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We are SOOOOO excited to present a very VERY special LONG haired  TALL mare, Lydia. 

She is a very good looking mare!! Well built, nice head and has a really long mane.

She is an ideal age -----7 years old and has a full paper...... Doesnt get much better than this:


She is 164 cm tall----thats just over 16 hands, which is quite tall for a mare!

She is very experienced being ridden AND driven.  In fact, she scored 67's in BOTH riding and driving in her ABFP test! We use her together in a driving pair with another mare, Imke.

Under saddle,  Lydia is a very sweet, calm, and easy mare. 

We took her to a forest to make some special pictures  of this gorgeous gal, and  we let her loose in the forest (yes, that's right, we took her halter off!!!!)  and it was raining a bit.....and  because Lydia is so calm and sweet, she didn’t run away or anything, she just stood there----very regal, posing for our cameraman!

Check out her kind eye --what a special SWEET mare!

If you are looking for an extremely LONG haired mare---they dont come along very often!  Lydia has primarily been used as a family/pleasure/trail horse, and certainly would be a good addition to any breeding program, because of her outstanding pedigree! AND as soon as Lydia comes into heat, she comes with a breeding to the approved stallion, Jorn, an approved stallion located in Europe.

She stems from stam line 61 with a very LOW .98% inbreeding. Her b-date is 5/30/2011.  She has not been to a keuring as an adult, and received a 2nd premie as a foal.

This is a tremendous buy on a true fairytale mare---

Could Lydia be YOUR new forever friesian?  She is an "in your pocket" SWEET mare, that LOVES to be cuddled.

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