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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Barton - SOLD Friesian Barton - Sold Cristine Has a New Partner for Life!
I do absolutely adore my big Chocolate Bunny.  He is really a sweet treasure. I decided that his true name..." HARKOS"  has a kind of dignity and substance to it.  I can just read my name and his, in print, winning some sort of horsey award or some such..grin.  "Cristine Varney and Harkos, found at last, enjoying themselves off the course exploring a sunlit meadow with wildflowers"..or something like that..smile. 
I must confess, finally seeing Black Sterling Friesians in person was really cool.  I have been looking at your website for so long.  Speaking of which...you have some lovely new beauties offered for sale!  You didn't oversell how sweet and friendly he is...Such a huge, big-footed chocolate bunny.  I guess I say bunny because his nose and mouth are so soft and velvety.  Friendship and much goodwill,



Celvin - SOLD Friesian Celvin - Sold

"Janna...Thank you....I LOVE him!! YOU are phenomenal, and so is the horse!!" .... Thank you to Janna and Fairytale Friesian Finder Service for our most recent addition to our Chicagoland based barn, Celvin! He is absolutely every bit the doll Janna said he would be and more! My husband and I literally purchased him on a whim, sight unseen, to replace my horse that recently passed. I truly thought there was no horse able to fill the hole in my heart and to my surprise...Celvin has captured me!! He is honest, patient, aims to please, a dedicated worker, and, in just 3 weeks...we have already bonded and are communicating. Janna's correspondence was spot on. He is just as magical, delightful and smart as she said he was, and we are all so thrilled to have him in our barn! My husband's grandkids have even gotten a chance to ride him! He is so noble and we are so proud, we are calling him "The Duke of Celvin". I would recommend Janna and Fairytale Friesian Finder Service to anyone looking for a Friesian in a heartbeat! Thank you, again!! Dr Michele Marano - The M Club Chicago


Tobin - SOLD Friesian Tobin - Sold Grats to Sue in Fla!!!

What a superstar, thank you!

Can’t wait for him to come home.  


I had the privilege of trying my boy in the Netherlands prior to buying him.  I received lots of support and encouragement from Janna and Wendy, I told them exactly what I needed to build back up my confidence and they delivered, nothing was too much trouble.  This morning he arrived, thank you Nicole,Janna and Wendy for the hand holding.  I just keep staring at him, I can’t believe he is mine.  He is a dream come true. My new trainer thinks I struck gold!


If you want a want a quality Friesian, look no further than Fairytale Friesians.


Susan in Fla


VOIT - SOLD Friesian VOIT  - Sold Happy Anniversary to Rhonda in MI!!
Janna, I wanted to reach out to you just to say THANK YOU! Voit and Valiant are absolutely awesome boys! Your description of their breathtaking appearance and their mild and very willing temperament were spot on. Your help in finding the right horses and helping make the day a surprise for my wife was absolutely the best. You were very instrumental in making mine and Rhonda's anniversary a VERY special day. From our initial contact to the driver that brought our boys home, everyone involved was fantastic!
Again, thank you to YOU, and all of your support people that were involved in this transaction to ensure the safe travels of our new family members! They already have a very special place in our hearts.
All the best, Mark in Michigan


VALIANT BSF - SOLD Friesian VALIANT BSF - Sold 2nd friesian sold to Mark in MI!

Thank you for the tack.   The boys are doing awesome!   A lot of fun. Both boys are smart!!

They come running to my whistle.

We are going to load them in the trailer this weekend for some trail riding. They are so curious!!

They talk to us when we come out of the house.  Fun stuff!! Thank you,

-Mark in Michigan


Thank you,  Voit and Wiebe are WONDERFUL!!! 
Voit has a sweet tooth; he loves peppermints and sugar cubes.  Weibe was not interested in peppermints but he loves sugar cubes.  After a day of peppermints and sugar cubes we started giving them peppermint flavored protein treats and they both love the protein treats! 

We plan to take the boys to our cabin up north; we have a lot of trails to ride there.  

Thank you so much!
-Rhonda in Michigan


Onyx BSF - SOLD Friesian Onyx BSF - Sold Grats to Paul in Calif!


SVEN SPORT - SOLD Friesian SVEN SPORT - Sold Grats to Christine in Virginia!!!



Thank you so much  for your help, kindness and your patience with us. We are super happy to have a new friesian in our family. Sven went straight from the Netherlands, to us. He’s very very special. Anyone can see that! In fairytales, i always dreamed of getting the horse, NOT the prince, Sven goes beyond anything i had dreamed of!!! I love him so much already! He is a sweetheart! I bonded with him right away--it’s very hard for me to leave him.. I spend 4 hours with him daily! He is REALLY magnificent and so sweet to groom. Everybody that meets him is falling for him. And he’s a very fast learner! I am amazed how much he likes to see me! He stays with me in the paddock. He is super sweet.THANK YOU!!! -Christine"


Christine and Micke in Fairfax, Virginia


TARIQ - SOLD Friesian TARIQ - Sold Headed to Beartooth Ranch in Montana!

Thank You! I'm so excited! I'm going to board him at the Beartooth Ranch. It used to be owned by Mel Gibson. 

THANK YOU!!!! I love him! I've had a very challenging last couple years full of heartbreak and I think Tariq is going to help heal my ♥️! 

Update:  Oh my gosh! I love him! I took him on a 13 mile poker ride Sunday. It was so cold like 35 degrees with crazy high winds and he did amazing!! He is a real attention getter! I love the dressage saddle!  I'm just so pleased! 


When I decided that I was ready to purchase my dream horse, I knew he would be a Friesian. I spent several months looking at horses online and even traveled to see a couple in person. When I found Tariq on the Fairytale Friesian website, I just knew he was the one for me. Janna was so easy to work with, making the whole process run smoothly. She even offered me other Friesians to consider before letting me make my decision final. Tariq has been nothing short of amazing for me. When it comes time for me to purchase another Friesian, I will be looking for Janna Weir! THANK YOU!


-Tanya in Billings, Montana


YENTE - SOLD Friesian YENTE - Sold Headed to Texas for Michelle!

I am head over heels in love!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

.....He is beautiful!

Love this horse!

Thank you so much again Janna:)!


-Michelle in Texas


Kai SPORT - SOLD Friesian Kai SPORT - Sold CONGRATS to Steve in MI!!

We love making Friesian dreams come true!  “Janna. I can’t tell you how much i appreciate this boy Kai. I just love him to death. As you may know I call him Brink as there is a kya at our barn.  He is the sweetest boy. Very responsive to the leg and wanting to please.  I truly love this boy. Very  affectionate and interactive. Thanks again for all of your help!”


-Steve in Holland, Michigan


Records 11 to 20 of 727

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