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Nicolai STER

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Wytse 462
Friesian Sire


Jisse 433
Friesian Dam's Sire

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Newsflash!!!! Nicolai is M1 dressage now!!! Last week he competed for the first time in M level (2nd Level) and he WON! And in the second test, he was 2nd place. with 70% scores!!!!

Here is an amazing STER gelding who is showing M dressage (which is 2nd level) under saddle AND is also showing SECOND LEVEL dressage pulling a carriage (dressage driving)! Super ABFP test scores. Nicolai is a willing worker with a great attitude.  Clean on X-rays. We are always looking for extraordinary friesians, that are already competing, and WINNING,  read:experienced, and are double trained to ride AND drive. We searched high and low, and found a gorgeous Wytse son whose character and quality are just what we are looking for, and this horse is EASY for all levels of riders. Nic is sired by Wytse and out of a mare by the approved stallion, Jisse. These 2 FPS Approved Breeding Stallions represent some of the most highly desired sires in the current Friesian Studbook. Not only is each sire known for his excellent movement and sport ability, but they also pass these positive traits on to their offspring! Nic is not only jet black (no white), he is stunning, beautiful, and charming!!! He certainly inherited poppa Wytse's abundant HAIR,(nickname is Fabio), and he is also gentle, friendly and really intelligent! Everybody who rides Nic falls head over heels in love with him. He moves like he owns the place, and he has a very balanced WONDERFUL uphill canter that not all friesians possess.


INCREDIBLE ABFP Scores of 77 for riding and 78 for driving!  He is a star gelding, M dressage under saddle and for carriage. Clean X-rays!

1st premie

B-day 5/2/12;  registered as Nicolai K.

And the best of all: he is really comfy to sit on, just like sitting on your favorite recliner! This boy looks like a true war horse, straight out of the medieval times. Take a look at how Fabio does not even flinch when being ridden in the streets and  loud traffic passes! Nic is uncomplicated, cool, and easy to handle in all situations. This is a horse with the 'WOW' factor, deep black color, fantastic mover with excellent suspension, LONG THICK hair, and a recent pre-purchase, and xrays on cd rom, available for review with your vet. He is going to go FAR in sport....this is a really REALLY talented SWEET ster gelding

Price includes import to LAX, NY, Miami, Calgary or Mexico---let is know your preference, otherwise he will be arriving in LAX soon!

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