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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Gabrielle STER - SOLD Friesian Gabrielle STER - Sold Congrats to one VERY Lucky New Owner!


Anastasia - SOLD Friesian Anastasia - Sold Grats to Bob, on a SUPER Mare!


TATE - SOLD Friesian TATE - Sold Headed to Ariz for Lynda!

Tate (now Raven) says hi! Sweet, sweet boy. Hoping to get up to cool Flagstaff within the next week or so, so will be sure to get some pictures. It's been horribly hot (110+) over here-but he's settled in easily. He's best buds with my Irish Draught gelding, so those two get turned out together; sort of funny to see the 20 year old teaching the youngster "the ropes" (like how to get gates to-maybe? Hopefully?- open, by pushing on them with one's nose... :-)


-Lynda in Arizona


Xander SPORT - SOLD Friesian Xander SPORT - Sold Congrats to Shirley in Canada!


Xander is all you said he was!!!! I’m sending you a pic of him with my friends daughter, it about says it all!
-Shirley in Canada


ROMAN - SOLD Friesian ROMAN - Sold Congrats to Rajeana in Utah!!

I am soooo excited!!!!  Thank You so much!!! You are the sweetest lady. I am blessed to have met you.  I am enjoying Roman so much !!! Thank you again. With love, Rajeana in Utah. 


NAMKE S. - SOLD Friesian NAMKE  S. - Sold Grats to Micha in CA!
Hello Janna, Just a quick note to thank you, once again, for our beautiful Friesian! Namke arrived beautiful and healthy and is absolutely stunning! For those of you out there, perhaps a little unsure about purchasing a horse from Fairytale Friesian Finder Service sight unseen, allow me to ease your mind...Janna is an absolute professional and cares about the horses so much, she, too wants you to be happy. So, let her guide you and get ready to be surprised! Not only, will your horse arrive absolutely beautiful, but the entire process is a well oiled machine! If everyone handled their business like she does, we would not have to have reviews at all :) Can’t wait to the baby to be born!! -Micha


ZIGGY - SOLD Friesian ZIGGY - Sold 2nd friesian going to Georgia for Lokesh!


VERDI - SOLD Friesian VERDI - Sold Grats to Delinda in TX

I’m over the moon excited about him! He is everything I had dreamed of! Im thinking of renaming him Magic, because he is magical! I always wanted a trick trained horse, even before I knew about Friesians. Now, I have a trick trained Friesian!! It’s been a great, smooth process! He’s beautiful, gentle and sweet. Everyone is so impressed with how calm he is. The entire process from when I first contacted you about Verdi thru having him transferred to the U.S. from Europe went very smoothly. Thank you for finding this magnificent horse for me. I look forward to many fun, joy filled years ahead with Verdi. -Delinda in Texas


MAURITS - SOLD Friesian MAURITS - Sold Headed to Fla for Cyndy!

Hi Janna! This is a photo of our first ride together. He is settling in very nicely & he is everything i hoped for and MORE! What a sweet guy!! I couldn't be more pleased with him. We are in love with each other & everyone at the barn loves him too. Thank you so VERY much for finding this super kind & loving, talented horse for me! I am over the moon for him!! - Cyndy in FLA


TALBOT - SOLD Friesian TALBOT - Sold BIG Congrats to Kelly in NY!!!

Omg!!!!! Thank you soooo much Janna!!!! Talbot arrived safely yesterday! He stepped off the trailer and settled in like he had lived there forever 😄 He is more than I could have imagined, not only is he beautiful to look at but more importantly he is so unbelievably sweet and easygoing! I am so in love already and just have to keep pinching myself that this black unicorn is really mine!! 🖤🦄 ❤️❤️❤️

-Kelly in Syracuse, NY


Records 1 to 10 of 691

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