami, or Calgary or Toronto.  Taylor is sold with a thorough pre purchase exam and ultra sound, confirming her pregnancy.

Arriving on 2019-01-25
8 Year Old Gelding
16.0 hands
Michiel 442 X Gerryt 360

We are THRILLED to be able to offer this super sweet gelding, with amazing movement, AND scoring above 60% in 4th level dressage!!
Apollo SPORT has confirmed flying changes and they are easy to do even if you are not an experienced high level dressage rider!

I rode this dressage schoolmaster for sale at the beach recently---- looking for a horse you can COUNT on being well behaved and super easy when you are away from home?? Here He Is!  Apollo loves the beach!

He also participated in one of the biggest horse exhibitions, being both ridden AND driven, at the Stallion Show in 2018 in Leeuwarden----he was so brave, he did amazing and was by far one of the best, most consistent performers in the Friesian Proms!

Apollo doesn't JUST have  scores above 60% in Z2 Dressage (4th Level), he is also a very experienced marathon driving horse, and has a barrelful of championships driving as a single, in a pair and in a 4 in hand!
AND this 8 yr old gelding has a full set of clean x-rays available for review with your vet.

Earning the Sport predicate is not an easy feat.... Sport status is a highly sought after achievement--meaning he has more than five scores of 60% or higher in 3rd level dressage competition. Apollo has lots of competition experience competing in the upper levels!

If you are looking for a REAL schoolmaster, that can teach YOU the upper levels, Apollo is for YOU!  He is incredibly easy to ride! He gaits are smooth, great if you have lower back problems. He is forward when you ask him to be, but is very quiet with a timid rider. What a brave horse--- He loves to trail ride both in groups and alone.

Apollo is very talented, and is a completely finished, drive off the show room floor kind of horse with SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and a proven show record with many years ahead of him, and no need to spend extra money on training,  kind of horse. This beautiful boy is already a total schoolmaster and very easy to ride.


Be one of the VERY few to own a FRIESIAN in N America, that is competing, and winning, with solid flying changes, AND is suitable for a novice dressage rider, AND has acquired the highly sought after SPORT predicate!
In short, there aren't many Friesians with SOLID flying changes, with THIS MUCH experience in all kinds of different settings, available at a reasonable price--- Apollo SPORT will NOT last! This is a GREAT buy on an extremely well trained horse, appropriate for a novice or timid or beginner rider, with 3rd party verification that he is doing what is required of the upper levels of dressage. And scoring above 60%, in Z2 Dressage!


Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for more info!

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