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Beart 411
Friesian Sire


Tsjerk 328
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wolfert 467

Friesian Mare In Foal To

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This is ONE SPECIAL and RARE Ster Mare!!! For those of you just learning the bloodline "ropes" of friesians and wanting a TOP NOTCH Friesian mare...Beart was ranked the highest for offspring performance and more than once WORLD GRAND CHAMPION, of all approved stallions, at the stallion show in Leeawarden.

It doesn't stop there...Olgas's motherline is TO DIE FOR. ...It is NOT just unbroken ster predicates, her dam is STER, her grandmother is STER+PREF, Great Grandmother is STER+PREF, and Gr Gr Grandmother is STER+PREF. The STER predicate indicates the mares are considered the top 15% of all mares for their conformation and movement. The PREFERENT title is even more indicative of what kind of babies you can expect from Olga. Preferent means every single one of her predecessors has produced at least 4 STER offspring!!! This is the kind of pedigree the Dutch Judges like to see in APPROVED stallions. She is from stam Line 18!! And that's not all...Olga ster is an AMAZING dressage mare!! This pregnant momma is REALLY a well trained, NICE dressage horse, also great in traffic and on trails---AND we really think this mare has the talent to go even higher!!!

5 years old, Excellent Pregnant Ster mare! Top pedigree, full papers! Extremely good mover, very well trained, lots of potential for dressage! Easy friendly uncomplicated mare. Tested for hydrocephalus and dwarfism , she has a certificate with the results, that are negative, a good breeding mare! Pregnant by Wolfert---her foal is due in May.This Ster mare is far above average!! You wont find a Star mare, 165 cm , pregnant by Wolfert, with a splendid head, Great conformation, Quality Star Mare, anywhere!  Here is a top Dressage horse, Safe in traffic and nature (trails). Excellent full paper, extreme mover!!! Very well ridden!!

It is said that the QUALITY of a Friesian mare is in her MOTHERLINE-and the ability of that motherline to pass on superb traits and characteristics, not in the sire's line. Olgas's motherline obviously produces TOP TOP quality offspring. You can't get a much a better producing motherline than one likes Olgas', and Olga STER is only 5 yrs old, which means she has 15 productive years left to produce champions. Her babies could very well be Approved Stallions for YOU! She has a tall 16.1 hand frame, a LOW 4.36% in-breeding co-efficient, and she represents what is desirable in a Friesian sporthorse TODAY, not the old clunky types of yesteryear. For those of you looking, and never finding, a dressage mare , this is a no-brainer, AND she will give you a beautiful foal due spring 2017. And for those of you looking for the BEST of the BEST to begin your friesian breeding program, this is also a no-brainer. We believe Olga STER IS the best producing, best performing, best pedigreed mare on the market anywhere. with a foal, due spring 2017, worth nearly HALF her purchase price! B-Day 5/26/12.

She is now almost 5 months pregnant, and Olga goes out frequently for long walks in the park. She is truly the most friendly FULL PEDIGREE STER you can wish for!!!

Price includes import and quarantine to LAX or NY or Miami.

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