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Teeuwis 389
Friesian Sire


Jasper 366
Friesian Dam's Sire

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The big tall cuddly gelding named Yancy, is another of our SUPER finds on our trip last week to the Netherlands... and boy is he TALL.... 170+cm!!!


6 years old--ideal age.

Nice pedigree, with an abundance of sport predicates in it! Yancy is sired by the SPORT approved stallion, Teeuwis SPORT and dam's sire is the one and only legendary JASPER SPORT +PREF.

AND his motherline is chock full of  STER predicates:


Double trained to ride AND drive.

Super sweet, gentle,  kind TALL boy that is truly suitable for every single member of your family--- from  a 5 yr old child, to a grandma, Yancy is a SAFE choice for all to enjoy!

And EXPERIENCED, Yancy has been competing in dressage and is now going 2nd level---if not sold quickly, his price will be going up, and we will compete him in 3rd level, in order to achieve the SPORT predicate.  Buy him NOW, as his price will increase as his show wins are accumulated.

Yancy has GREAT gaits for dressage, and is easy to sit.

And what a beautiful head and friendly eyes!

Nice long curly hair.

We just had him xrayed---all Good,  without remarks.

This is an outstanding choice for amateur riders,  and also  this boy has potential for the higher levels!

He is not hot,  and also not slow or lazy---- Yancy is JUST RIGHT!

Yancy already possesses  a winning show record  in L level, and  next week we will compete him in M level  ( 2nd level) and if he is not sold quickly,  then we will compte him in  Z level ( 3rd level).

This is a great buy on an all around VERSATILE friesian for sale!

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