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Ielke 382
Friesian Sire


Friesian Dam's Sire

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7 year old gelding, father is the one and only, Ielke, 166 cm [16.1 1/2 hands], elegant conformation, beautiful head, extremely friendly, lovely personality, great to ride, goes on the bit on his own, very light in your hands.

Tons of experience in traffic,  and on trails.  We use Reggio in our lesson program on friesians, hence he is accustomed to many different levels of riders.

Uncomplicated.  Forgiving, for every rider, even timid beginners!

Reggio is really extremely easy in every way, suitable for many different riders----- a joy to ride for a dressage rider. But he also adapts directly when there is a beginner on his back; forgiving! And Bombproof on the trails.

Reggio is a EXCEPTIONALLY good mover, not only when he runs free in the arena, but also when riding and driving!!! We think he has the attitude and movement of a superstar! Registered as "Heer", this boy has a great future ahead of him. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. Reggio is posed and ready to take someone to the TOP in sport. He also enjoys relaxing trail rides, and he is sensitive and responsive, a  rider's dream horse. He has a very sweet character and is ALWAYS willing to work. He will make you VERY happy as a wonderful pleasure horse. He also enjoys relaxing trail rides, and long grooming sessions. He is very comfortable to sit, and has forward and smooth gaits.

This jet-black horse is kind, giving, non-spooky, and he WANTS to please. He has  a FANTASTIC canter.  Reggio has a fabulous disposition. He would do well as a competitive show horse,  but also loves to go on relaxing rides at the beach!) We like Reggio's wonderful training attitude as he is always in the mood to go for a ride.

He has lots of experience: dressage/trail/used in dressage lessons, suitable for every rider, also GREAT for beginners, really forgiving! Extremely willing, gives the rider a great feeling, this boy is real favorite of our students in the Netherlands. He is a real  Schoolmaster.

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