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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Val SPORT - SOLD Friesian Val SPORT - Sold 2nd Friesian going to Tanja in Montana!


SETSE - SOLD Friesian SETSE - Sold Headed to Texas for Chet & Diane!

Setse is BEAUTIFUL. He is absolutely WONDERFUL. THANK YOU! -Chet and Diane in Houston


Robyn Ster & SPORT - SOLD Friesian Robyn Ster & SPORT - Sold Congrats to Gail!

Hi Janna, Robyn and I have been walking, trotting and cantering this week. He’s settling in perfectly and is an absolutely fabulous horse, in every way… thank you, thank you, thank you! We all absolutely love him!
What an amazing guy he is!
-Gail in Templeton, CA


Merje STER & SPORT - SOLD Friesian Merje STER & SPORT - Sold Grats to Diane in KY!!
Janna,Thank you so much for helping me to find my beautiful mare, Merje Fan Dijkmaniastate, our “Minke”. She is such an regal horse, great personality, so very sweet and absolutely incredible to ride. The process has gone very smoothly from US quarantine to the CEM quarantine in Rigby and finally home. The girls at Rigby were very helpful and great to work with. She has fit in perfectly with our other horses and they are currently showing her the ropes and gradually introducing her to all the different pastures. In April, we will get our second gift from Fairytale Friesian Finder, our foal from the stallion, Julius.
I have to admit, I was a bit nervous purchasing a horse sight unseen, but I had a confidence after talking to you that I had not had with other individuals. You take great pride in bringing back the best Friesians from the Netherlands and it shows in what you have produced. You have an expansive history with horses and certainly understand the breed.  If anyone has the same fears I have had, I would be more than happy to speak them personally, you are more than welcome to give them my contact info.  If I decide to purchase another Friesian in the future I wouldn’t hesitate contacting Fairytale Friesian Finders.
Thanks for everything Janna.  I hope my testimonial will give anyone else who is on the fence the courage to trust what they see.  I also hope to get to meet you someday in person, you have become an invaluable resource and friend. I owe so much thanks to you. 


Best, Diane


Cilla - SOLD Friesian Cilla - Sold Congrats to Cheryl in Minn!!!
Hi Janna, the first time I saw Cilla on the morning of the 9th (in quarantine), I was so struck with her beauty! You are right, the photos and videos just don’t’ do her justice. My husband came with me as well and we instantly fell in love with her! I’ve been spending the majority of my days with her for the last several days and I just love her personality too! She’s so inquisitive, she needs to know everything that is going on around her and she’s so very friendly. She just loves the cats and dogs in the barn too; it’s so sweet to watch her sniff them and follow them around. She’s everything that I could have ever hoped for! She’s getting all settled in and we are slowly introducing her to new things. She’ll have her first official training lesson this week, so I’m excited to learn more about how she thinks. Everyone at the barn just loves her! Thank you so much for your help and finding her for me! I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about her!
Thank you!!
Cheryl in Minn


Sjirk STER and SPORT - SOLD Friesian Sjirk STER and SPORT - Sold Congrats to Beth in GA!!


Eros BSF - SOLD Friesian Eros BSF - Sold Sold to Heather!

Janna-- You made everything SUPER smooth and the process SO easy!! Thought i would share a pic of our new boy from or Black Horse Farm Christmas card photo shoot! -Heather in WA


Martin STER - SOLD Friesian Martin STER - Sold 2nd friesian sold to Hannah in OR!


Evert D. STER - SOLD Friesian Evert D. STER - Sold This STER Gelding is Going to Mississippi!

Hi Janna,

It's been a month with Evert and he is everything I was looking for. Everyone is impressed with his good mind and willing personality. He is spoiled rotten. Thanks for everything. Please say hello to your great staff for me .

6 months later...
 Evert has been with me for six months and I couldn't have wished for more. He is turning out to be a great dressage partner for me.
Thanks again for Evert - you found me a great match!

I am the proud owner of Evert D. a wonderful 9 year old Friesian gelding I bought from you 3 years ago. He has done very well in dressage, even managing to go to Regional Championships for Training and First level last summer with my trainer. He came in 9th and 10th place in classes with over 35 horses. Thank you for finding me such a great horse!!!
Sumathira T. Sathanandan, M.D.,  in Miss


Sieberen - SOLD Friesian Sieberen - Sold Congrats to Michelle

I never thought I would buy a horse off of the internet, but I found your wonderful site and after thinking about purchasing from a private buyer that had no ‘reputation’ at stake; I decided to go with you.  Your website is impressive; there are so many testimonials, as well as wonderful descriptions, pictures and videos of the horses, which have proven to be invaluable. I saw Sieberen on your website and fell in love with his pictures and after talking to you about your time riding and handling him, I was convinced that he was the right horse for my me and my family.  I purchased him before he was imported and he was delivered from LAX (after his quarantine) directly to me in Northern California! Sieberen is the most wonderful boy ever!  He loves my kids and they are riding him more than I get too lately! I have taken him out on the trail, up in the mountains several times now (both by himself and with other horses) and he is just the easiest, best-mannered horse ever!  He is extremely smart and so loveable!  We just adore him and the entire family wants to get to the ranch every chance we get! Thanks so much for all of your help; and although we didn’t get to meet Sieberen before purchasing him, your input on the kind of horse he was…proved to be invaluable.  He is all you said and MORE!

Just wanted to let you know that Sieberen is a wonderful boy! We thought about re-naming him ‘Houdini’ since he got out of his halter twice in the trailer on the ride up from LA, but we still want to call him ‘Sigh’ since he takes our breath away! Although he was castrated only a few weeks ago, he is very good on the ground (he’s very aware of where I am while I lead him and he takes great care to be careful). My 3 year old daughter just adores him and the first time she touched him on the face he just froze and smelled her little hands with amazement. He watches my children and pays attention to where they are. I believe he will be a wonderful addition to our family. We are overjoyed to have him! Thanks for all of your help and your patience in letting me decide what was best for my family. Having two toddler children, you can certainly understand my concern in wanting to get an older, mature, fully trained lovely Friesian. He is my dream horse!
It was great to see you  at the Santa Barbara Horse Show! That was our first time at a horse show and we had a great time; who wouldn’t in beautiful Santa Barbara! Congratulations on all of the wins…Sieberen is doing great. My children get to be led around on Sieberen in the cool twilight hours. We really do love him; he has such a kind heart…Sieberen is a big black puppy dog! You do have the ‘best’ horses around! 

4 years later...
Wanted to let you know how happy we are with Sieberen. My children are riding him by themselves now (6 and 7 year olds). We all love his puppy-dog attitude and what a love his is! Thanks again for finding him.

We have had Sieberen for over 5 years now and I wanted to send you a note to let you know we still love him so. I wanted to let you know that Sieberen started modeling last year and has had three photo shoots with a few local fashion designers. I am attaching a few pictures...he is a fabulous model who could care less about the flashes and cameras. He poses like a statue! Thanks again for finding our beautiful, big-hearted boy; we love him so! -- Michelle


Records 1 to 10 of 734

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