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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Kai SPORT - SOLD Friesian Kai SPORT - Sold CONGRATS to Steve in MI!!

We love making Friesian dreams come true!  “Janna. I can’t tell you how much i appreciate this boy Kai. I just love him to death. As you may know I call him Brink as there is a kya at our barn.  He is the sweetest boy. Very responsive to the leg and wanting to please.  I truly love this boy. Very  affectionate and interactive. Thanks again for all of your help!”


-Steve in Holland, Michigan


MAX BSF - SOLD Friesian MAX BSF - Sold Grats to Melody in Calgary:)

Hi Janna, 

Max has arrived on the second coldest day of the year!  But he was a trooper, once we got the blanket on he went to check out the new digs. 

Love him, he is wonderful!

Thanks for everything Janna!!

Hi Janna, Max and I out on our very first trail ride together. He was a rock star, going through heavy bush and really swampy areas, all maintaining his cool, and thinking through things. Love this boy!!!
-Max and Melody in Alberta Canada


CHANEL SPORT - SOLD Friesian CHANEL SPORT - Sold Congrats Madison in Manhattan Beach

Thank you so much Janna!!! I am over the top excited to bring this special boy home!!! He is already so loved. The feed recommendation and connecting me with the insurance agent is also very helpful.  Thank you for making this process so seamless! You have to come visit!!! You're the best, Janna!


Update From Madison, Chanel’s new mommy... IM OVER THE MOON!!!! Thank you so much Janna!!! He is truly a DREAM come true in every sense of the phrase. He is the biggest snuggle bug and has such a sweet, intelligent, present and gentle disposition. I’m loving each day with him and so excited for all of the memories to come with this special boy β€οΈπŸ¦„My cheeks are already soar from smiling. He is above and beyond my wildest dreams and more extraordinary than any picture can capture. Thank you thank you thank you so much Janna, and team for all of your amazing work making this happen and getting this boy here safe and sound! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to share it with this dream boy! He’s such a cuddler! He was only just gelded three weeks ago and is unbelievably sweet, present and gentle minded. 

- Madison in Manhattan Beach πŸ˜πŸ¦„❀️


Atticus STER - SOLD Friesian Atticus STER - Sold Congrats to Jerry in NY!

Thank you for being a straight forward business person, and easy to work with!


We love him!    Thanks Janna😍😍😍 


-Jerry and Susan in  NY


APOLLO SPORT - SOLD Friesian APOLLO SPORT - Sold Congrats to Megan in Ariz!!

Thanks Janna,


He is totally sweet, we bond more every day.


He's a lover!


Thank you for being my resource!!!  



-Megan in Sedona


Wellesley STER & SPORT - SOLD Friesian Wellesley STER & SPORT  - Sold Grats to Cindy in MI!


PRADA BSF - SOLD Friesian PRADA BSF - Sold Congrats to Marlene---On a fabulous new dressage horse!!!

I just want to share with you and anyone who wants to buy a quality Friesian, without having to worry about honesty and integrity. I have been following your web site for years and have admired your beautiful Friesians offered for sale. I recently lost my 4th level Friesian to a very unusual adrenal tumor that invaded a large blood vessel. Rode that morning and gone that night. Of course I was devastated. After a month of grieving and coming to terms with my loss, I started to horse shop. I found a site called "friesian______"  that advertised quality horses from Europe and they were all about integrity and honesty, reputation, etc. It reminded me of Janna's site. I found a horse in my price range and inquired. This particular horse was already sold and I was redirected to another one that was made to sound perfect for me. A horse I could continue to do dressage with. I was assured he was very sound. No xrays done. After consulting with my trainer, I was advised to get xrays before I committed to purchase. Long story short, the horse turned out to have significant issues with his right front foot and would not be suitable for anything but light work. I called Cheryl  and sent a full report of xrays that cost me over $800. The response was ‘IM SORRY”. No offer to reimburse any of my money. What topped it off was this horse continued to be advertised as a dressage prospect. Following this near miss I went on Janna's site and fell in love with the most beautiful horse I have ever seen.

Janna has been stellar and made the purchase of this gorgeous guy seem easy. You can count on her for honesty, integrity and standing behind what she says.

It is a swamp out there, purchasing horses, and with Janna, you have no worries.

Update....my new boy arrived late last nite.What a beautiful sweet friendly horse that acts like he has been here all his life. Amazing character and attitude. Vet saw him today and got glowing report. Comment "well taken care of". You rock Janna ! Made This Overseas Purchase So easy!! Thank you!!!!! What a wow factor he gets from everyone! New nick name is Fabio! -Marlene in Las Vegas


WHARTON - SOLD Friesian WHARTON - Sold Congrats to Lindsey in Virginia!



He's a love goober!


He's settling in nicely and so personable.


 Thank you again!


-Lindsey in Virginia 


Okido - SOLD Friesian Okido - Sold Grats to Carol on her special new partner for dressage:)!

Wow! He's so gorgeous! I'm so happy. Thank you so much!  What a holiday gift!

Many thanks to Janna Weir at Black Sterling Friesians for her hard work in our search. I had my vet come out and check Okido today, and she is in love with him. I am too. I think that we will do great things together.

Thank you so much, Janna!

-Carol in So Cal

P.S. Thanks so much for finding such a magnificent creature for me to love! He has much inner strength and a calm nature. Pretty amazing.


Wille - SOLD Friesian Wille - Sold Grats to Kathryn in Colorado!


Not only is Wille my "dream come true, but also for my "granddaughter". Her name is Ella, she is 14 yrs. old daughter of my oldest son. She has been in/out of numerous treatment centers for the past 3 yrs. We lost our youngest son, Logan 13 yrs ago. 

Anyway, Wille not only my "dream/therapy" horse come true, but I have offered my granddaughter to own 1/2 of the foal if she can work thru healing herself. 

So, its more than just my DREAM come true, but for my granddaughter too, will be priceless. 

Thank YOU for all your patience with me!!! Its amazing how fate happens & Wille is priceless to me & the family. THANK YOU again Janna for all your cooperation, patience w/ me for the purchase of Wille!!!!! I have had this on my bucket list &  now my dream came true!!!!!   And she is just the LOVE of my life.

YOU have been the BEST! 

-Kathryn in CO


Records 11 to 20 of 720

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