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Rindert 406
Friesian Sire


Jasper 366
Friesian Dam's Sire

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This Rindert x Jasper EXPERIENCED boy can show even the MOST timid of riders the ropes!!  Voit (yes, as in "Jon"), has amassed quite an extensive show record over his 12 years of life---and has 10 winning points in Z2 dressage, which is similar to our 3rd level, WITH flying changes required!!! 


He is UNCOMPLICATED and super EASY to ride, even for your grandma!!

Read: DRESSAGE SCHOOLMASTER Extraordinaire!!


Bombproof! Extremely reliable, safe boy that you can do anything on! Z2 Level! This boy really is a total schoolmaster!! This boy has been very well taken care of and is in amazing condition.


Are you looking for a trustworthy horse that ANYONE can ride? The SWEET horse that you have been waiting your whole life for, that loves kisses? Meet VOIT SPORT the DREAM HORSE. This horse has it all. He has an absolutely stunning presence, is  safe for any type of rider, and Z2 (3rd level WITH changes) schoolmaster. He has 3 excellent gaits. The black Labrador type horse that everyone loves! Backwards, forwards, saddle or bareback- you can do anything on him—and in ANY setting! He has been to tons of  competitions, trail ridden and mostly ridden by amateurs. If you are looking for a horse that you can relax and enjoy and feel VERY SAFE and secure on, AND that is VERY educated, Voit is your man. He knows everything and will be competitive in the show ring, but then go for trail rides or do exhibitions, or teach YOU in lessons at home. He has everything that our customers are looking for, with a reasonable price tag!

AND he has enough winning points, to have the SPORT predicate added to his papers!!!!  It's not often we find friesians  that are competing in Z2 dressage, amassing  more than 10 winning points, which is proof in the pudding that this horse is doing what is required in 3rd level dressage with flying changes, for this REASONABLE of a price, and we are passing the savings on to  some lucky new owner:):)

Voit is $27,900 into NY, or $29,900 into LAX, Chicago, Miami, or Canada, including brand new thorough pre purchase exam.


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