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Fabe 348
Friesian Sire


Anton 343
Friesian Dam's Sire

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We are so very excited to present this most amazing super calm 7 yr old FRIESIAN gelding, compact size: 15.3 hands!


This sweetheart is reasonably priced and sooooo relaxed in new settings--this is an IDEAL boy to hit the trails with!

Beautiful gelding with the best character!!!

Tanner is a Fabe x Anton friesian gelding for sale, standing just over 15.3 hands tall.

We took him out in the open fields today and he was so much fun to ride!! Here is the kind of friesian we are ALWAYS searching for.... SMOOTH, suitable for less experienced or timid riders, an older, mature horse.


Tanner has thorough trail riding experience and is level headed, calm, and listens to his rider.

Tanner possesses the OUTSTANDING temperament that everyone wants when shopping for a Friesian.

He is experienced and a phenomenal thinker, and we can’t find anything that startles or upsets this fella…. UNFLAPABLE!


We really like him because he is uncomplicated and wants to please! He is very calm and relaxed with a beginner type rider, but can be competitive with a more advanced rider; solid dressage foundation. He is responsive to the seat and will always give you what you are asking for. He is so comfortable, and very smooth to ride, great if you have any lower back problems. He has three fantastic gaits with excellent propulsion.


Here is a boy with a gentle, old soul. It is getting harder and harder to find horses like Tanner! He has tons of TRAIL HOURS and experience riding all through the streets of Holland. He has been ridden in traffic, next to tractors, cars, bikes and dogs. You will have a BLAST on this boy! Get ready to hit the trails SOON, and just let us know which port of entry you prefer, and you can be enjoying this FABE X ANTON friesian gelding this summer!


Don't miss this 100% healthy, sound gelding for sale that comes with a brand new thorough pre purchase exam.


Oh, and did we mention, he has good herd manners!



$28,900 including import and quarantine to NY, $30,900 to LAX, Chicago, Toronto or Calgary.


Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for more info!


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