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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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RIO - SOLD Friesian RIO - Sold Grats to Jose!

Thank you SO MUCH for walking me through the process of purchasing my stallion sight unseen from Europe, and taking my hundreds of phone calls,  holding my hand through the quarantine process, sending me pictures of you riding my beautiful stallion on the beach in Holland after i purchased him, and continuing to stay in touch with me and helping me with every little detail, including sending me the bridle you rode him in!  I cannot thank you enough for this special stallion, and i promise, Rio and i will keep in touch with you!!

I recommend to anyone looking for a REAL fairytale friesian, contact Janna at Blacksterlingfriesians.com....  she has the BEST, and has been in business the longest!
-Jose in Brentwood


Douwe G.T. - SOLD Friesian Douwe G.T. - Sold Grats to Karen!!:)

Douwe arrived at LAX this week, and went straight to his new forever home, near Malibu, to another happy customer: "Douwe is doing great!! He is a really sweet boy.  And my new tack came today too!!!! Best day ever. Douwe is extremely sweet and affectionate and loves to be social. He is very gentle and sweet to all the animals that come up to visit him (I think my two donkeys are in love. They visit with him every day).Thank you for being so patient and for always keeping me in mind when finding Friesians you think I'd like. I am very excited to finally have my Friesian 😊... Thank you!! Karen in Thousand Oaks"



TABOR - SOLD Friesian TABOR - Sold Grats to Nora & Ryan in Conn!!

Hi Janna, I'm in love with Tabor :-) You can just see how much potential he has.... Love the energy, his movement...everything. Thank you so much!!!!! I'm in shock!!! (A good one!)  ... exactly what I hoped for! I can't believe he is only 4! He is clearly talented... Very happy... :-)  Thank you so so much, XOXO, ---Nora in Conn


Rein BSF - SOLD Friesian Rein BSF - Sold Aaron in Tenn on his 4th Friesian from Janna

We rode Rein. He is doing well.!He is a very sweet boy.  Love him! Rein is so sweet.  Thanks so much for your help with this process........learning how to take care of these horses so I have lots of questions.

Stand out. For Good

-Aaron in Tenn


AVINA - SOLD Friesian AVINA - Sold Grats to John on his 3rd friesian:)

I have been Janna's  customer for two decades, and seen these other "people that buy a friesian from you, then try to EMULATE YOU" pop up, and wow----- it even seems like they copy and paste your entire website----all in the name of making the  American buck.  YOU are the real deal. i am so glad i met you, bought all my friesians from you, and trust YOU------YOU are the best. stay that way, let the copy cats  do their thing, if you want the REAL DEAL, contact Janna... You will be glad you DID. -John in montana


PIER BSF - SOLD Friesian PIER BSF - Sold Grats to Becky in Mass!

I am OVER the MOON!!! Thank you!!! I am so excited!  Thank you for walking me through this process!  You are so patient, it is a trait which I really admire since I have none.Pier is settled in and looking terrific. Thank you so much for your help! He is just lovely! Trial starts Monday (i am a med malpractice trial attorney) and my boy is such a wonderful stress reliever!-Rebecca in Mass.


Nicole - SOLD Friesian Nicole - Sold 2nd horse to Aaron in Tenn!

Thank you for being so thoughtful in choosing the right horses for our family. It means so much! -Callie in Tenn


Venga - SOLD Friesian Venga - Sold Grats to Aaron in Tenn!

I'm so excited.... I want these 4 horses to have a great home and I can't wait to see them have a positive impact on my family and our community.  -Aaron in Tenn


Ferrari STER & SPORT - SOLD Friesian Ferrari STER & SPORT - Sold Grats to Aaron & Callie in Tn!

We are so excited to welcome these 4 horses into our family. All the best!

Stand Out. For Good.

-Aaron in Tenn


ALEXIS - SOLD Friesian ALEXIS - Sold Congrats to Leslie in ID!!:)

Thanks for giving us this amazing opportunity, Janna!

-Leslie in Idaho


Records 1 to 10 of 664

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