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Ate fan Bartlehiem

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$550-1100/mo Sponsorship

Rare opportunity to sponsor a 3rd level dressage FRIESIAN, located at Baywood Canyon Equestrian Center in Fairfax, CA (Ate must stay at this facility, just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge).

Ate is Janna's favorite Friesian  horse EVER. He was M2 Dressage Champion on Holland with judith peterson before Janna noticed him performing an exhibition at the stallion show in Leeawarden--- and followed him back to the barn,  more excited about him than any of the approved stallions!

He is supple and fluid in all 3 gaits with a superior walk, and an electrifying extended trot!  He moves under himself with strong rear propulsion and impressive style. 

This boy is the TOTAL PACKAGE: elegant, baroque, short backed with prominent withers, jet black coat, hair that is PAST his knees, tippy ears, and expressive eyes on a chiseled head.  His character is gentle yet alert with an amazing eagerness to please "his person."

Ate has won numerous world and national championships since being  imported as Janna's personal show horse several years ago. 

He  has been  Amateur Huntseat World and National Champion, Reserve Second Level Dressage National Champion, National Champion 3rd Level Dressage, --- he walked away from the IFSHA World Grand Nationals  with 4 championship titles including:

World Grand Champion Am English Show Hack

World and National Champion Am Dressage Show Hack

Ate is confirmed in ALL exercises at 3rd level, including flying changes--which is  very rare for a friesian!  He not only has the amazing fairytale looks with hair galore, he has retained that jet black coat ---looking like a stallion, instead of a bleached out gelding!

He has been on literally hundreds of trail rides, and he loves him time outside the arena. He is also an amazing driving horse, winning as a sjees driving horse when in holland.  He has even been undefeated  showing  western pleasure against a variety of other breeds---this boy can neck rein with the best of them!!

Truly one of the MOST TALENTED dressage friesians  anywhere, ---this is a RARE opportunity for a lucky rider living in the Bay Area to SPONSOR this amazing horse---which is basically getting to ride a 100k horse and only being responsible for his monthly costs (board, farrier, vet, insurance, grain and supplements, blanketing, tack, supplies, routine teeth floating and legend and adequan injections, etc).

Ate's monthly expenses are $1100/mo, hence a full sponsorship is  just $1100/mo, or partial sponsorship (3 days/week) is just $550/mo.

Ate is a TRUE SCHOOLMASTER and SAFE SAFE SAFE, even for a very small child OR your grandmother.  Even if you are just learning to ride, or getting back into riding after a long hiatus, Ate is suitable, and SAFE, for you.  Sponsorship does NOT include lessons.

Ate is well balanced and has an amazingly strong topline, his balanced conformation with hind legs that reach well under his body, have allowed this horse to move quickly and easily up the levels----this is a rare opportunity to ride an FEI level friesian. We  wont allow this horse to leave our facility, located at 59 baywood canyon rd in fairfax (unless purchased)....but if you live in the Bay Area, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride an incredibly flashy upper level horse.....He has that rare ability to collect AND extend, AND beats warmbloods with friesian flair:)

see more of Ate at:

And there is more----Baywood has literally HUNDREDS of acres of AMAZING trails adjoining its facility AND a lighted and covered indoor arena----- Ate is the PERFECT  trail horse, and routinely goes on  camping/trail ride weekends with janna, AND he enjoys being ridden bareback.

Call Janna at  415-729-9422 (landline) for more info!

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