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Take 455
Friesian Sire


Aan 416
Friesian Dam's Sire

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Vaughn is the epitome of the majestic TRICK TRAINED Friesian, with Barbie FAIRYTALE LOOKS!

With his  astounding amount of flowing hair he is
a true show stopper, easily surpassing ANY available friesian currently on the market, on  HAIR appeal alone!


He isnt just AMAZING with his BAROQUE fairytale appearance----and enough mane for THREE horses.... He is also trick trained and bows, lays down, sits,  and goes Spanish walk, and rears on command.
Vaughn has a heart of gold, as is the characteristic for the Friesian breed.
He is safe out on trails for adults and children to ride.


A “once in a lifetime” Friesan for a discriminate buyer, and  has been featured for the last year in exhibitions and shows in Europe. 


He has a solid dressage foundation, and is a REAL sweetheart, that will follow you anywhere, just check out the video above!

  Vaughn is sold with new x-rays and a thorough pre purchase exam with flexion testing. 


Let us know right away if you prefer Vaughn to arrive into NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Canada. 


Its not often we  are able to offer fully trick trained boys with the WOW appearance Vaughn has----and at this price, Vaughn is a tremendous BUY, and only 8 yrs old!   We can GUARANTEE he will NOT last!

Could  this Barbie baroque SWEET boy be YOUR new best friend?? 


What a special boy, super gentle, easy to sit, and loves to be loved, and hugged.   And  double trained to ride AND drive, and accustomed to  bright lights and smoke, and various settings and scary things, as he was used in many shows. 


Vaughn measures 165 cm(16.1 hands). Dogs or traffic, or loud trucks---??, NO PROBLEM for Vaughn!


This one is SPECTACULAR, a ONCE IN A LIFETIME HORSE!!! You will not find another trick trained fairytale boy like him, at this ideal age, and with  his looks, ANYWHERE!  When he is gone, we wont have another friesian to offer like VAUGHN----he is truly one of a kind!


A RARE opportunity to own such an EXTROADINARY horse. Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for more info. Serious inquiries only.

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