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Anders 451
Friesian Sire


Jasper 366
Friesian Dam's Sire

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We couldn't believe it, when we saw this boy recently---he reminds us SOOOO much of a young Majestic, the Anton ster stallion that Janna showed for many years, winning numerous world and national championships, BOTH in dressage, AND saddleseat!


Its no surprise, they come from the same stam line and share a very prolific  Ster and Preferent grandmother, Jaike van Vriesburg, who had 18 offspring!


Wow---this LONG haired young boy is Majestic's replica!  We imported Majestic from Denmark and took him to the keuring in 2004, and  couldn't believe it when the Dutch Judges  chose OUR horse for the 70 day test, as a provisionally approved stallion!  That was until he measured just a hair too short to be an Approved stallion--and oh joy, if only we had known that it was NOT necessary to remove his shoes for the keuring--we had been mis-informed by the keuring coordinator.  Valor is a tad taller than our boy, who needless to say became STER and Grand Champion of the whole keuring anyway!

Valor is 4 yrs old, and already competing in L level dressage, this 1st level boy  has REAL talent, and  ability to really do well in  any discipline!! He measures 163 cm, which is 16 hands and is still growing. Be ready to play beauty shop a lot, this guy already has long hair. And he comes with a full set of clean xrays, available for review with your vet.

What a pedigree on this fella, sired by the incredible sporthorse, Anders SPORT, and dams sire is our favorite approved stallion EVER, Jasper SPORT +PREFERENT--its no surprise he is drop dead gorgeous AND can perform!  His motherline is phenomenal:



This Anders son is a REALLY GOOD dressage horse already, but is also equally suitable for pleasure and trail riding!  Oh, and he  is trained to drive!


What a sweet, kind, giving boy, ready to be your friend for life.  Valor likes to cuddle, and  is not easily spooked.  Check out the rider STANDING on his back.  He may be young in years, but Valor is GOOD THINKING, a real safe boy, for timid riders. 

Buy him quick, or we might have to keep him, simply because his looks and temperament remind us soooo much of Majestic! 


Price includes import and quarantine to LAX, NY, Chicago, Miami, or Canada, as a gelding. Valor is still a stallion and can be imported as a stallion , if you prefer (import cost is about 6k more as a stallion) .


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