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Ulke 338
Friesian Sire


Onne 376
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wimer 461

Friesian Mare In Foal To

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5 yr old Ulke x Onne pregnant friesian mare---- only 5 yrs old and TALLER than the average short and squatty, barefoot and pregnant friesian mares we see frequently for sale in the Netherlands. Venna is 16 1/2  hands tall and STILL GROWING; she has LONG  lean lines in her conformation.


She is related to Samara. The famous  approved stallion, Onne Sport, is the grandfather of both mares!


Many  stables don’t have any pregnant mares left, if you are looking for a super all around riding, driving, trail riding, loving on, SWEET, EASY jet black friesian mare that will do dual duty as a broodmare and give you a friesian foal in 5 short months---look no further!  Venna will give you a foal by the Approved stallion Wimer  due Mar 1, 2020 ! 


We are always looking for easy to ride, confirmed in foal friesian mares that have unbroken STER predicates in their motherlines, that are studbook with reasonable price tags  (whose prices aren't inflated yet due to earning the STER predicate), but we think are STER quality, and can likely earn the STER predicate, and  Venna is that type of mare!  AND  although she moves her head slightly in the video above when being ridden, we found the girl who is riding her, is very the mare is very suitable for beginners! This gorgeous moving mare is easy to ride and drive!!!


Why pay for a high level dressage show record you are likely to never use.... Venna combines  good looks, GREAT people oriented temperament, fantastic pedigree with unbroken ster predicates, and double trained to ride AND drive, all rolled into one package.



 And the stallion she is confirmed in foal to is Wimer 461, sired by Hinne 427 and out of a star mare sired by Heinse 354. This stallion’s grand-dam is a star preferent mare sired by Tjimme 275. Wimer is known for his  incredibly correct conformation and more than enough CHARISMA to satisfy the  harshest critic.  Both in harness and under the saddle, Wimer displays a powerful use of his hind legs. This ultimately contributed to a score of more than 80 points in all three disciplines in the  70 day stallion test– a score few stallions have matched.  Because Wimer is located in Europe and  its NOT easy to get  Wimer's offspring in the US [it is NOT always easy to get mares pregnant with approved friesian stallion's frozen semen], hence Venna's foal is exciting for the North American market!



Venna herself has an outstanding pedigree:



She is a beautiful, EASY to ride, Friesian mare who doubles as an amazing broodmare, 5 years old and is an OUTSTANDING thinker! Great for beginner type riders, as that is what she has currently! Been there, DONE THAT kind of horse.


Are you looking for a TALL, fantastic pedigreed friesian mare that can do DOUBLE duty as a pleasure/trail/family horse AND pay for herself in less than 2 years, by giving you amazing registered friesian foals?!?  HERE SHE IS! Confirmed in foal to Wimer 461.

 No mare-ish behavior---Venna has a personality like one of geldings! ---this is a friesian MARE that  is the type that will bond with her owner. She loves to give hugs.


 This is an outstanding opportunity to get a wonderful horse that will give you a foal in 5 months, and she is $25,900 to NY or $27,900 to LAX or Chicago or Canada. There is a limited window of opportunity to purchase an imported pregnant friesian mare due in the spring---give Janna a call at 415-272-2112, if you would like to have Venna's foal born in YOUR stable!:)

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