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Lancelot SPORT

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Eibert 419
Friesian Sire


Ritse 322
Friesian Dam's Sire

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If you are looking for 100% SAFE, SUPER super EASY to ride, then Lancelot is YOUR boy!!!

He is so easy to handle with everything and in ANY situation---and VERY elastic!:)

We are very proud to present this AMAZING fairytale stallion, who just acquired the highly coveted, and RARE,  SPORT predicate, for his very high scores competing in 3rd level dressage competition!

Lancelot is a long haired stallion sired by eibert x ritse .  He is 167cm TALL (read BIG and IMPRESSIVE!).

---super easy in the stable, Lancelot loves his work and is not lazy.  What a good behaving stallion (price includes castration if you prefer a gelding), actively competing in  Z1 level with 5 winning points, scoring over 65%----the world is the horses oyster, he is TALENTED and has the work ethic to go all the way!!:)

Born in 2011, not old and used up, this is a NICE young stallion at a PERFECT age- 7 years old!

Good walk,  active NICE trot with a phenomenal front leg and excellent propulsion from behind..... we KNOW this boy has much potential for higher levels/FEI:)

Lancelot loves riding outside too.  We had him thoroughly vetted and xrayed, all available for review with your vet.  This one wont last----he is SPECIAL!

In short:
16.2 hands TALL
Clean Xrays!
Competing in 3rd Level Dressage
Acquired the HIGHLY coveted SPORT predicate, for his high scores in 3rd level dressage!

Is a stallion, acts like a gelding, can be gelded prior to import  (buyer responsible for cost of 30 day CEM quarantine if imported as a stallion, which is around 6k).
Price INCLUDES cost of castration

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