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Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire

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What a great looking, easy to ride AND drive, TALL (167 cm and still growing), perfect age---4 yrs old, jet black friesian stallion (price includes castration prior to import, if you prefer a gelding!)

Motherline is FANTASTIC......Ster - Ster+ Pref - Ster+ Pref - Model

B-day 3/28/13

He comes from stam 103 !!! Height : this is a TALL, 16.2 hand boy that is STILL GROWING, could mature OVER 16.3 hands! Easy to Ride and Handle!!!! This young man already has a long mane for his age, and you know in two years he will have EXTREMELY long curly mane! He is young but easy to handle and ride, and  he is quite impressive with a super pedigree. He is a fantastic mover and a promising future sport horse. Comes with recent thorough pre-purchase.

Trinidad is a very special 4 year old: Jerke X Olof, he has a super pedigree with unbroken STER predicates in the motherline:)

What a sweet young man,  already going great under saddle,...every one can ride him! He is quite simply, BREATHTAKING. A fairytale come true, at a REASONABLE price. You will be immediately awed by his unbelievable long wavy hair, and stature...this guy KNOWS he is the cat's meow! Stepping on Trinidad is like sitting in your favorite recliner, he is as smooth as silk, and VERY VERY easy to sit. Light and lofty, with fantastic natural elasticity to his gaits. Sensitive and responsive, yet kind and gentle enough for a novice husband, Trinidad is a spectacular fairytale Friesian  that is ready to be YOUR new best friend

Please note, Trinidad is currently a stallion, and  cost of gelding is INCLUDED in his price. If you prefer he remain a stallion, Buyer is responsible for cost of additional 30 day stallion quarantine (approx 6500k). We have Trinidad scheduled to arrive in LAX, if you prefer he go to NY or Miami or Canada, please let us know right away!

Start enjoying this love bucket as a dressage/pleasure/trail horse THIS SUMMER!  He LOVES going on trails, and is safe in traffic.  Comes with a brand new thorough pre purchase exam, flexions, bloodwork, coggins, and international health cert.

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