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Stendert 447
Friesian Sire


Fridse 423
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Tsjalle 454

Friesian Mare In Foal To

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GREAT Deal on an imported PREGNANT mare, well trained to ride AND drive, that will give you a foal by one of the MOST POPULAR approved stallions in the Netherlands, Tsjalle 454, in the spring of 2018!!! This mare has a DREAM pedigree...sired by the SPORT approved stallion, Stendert 447!!! It doesn't stop there, her dams sire is the highly acclaimed one and only FRIDSE SPORT!!! Stam line 50, which is the GOLD STANDARD, creme de la creme of all motherlines, and produces more approved stallions than any other mare line! 

With a very low 1.17% in breeding. This 4 yr old mare measures 164 cm and is still, be prepared for a 16.1-16.2 hand mare!!!! 

With a birthday : 6-28-2013. Her motherline is impeccable: STER-STER-STER+PREF6-STER+PREF4.

This lovely, trained to ride AND drive, mare LOVES attention, is very affectionate, and a willing worker, never needs a whip! Easy smooth riding ---very soft mouth, and has a solid dressage foundation and experienced carriage driving horse! This very sweet, friendly and people-oriented mare has 3 good gaits and has no health issues whatsoever.

Doria is bold and a quick learner, she has not yet been tried for STER, so take her yourself in 2018 with her foal:) If she makes STER, which we think she definitely WILL, she will be a full pedigree STER mare! The icing on the cake is her foal, due spring of 2018, worth nearly half her purchase price, sired by an approved stallion in Europe, Tsjalle, the GRAND CHAMPION OF ALL APPROVED STALLIONS in 2016!!!.

Dont miss this very nice pregnant mare, 4 year old full paper. Sporting an impeccable hard to find  pedigree: Stendert x Fridse.  She is currently 164 cm tall, and STILL GROWING.  A very sweet and easy mare to handle. Double trained to ride and drive. The BONUS is....She is in foal to world grand champion, Tsjalle 454!!!

$26,900 to NY or $29,900 to LAX, Miami, Canada, or Mexico. GREAT 2 for 1 value!!!!

This one wont last!

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