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Maeije 440
Friesian Sire


Friesian Dam's Sire

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  • 6 year old beautiful tall gelding, 1.68cm (16.2 hands TALL)

  • All-arounder, extremely friendly!!!

  • Totally uncomplicated, double trained to ride and drive

  • Bombproof, safe in traffic, a joy to ride!

  • Willing, easy to get on the bit, soft in your hand, responsive to your aids, and very comfortable to  sit.

  • Forgiving, suitable for every rider. Great character.

  • MAX is an Excellent family horse!

  • Extended vet check, with  thorough physical exam, flexion tests, and full set of  X-rays, all good!

Max is one of the sweetest Friesians you will ever meet! He has a golden character with a fantastic brain! Very suitable for ANY level rider! He is not the sensitive type; Read: zero spook. He has an excellent dressage foundation and is one of our very BEST trail horses! 

Max is 6 years old, and is really one of those "one in a million" kind of horses, because he will do anything for you. He is very brave, excellent in traffic, and super with dogs and small children. He is the type of horse that will bond with his owner, and is so loving, an amazing best friend:)


We love the way Max moves off your hand and leg easily. He has an excellent canter, and is very comfortable to ride-----not lofty at all! This is an ideal horse for someone with lower back problems.


You will have a BLAST riding this very kind, gorgeous friesian gelding for sale!  Max is one of our MOST VERSATILE boys- he really can do anything!

He has a jet black coat, poodle like feathering, and long mane.


Max presents an amazing opportunity for someone to get a GORGEOUS, safe, experienced 6 yr old friesian gelding at a reasonable price---Max's price INCLUDES his flight to NY, LAX, or Canada and a thorough vetcheck, and full set of  xrays available for review with your vet!!


  Here is a super sweet, all around willing partner that is sure to be your best friend forever--- he LOVES hugs!! And he is a great buy!!:) 

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