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Rio Bella

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Friesian Sire


Doaitsen 420
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Tiede 501

Friesian Mare In Foal To

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We are thrilled to offer this new PRETTY and Pregnant friesian mare!!  She is 6 years old and she is easy to ride and drive. A really good looking gal, a modern built mare with very nice mane. She has a full paper (she is a half sister of another mare that we imported last year with VERY long hair:  Meriva van de Hondshoeve!!!)


Rio is a  sweet mare to handle and easy going with other horses.


She is not a hot-headed or spooky horse under saddle and would make an excellent partner for you to take on trails, pleasure ride, or do a little dressage with, or go for a country drive!


She is expecting a foal this year sired by the beautiful young stallion Tiede 501.


She is now around 164/165  cm tall.. .. which is  16.1 hands!

She stems from the highly productive stam line 28; Rio is 8th generation of this line.



This will be her 1st foal.  What I really like about Rio is not only her height, but also that she doubles as an excellent all around pleasure/trail/dressage/family horse---truly an easy going mare that the whole family may enjoy!


Our Pregnant mares are  excellent:

Investment opportunities!

They are as good as gold and you cannot go wrong with the investment, when bred to approved stallions only available in europe!!



Rio Bella is an AMAZING, calm, easy, beautiful PREGNANT Full papered friesian mare and an excellent 2 for 1 deal with phenomenal bloodlines and unbroken ster predicates in motherline:



1st Premie!!!!

In foal to one of our FAVORITE stallions- Tiede 501. Not only is she pregnant, but she is a wonderful all around, pleasure, trail, dressage horse- and trained to  drive!!


Her temperament is the absolute best- and she can be ridden by any type of rider. This tall mare is sweet as can be! She is the perfect age of 6 years old.


Here is a reasonably priced, good looking, well bred friesian mare for sale  that  would make an amazing start or addition to your breeding program, teacher for dressage, trail mount, or best friend!!



This is a superb 2 for 1 deal ---Rio Bella will give you a foal mid May, thats just in  a few short months! With the prices of Friesians going up you cannot go wrong with this deal!

Her baby will be worth between 10-15k. So Rio Bella can literally pay for herself very quickly!


We love this mare ---she is beautiful, excellent conformation, great for breeding but ALSO SUPER all around friesian that the whole family may enjoy! She  serves so many purposes and is a GREAT value.


Rio Bella  comes with a thorough pre purchase and ultra sound, confirming pregnancy, and is $22,900 including import and 3 day USDA quarantine in NY, or $24,900 to LAX or Canada.

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