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Menlo Polo Club

Sept 11, 2011: Polo Match in Atherton

Day of Polo, luncheon, and  super wines and champagne in atherton at the Menlo  Polo blub. 
Good friends, Tom and Melissa Fisher came all the way from oregon.

GREAT time with GREAT friends.

After getting home, and okay, perhaps after ONE too many glasses of champagne, i decided to capture  some "Sterling" moments, and share them with you! 20 yr old Sterling, taking his daily roll in the arena....

Sept 17, Dressage in the Wine Country, Santa Rosa

More fun times, with Terri and Jordan.  In the evening exhibition... BSF friesian, Wobke, ridden by own Susan Hall. Congrats on a job well done! 

Susan also rec'd a very special trophy recognizing her thousands of volunteer hours she contributed to the success of this bi-annual event.

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