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Norbert 444
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Are you in search of a once in a lifetime, BIG, SWEET, show stopper Friesian gelding that is currently cleaning up in 2nd level dressage competition? Meet the Magnificent 16.3 hand (and still growing) Tron!

MEGA Hair,  JET BLACK, the Ultimate FAIRYTALE horse! Tons of beauty, tons of talent. PROVEN show record with winning points in M level ( 2nd level dressage). How could you NOT love this gentle giant??!

He loves to show off and perform like a show boy if you are asking for it. Boy can he move, even the Judges comment! Yesterday we showed him in 2nd level, and he won the first test, and was 2nd in the second test!! Someone fell off their horse, and there was a lot of commotion, and screaming and spooking horses running about---NOT the case for BIG sweet Tron...he just stood still, patiently waiting for all the chaos to calm down, and then he went out and competed, and won!!!---what a trooper this BIG boy is! Then the Judge stopped by to tell us how impressed she was with his balanced uphill canter!! Impressive is RIGHT---even the Judges agree.

But what we LOVE is that this boy is a sweet, calm, easy boy for a beginner. He is currently winning at the shows, AND he goes home and is an easy horse for the trails. This horse really has the best of both worlds. You can ride him bareback and he is as easy as can be, or you can immediately compete him in Second Level Dressage (like we did last weekend), and almost be guaranteed a TOP ribbon:) He loves to do all of it... pleasure, trail, AND show! If you want one of the best on the friesian market today, you need TRON. He has spectacular movement for dressage, and yet is EASY to sit. He also could be a very fancy western Friesian. He is one of the most beautiful, regal, TALL, sweet Friesians we have ever seen. He has the fairytale look  and uphill conformation that EVERYONE wants. Here is an absolute dream horse.

TRON is built for competitions! He stand at 16.3 hands --is still growing, and is good thinking, not a spooky kind of horse. He is super well behaved in every situation/circumstance and is super brave! He is the perfect age of 5 years old.

Tron is double trained to ride AND drive.  Incredible pedigree, sired by world champion Norbert SPORT and out of a ster + SPORT top dressage mare that is by Tije SPORT. B-Day is 4/28/13, 170 cm tall, xrays available for review with your vet.

Dont miss this BIG sweet superstar!

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