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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Stennis - SOLD Friesian Stennis - Sold Grats to Natalie!!!

Janna, I do want to thank you so much for your patience with me throughout this process. I know you probably deal with all sorts of people and so do I in my field but it's been a pleasure!!!




Sil STER BSF - SOLD Friesian Sil STER BSF - Sold Congrats to Jan in Canada!


Gabrielle STER - SOLD Friesian Gabrielle STER - Sold Congrats to Annette-ANOTHER one !

I am so excited!!   My daughter, granddaughter and I are squeelling like little girls with the news. Thank you again!!


Tjitze - SOLD Friesian Tjitze - Sold Congrats to Deborah in Santa Cruz!

We sure love TJ----he’s quite a personality. 
Loves to romp and play in his field. Getting along well with Lancelot. Thank you, I’m so in love!!! That western saddle is beautiful, thank you!
Deborah in Santa Cruz


Ulrik SPORT - SOLD Friesian Ulrik SPORT - Sold Headed to Ray in Ohio!


Thalita - SOLD Friesian Thalita - Sold Another Mare to Annette!!:)

The girls have settled in well and I'm really enjoying them and their wonderful personalities! -Annette


Lancelot SPORT - SOLD Friesian Lancelot SPORT - Sold Grats to Melinda in Wisc


JACK BLACK STER - SOLD Friesian JACK BLACK STER - Sold Congrats to Kristin in KY!!

Janna--I am i love!!! He is so sweet and a very classy guy!! He is great! Jack Black is gorgeous and knows it, always posing!! Here he is with me...sooooo handsome!! -kristen in KY


LYDIA BSF - SOLD Friesian LYDIA BSF - Sold Another Mare to Annette!!:)


NAMKE S. - SOLD Friesian NAMKE  S. - Sold Grats to Micha in CA!
Hello Janna, Just a quick note to thank you, once again, for our beautiful Friesian! Namke arrived beautiful and healthy and is absolutely stunning! She is sweeter than described, and the perfect match for the kids. Thank you Janna!! For those of you out there, perhaps a little unsure about purchasing a horse from Fairytale Friesian Finder Service sight unseen, allow me to ease your mind...Janna is an absolute professional and cares about the horses so much, she, too wants you to be happy. So, let her guide you and get ready to be surprised! Not only, will your horse arrive absolutely beautiful, but the entire process is a well oiled machine! If everyone handled their business like she does, we would not have to have reviews at all :) Can’t wait to the baby to be born!! -Micha


Records 11 to 20 of 708

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