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Alwin 469
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire

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4 yr old stallion, 16.1 hands and STILL GROWING. Perfect on xrays and pre purchase.

If you are looking for a JAW dropper, HERE HE IS!

THIS is the stallion for you!  OR looking for one AMAZING, trained to ride and drive, gelding? Just let us know, and we will include castration in his price! This is a horse that will REALLY move quickly up the levels in dressage!
Rio, born 7/5/13,  is an incredible friesian stallion.... His pedigree is superb: He is out of a tall LEFFERT mare, and sired by the young phenom Alwin 469 who is taking Europe by storm...he sports a VERY low in-breeding co-efficient. Alwin 469 is known for producing horses with outstanding temperaments and beautiful heads.
Rio is a great moving young stallion with a curly LONG mane and tail. He is very sweet and loving, and double trained to ride AND drive, currently going 1st level dressage---with the potential  for MUCH MORE!  This is a REAL sporthorse, with amazing possibilities:):)

AND Rio is a real eye-catcher with powerful floating gaits and a stunning expression. He is a true Modern Friesian Type. He will steal the show everywhere he goes, and he absolutely has everything it takes to win in dressage AND a fantastic pedigree, to boot, should you want to use him for breeding! This is a stallion that is reasonably priced and has great presence, and loves getting attention:) Rio's dam's sire, Leffert 306, produces impressive offspring for both dressage and pleasure/trail riding. Leffert 306 needs no introduction to the friesian world--he is one of the BEST of all time! 

Rio has a luxurious and beautiful mane, tail and fetlocks, and is an impressively light but strong mover, with the temperament of a gentleman. We have  been impressed with his lofty gaits, and natural charisma. This  16.1 hand and STILL GROWING 4 yr old represents the very best of Friesian Conformation, Movement, and Personality! This is a stunning stallion (from a great line!!!!).

  Isn't he something....he knows it, he shows it and he has what it takes to be a showstopper!!!! Buy him now, guaranteed this one WON'T last....Price including import as a stallion, air, 3 day usda quarantine in Los Angeles or NY, hauling to  cem quarantine, 30 day stallion quarantine,  is only $39,900 USD including all import costs as a stallion.

OR, save yourself some moolah--- we can import this fabulous fella to LAX, NY, MIAMI, Canada or Mexico, as a gelding, for only $32,900.

The ONLY additional cost you will have is delivery to your doorstep from his cem quarantine facility (or go pick him up yourself!).  We take care of all the import and quarantine and vetchecks and bloodwork, international health cert, etc.....  This one will NOT last at this price.

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