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Eros BSF

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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Anton 343
Friesian Dam's Sire

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Very very sweet and beautiful!

EXTREMELY long mane. 


Super anywhere you take him, on streets with tons of traffic, on trails by himself--well behaved, NOT spooky,  anywhere, both ridden and driven!

You can put him everywhere in the four in hand. This is a schoolmaster type friesian:) Even I have ridden him bareback---SMOOTH as silk! Also  drives as a single and in a pair!

Are you looking for a very reliable horse that ANYONE can ride, a great horse even for your grandma, double trained to ride and drive? Meet this dreamy looking boy--EROS! He is truly the ULTIMATE all around horse!  Trustworthy and extremely safe. EXPERIENCED:

read: he is the IDEAL trail horse and great for beginners and  a super teacher!

This guy is the type and price point, and LONG haired looks---EVERYONE is looking for!!  Will NOT last....

Looking for a partner for dressage, trails, bareback, or drive- this is a "do it all" type of boy, in FRIESIAN form!! 

Very smooth gaits, great for those of you with lower back pain! Anyone can learn to ride on him. We absolutely love this horse because of his "in your pocket" type of personality. 

He has done it all!

AND TALL---170 cm is 16.3 hands---Here is a real gentle giant!!!


YOU are  going to have a blast on him----take him to the beach, through the woods, on trails by himself, to shows with others, - ANYWHERE!

This is a friesian you can truly enjoy the EXPERIENCE and not have to worry about what the horse is looking at..... super safe and reliable, AND beautiful. Such a sweet, kind horse.


He LOVES people and dogs.....He will follow you around anywhere. We fell in love with this big boy!!!!!

Eros was also a partipant in this amazing event!!:   



Eros BSF will likely sell quickly and go directly from the Netherlands to his new forever home---if you would like more info, please call 415-272-2112. Comes with brand new thorough physical vet exam with flexions, done specifically for new owner!

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