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Delmont STER & SPORT

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Olgert 445
Friesian Sire


Rypke 321
Friesian Dam's Sire

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Winner of the kfps indoor competion,  Intermediaire 1, with a score of 66.10 %!!!! That's right, Delmomt BEAT EVERYONE,  and was crowned Grand Champion Intermediare 1  at the KFPS Dressage Championships last weekend!

Janna and Bennie are proud to offer a young 9 yr old STER stallion that has scores ABOVE 66% in Intermediare 1!!!!  How often do YOUNG friesians come along that have winning points ABOVE Prix St George, with gorgeous fairytale looks and LONG hair,....that are under 100K...?!?  Not very! This is a RARE FIND indeed!

Validating the ability of the Friesian breed to compete head to head, side by side with the most notable and highly placing dressage horses in the world, this full pedigree Olgert SPORT son is currently and consistently one of the highest ranked Friesians competing in  Dressage in the world today. Not only is he currently successfully competing at the Intermediare 1 level of  Dressage, he is  one FINE SPECIMEN of our breed ..... LONG HAIRED, UNCOMPLICATED, in excellent health, always sound, ONLY 9 years old, and possesses exceptional honesty and character. This AMAZING Friesian stallion is just now hitting his Prime! And aside from being the absolute perfect Friesian Dressage mount for sport, Delmont is a PERFECT gentleman, acts like one of our people oriented geldings, no stallion behavior whatsoever! very good walk and safe sweet stallion :)

This guy is so phenomenal, i couldn't  take my eyes off of him, when i was in the Netherlands recently, to see and try him!  He is perfect to work around and handle,  excellent manners.

Other notable wins.... he was ZZ Licht ( 4th Level) Champion Of Holland in 2016, AND Reserve Champion Z2 (3rd level WITH flying changes) in Kootwijk in 2015.


LOW 2.73% inbreeding, b-day 5/11/09, stam line 27, 166 cm. tall.

VERY good walk, excellent tempi changes,  and a safe sweet stallion :)

Delmont is not only an unrivaled Friesian Champion in sport with Dressage, but is also an exceptional representation of the FRIESIAN breed, with GORGEOUS uphill confirmation, and LONG LONG hair, and a gorgeous chiseled head.

Another interesting fact is that Delmont’s sire, Olgert, has also acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate, for his consistently high scores in upper level dressage.

As you can see, this SPORT and STER Friesian stallion is a truly exceptional, “One of a Kind” boy. At barely 9 yrs old, he has MEGA years left competing as YOUR schoolmaster--- ideal for an amateur rider, or as a youth riders horse, that can teach his rider FEI level dressage! An amazing athlete with incomparable gaits, incredibly handsome with tons of mane and tail and a fabulous sweet & loving temperament.
If you are interested in his purchase, please contact Janna at 415-272-2112.

Price INCLUDES import (as a gelding) to NY, LAX, Miami, Mexico, or Canada, and 3 day USDA quarantine, as well as all new radiographs, and thorough pre purchase exam. FYI: The 30 day cem quarantine required for imported stallions  in the US is typically an additional 6k+.

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