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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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VERDI - SOLD Friesian VERDI - Sold Grats to Delinda in TX

I’m over the moon excited about him! He is everything I had dreamed of! Im thinking of renaming him Magic, because he is magical! I always wanted a trick trained horse, even before I knew about Friesians. Now, I have a trick trained Friesian!! It’s been a great, smooth process! He’s beautiful, gentle and sweet. Everyone is so impressed with how calm he is. The entire process from when I first contacted you about Verdi thru having him transferred to the U.S. from Europe went very smoothly. Thank you for finding this magnificent horse for me. I look forward to many fun, joy filled years ahead with Verdi. -Delinda in Texas


TALBOT - SOLD Friesian TALBOT - Sold BIG Congrats to Kelly in NY!!!

Omg!!!!! Thank you soooo much Janna!!!! I’m SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

-Kelly in Syracuse, NY


Zandocan - SOLD Friesian Zandocan - Sold

Janna, Zandocan is doing great....extremely friendly horse!  I ride him in the mountains regularly. The best rides are in the hills ....He’s an incredible horse! He's been on a big sur camping trip and several beach rides in Half Moon Bay. I ride him western most of the time.  He looks great! Big and strong:)
John in Half Moon Bay


Umberto - SOLD Friesian Umberto - Sold Grats to Lokesh in Georgia!




TAI - SOLD Friesian TAI - Sold

Carol in WA is Getting a MAGNIFICENT Gelding!


WAYLON SPORT - SOLD Friesian WAYLON SPORT - Sold Grats to Beatrice & Family!!

Janna---Totally excited out of my mind!!! Yippieee!!! Loving my new boy. -Beatrice in Mill Valley


Klaas - SOLD Friesian Klaas - Sold Congrats to Richard in NY on this popular boy:)

Hi Janna: I never met a horse that would truly hug, but he does. My son can't wait until he gets tall enough for a hug, but Klaas does his best to lower his head to hug him too.Going with you was the best decision I could have made (my vet agreed too). I live in a heavily populated horse country with many trainers,managers etc with big opinions who all said, "don't do anything stupid. Let me know when your ready to buy and I'll hook you up." Mind you most never even met a friesian but yet they claimed they would hook me up.One of the few friesians in the area was Wibold and he was from you. I told them I don't know what makes them any better than someone in CA who eat, drink, and sleep friesians on a daily basis. I knew as soon as I found your web site that you were the one to go to when I was ready. It just felt right and my intuition has served me well all of my life. Here's a photo of Klaas with 2 of my 4 boys and 3 of his 5 goat companions.Thanks, Richard in NY


BRADEN - SOLD Friesian BRADEN - Sold Grats to Steve and Cindy in Wisc!

"Fantasy Friesian Finder" is really a great name because its EXACTLY what you do.  Of our 4 friesians, the last two we let you know what we wanted, and they arrived (like magic) on our doorstep! With Steve's schedule so hectic its easier to get a horse sight unseen from you because it saves us time and money. We dont have to leave work to try out horses because you have done it for us. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to share my life with these wonderful horses! They make my life so special. Warmly, Cindy in Wisc.
Update: Just wanted to give you a quick update from Wisconsin.  Hermes is the gift that keeps on giving. Cindy LOVES LOVES LOVES him. They spend hours together. One of the smartest most talented horses we have ever met. Cindy let him loose in the arena to play while she cleaned his stall and when she came back he had collected all of the orange cones and aligned them in a perfect straight line spaced out exactly the same distance apart for him to do the weaving game. Amazing. Braden- alias Barron is a giant sweetheart. He likes to lick everything so we call him the “big lick” after the movie the big sick. He is going to be a great addition to our family. He seemed huge at first, but after you get to know him you don’t notice his size ....all you see is his very sweet personality. Boo remains the amazing horse that he is. He is Cindy’s best friend. Just wanted to say thank you as the horses you have brought into our lives truly have changed Cindy’s life forever and we will be eternally grateful. And we love "Barron"! He is very kind and gentle.
Thank you again for all of your help and friendship to Cindy and myself-greatly appreciated. -Steven in Wisc


ALBERTO - SOLD Friesian ALBERTO - Sold Grats to Phyl in Virginia!

Alberto is doing amazing!! I LOVE him so much!!!  I trailered him to a new place today for his first "field trip", and he was perfect: walked right on the trailer and was a dream at this new place! Thanks!
Update: My horse is doing great! I sent him to an advanced driver last week to be evaluated (since I know nothing about driving). He gave me a lesson, and then he let me drive him for a bit, since he said he was very well trained and safe!! It was so fun! I would love to meet you some day; you have certainly changed my life with the amazing Friesian you found for me! Best wishes, -Phyl in Virginia


Kille - SOLD Friesian Kille - Sold Congrats to Nancy in Texas on this SPECIAL Boy!

Hi Janna,
His movement and conformation, far exceeded my expectations....remember - I hadn't even seen a video of him! But, true to your word, he has an excellent canter and his trot is elastic and suspended........he's exquisite!!!! ...
thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would NEVER have bought a horse untried, unseen, with no video footage, from ANYONE else.......but I put faith in your reputation (we have now 3 Friesians in our barn from YOU), and my faith in your reputation and expertise, was NOT unfounded! He is everything I dreamed of, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
6 months later......
Wow - you never cease to amaze me with how you keep in touch with everyone....just awesome. Kille continues to floor me with his attitude and his willingness to work for us. We went on a trip to Louisiana for a clinic with Dave Thind and I also had a local clinic with Jutta Heinsohn. I have to say - Kille is the most amazing horse - smart, funny, loving and willing. He is perfect for me.
Take care - and just so you know - every show that I groom for Jennifer at - I always tell them about my wonderful experience with YOU!

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know he continues to grow as an athlete, and his attitude is always willing. He is a quick learner and seems to love his dressage "job". He has been the perfect partner for me to get my confidence back with. Until I bought him I seriously contemplated giving up riding.
I rode Kille in MY first show in 17 years in Houston on June 15.....and we placed first in our class with a  68%!  Ok so it was only Intro Level - but I needed to get my feet wet after being out of the competition arena for so long :-)  He was awesome and extremely well behaved and the judge loved his gaits! I have a clinic this weekend with Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel.   For me to do a clinic like this takes a LOT of courage - but that is what Kille has given me back. Just wanted to let you know that he STILL exceeds my wildest dreams and hopes. 

Your honesty in pointing me in the right direction, to a horse with the correct temperament for me - has given me back the confidence I had lost for years.
  I am cantering around the arena like a maniac - and loving every second of it!

Hi Janna, We are now showing 3rd level and schooling all the 4th level movements as well as piaffe and passage. Believe it or not Kille has an AMAZING piaffe :-) Who knew???!!!! Kille continues to get positive remarks from the judges on his gaits. He is still the perfect horse for me. I hope that you are doing well. Thanks again.....With love and gratitude,

Nancy and Kille A. in TX


Records 1 to 10 of 683

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