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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Jelco STER - SOLD Friesian Jelco STER - Sold 2nd Friesian Goling to Val in Wyoming:)

Thanks for using your passion to help others. Awesome job selecting yet ANOTHER good thinking boy from Holland. You are a super talented lady and we're blessed that you use your powers for good!:)Thanks for being in my corner, you are a great representative for Friesians worldwide! We spend a ton of $ on these amazing creatures, how does Janna respond when things just aren’t quite right? Read on… While in my 30’s I was finally able to afford my first horse, yup you guessed it, it had to be a Friesian. I searched for 2 years to find my beloved Gouke and he inspired tons of folks in his 21yrs. Most people didn’t know my name but everyone seemed to know how to say “Gow-kah” in Dutch! Sadly we said goodbye to him with bone cancer about a month before Janna lost Black Sterling – her equally beloved equine ambassador. Grief for these magnificent animals is certainly a trial we endure in this world so I felt a kindred spirit when I reached out to Janna to find my next Friesian, Hannes. A total cut up, Hannes was an acrobat in the pasture and looking to climb all the snowbanks he could find. We were thrilled with this phenomenal athlete and blessed that he made his home with us. As horse owners know all too well, colic is the leading killer and after only two years this youngster had to be put down with a 360 degree twist of his large intestine and a ruptured stomach. Living in a remote area absolutely reminds you of the beauty of this country, however when emergency surgery is 5+hrs away sadly these tragedies happen. Two horses in two years made me question if I was supposed to ever have another Friesian. I never thought I’d EVER have a Ster Gelding in my wildest dreams, EVER. But after my ‘sister’ fell in love with a Friesian (from Janna) that we were considering for me, I knew Janna would be up for the task to help unite me with my new family member. She found us a brilliant Ster Gelding, even a half bother to her famed Ate! A sane thinker, great dressage foundation and super engaged for hitting the trails. I was blown away and super excited with this honey coming from Holland! Once here in the US we discovered this incredible boy also came with an undisclosed health surprise; he has sarcoids (skin tumors). Crushed, I immediately reached out to discuss with Janna and she stepped up into the situation, counseled me on her experiences over the years and provided options. She also reached out to the farm on my behalf to see if they were even aware of my Ster Gelding’s health issues. We agreed that I would keep my Jelco Ster and I would work with my team of Veterinarians here locally and at Colorado State University to treat his sarcoids. After a few successful excisions in different areas of his body, he is doing even better than the Vets expected; and his body has been effectively fighting back against these viral skin tumors with no additional ones developing. What a huge blessing! Our road wasn’t what I anticipated after taking a chance with my third Friesian; it was even better! Our journey far exceeded my expectations thanks to businesswomen like Janna Weir. She cares enough to be fully engaged with her placement of EVERY horse with EVERY family, ALWAYS. - Val M., WY


Mauro fan 't Wegje - SOLD Friesian Mauro fan 't Wegje - Sold Grats to Susan in Fla on her 3rd Friesian

I want to do arena work, some dressage, trail ride and just stay legged up and enjoy a horse. Naturally, my mind turned to the Friesian and I visited your site.......Very excited about Mauro.  He looks like just the ticket for me!  I'm overjoyed to have another Friesian buddy! Sensible one at that. Very excited to have a partner to groom, bond with, play with and stay legged up upon!!! Thank you, Janna, for bringing three amazing Friesians into my life.:) Mauro is positively gorgeous! My new best Friesian friend, Mauro, has arrived on American soil... and is right here in Naples, FLorida now!-Susan


Gable - SOLD Friesian Gable - Sold Grats to Cecilia in Rome, Italy!!!

Thank you very much Janna and I am very happy! Oh I am so happy! Thank thank thank you!! I will send you pictures with me and Gable on our road, the Appian way which is the most ancient road in the world, full of ancient Roman ruins.  My husband and I are really happy , he actually recognizes us as mom and dad now.  Thank you again! Warm regards, -Cecilia in Rome, Italy


CASPIAN - SOLD Friesian CASPIAN - Sold Headed to GA for Brenda!

YAY!!! Caspian is all mine.  I am not a crier but I just know I am going to cry when I see him because I am so happy. AHHHHH I am so excited. He is a beauty!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Update: Finally met my boy. I’m in love. He is just what I dreamed of. Thank you!!!!!-Brenda in Atlanta


Dolce BSF - SOLD Friesian Dolce BSF - Sold Congrats to our friend, Alice in Mill Valley, and dressage trainer, Kristen Aggers in Sonoma County, on their 2nd Friesian From Us---we are SO excited for you!!!

Janna- As you know, it’s hard to get over the sudden loss of a loved one. For me to replace my beloved Friesian “Tieske”, was rough, but you managed to bring me the most amazing forever Friesian “Dolce”. Needless to say we have bonded and I LOVE him so much! Thank you, for all you do, to find quality Friesians in the Netherlands for all of us! Dolce is special. We imported him at 6 and now is 7. Just finished competing in his first year in Dressage. You would be so proud, under the teaching of Kristen Aggers, he had a fantastic year. We started at Training Level, last January and by March he was competing at First Level. I’ve been to lots of horse shows, with Kristen competing, but this was the first year owning a horse, traveling, long days of caring and grooming. It was such fun and so worth it…the best therapy that money can buy!!!! You should be proud of this Friesian. He is the barn favorite of trainer Kristen Aggers, for his talent and willingness to learn. Everyone is amazed that the Friesian, in the barn, is taking on the Dressage world, with ALL the Warmbloods. I was pretty surprised too. He is a baby, and while I can’t ride him like Kristen can, he allows me to make mistakes and learn. Always a happy attitude. He nickers when I arrive at the barn, to walk him from his paddock and ride.You might have seen the posts on Facebook after the USDF Region 7 CDS 50th Championship Show in Rancho Murieta. Kristen Aggers competed on her own horse “Bella” and finished FIRST in both CDS Second Level 2 Open and USDF Open Second Level. But it gets better, because Kristen was equally proud of how Dolce performed in his finals. Besides winning the 2017 CDS Championships High Score from FHANA, Dolce finished top 10 (and it was a big group) CDS First Level Open and 7th USDF Open First Level. We could not be happier and are looking forward to what comes next. Thank you for bringing me my BELOVED “Dolce”. I just love my horse . Dreams do come true. -Alice Behray


Jitze SPORT - SOLD Friesian Jitze SPORT - Sold Headed to NC for Jodi:)

Hi Janna- Jitze is stunning! He is settling in well and we are working with him everyday.He is very affectionate. Thank you so much!! -Jodi in NC


WINDSOR STER - SOLD Friesian WINDSOR STER - Sold 2nd Friesian to SD for August

MANY THANKS. I’M SO EXCITED. IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT FOR ME WITH BOTH ORION (HIS FLASHY MOVEMENT!) and WINDSOR (I LOVE TALL MARES!). OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you again for all - great horses, and great information! You have amazing taste in horses! I expect Orion will probably be our new BlackAsKnight model…but who knows - it might be Windsor, the baby or all THREE! YOU have the most brilliant taste in horses ever.Windsor is the sweetest thing we have ever met - drop dead gorgeous, and lovely mover. THANK YOU so much for this forever horse. Super sweet and so gorgeous I can’t believe she wasn’t a show horse. Once again, your taste in horses is proving to be phenomenal. I’m the happiest person alive. My daughter and I are both madly in love and she is just relishing all the attention. -August in South Dakota


Nicolai STER - SOLD Friesian Nicolai STER - Sold Headed to TX for Teresa!

I'm still not believing after all these years I am a friesian owner. OMG 😲 I am getting so excited… thank you or going the extra steps with him.  Thank you again for all your help and thank you for doing what you do so that people like me can have a chance to own one of these special magnificent horses. Thank you soooo much!


Ive been waiting many years for this to happen :):)

-Teresa in Texas


Orion BSF - SOLD Friesian Orion BSF - Sold August in SD is a LUCKY LADY!

The amazing and wonderful Janna---- Thank you all for helping me to get the most beautiful horse in the world. He is gorgeous, healthy, calm and kind! I’m the happiest woman on earth. You are so fabulously helpful you are making “importing” doable when I thought I would never import again. There is no freaking way you have a competitor. You are so good at responding and taking care of details, I feel like you are a lifelong friend as well as supplier of the most beautiful horses on earth. Thanks again for the beautiful horses and all your great help. You are simply the BEST! You rock! Thank you, again, for all. -August in SD


RIO - SOLD Friesian RIO - Sold Grats to Jose!

Thank you SO MUCH for walking me through the process of purchasing my stallion sight unseen from Europe, and taking my hundreds of phone calls,  holding my hand through the quarantine process, sending me pictures of you riding my beautiful stallion on the beach in Holland after i purchased him, and continuing to stay in touch with me and helping me with every little detail, including sending me the bridle you rode him in!  I cannot thank you enough for this special stallion, and i promise, Rio and i will keep in touch with you!!

I recommend to anyone looking for a REAL fairytale friesian, contact Janna at Blacksterlingfriesians.com....  she has the BEST, and has been in business the longest!
-Jose in Brentwood


Records 1 to 10 of 672

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