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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Mike - SOLD Friesian Mike - Sold Grats to Heather in MD!

Hi Janna!

This is Linda Homco from Ithaca, NY...the happy owner of Mike for the past year (the Easter Bunny delivered him at 4 a..m. on Easter Sunday 2010 and his 7th birthday happened to fall on Easter Sunday 2011!). He’s such a sweet guy and doing well.



Hi Janna, i thought you might like to hear how a friesian you imported 9 years ago is doing. Mike is
 amazing! Love him! He’s 15 now:) I am sooo lucky to be his new owner!!:):)-Heather in MD.


Harkos - SOLD Friesian Harkos - Sold Congrats to Susan in Oregon on Her New Gelding:)

Thank you Janna,
Thanks again for everything, you have made this a very painless process for me. I must say when I told the ladies this morning that I had purchased a Friesian, the very first thing they asked was, "Did you buy him from Black Sterling?" When I said yes, she said she had one of yours..."Harm"? She said she totally LOVES him.
I can't believe how beautiful he is!!! He arrived safe and sound and came off of the truck like a true gentleman. I put him out in one of the turn out pastures this morning and everyone at the barn can't believe how awesome he is.... my barn owner said that he has 'dibs' on him for Halloween, when I looked puzzled at him he said that he just HAD to be Zorro! Harkos is settling in and is such a nice boy and we have had such a good time getting to know each other. ..... thank you, thank you, thank you.

Update.... Harkos is so stunning to look at and I am very happy to report at his very first dressage show last weekend he was entered into 4 Intro classes and took 1 first place (70%) and 3 second place ribbons (65.5%, 66% & 67%) I was very pleased with his performance He is like riding a big soft couch he has a lovely rocking horse canter! 
I am always watching your website and drooling at your fabulous friesians for sale. I have attached a photo from his last show.  This time we entered him into Training Level 1 & 2 he scored between 61.57 and a 63.75 taking home two second place ribbons and a third place ribbon, not too bad for his second show!  Everyone at the show was drooling over his beautiful presence, he is such the charmer!   

Susan in Oregon


OEDSE BSF - SOLD Friesian OEDSE BSF  - Sold Isabella Is One LUCKY Gal!

Hi Janna,

Isabella absolutely adores him! 

He's so cute and sweet. 

They are a perfect match. 

-Hannah in Oregon


TALING BSF - SOLD Friesian TALING BSF - Sold CONGRATS to Gerry in Anaheim!!

Hi Janna,
Taling is doing terrific. He is an amazing boy. And we are looking to get another one from you in the near future!


This SUPER sweet friesian gelding we imported and sold 4 years ago, helped bring this amazingly successful dressage partnership together (see article in Riding Magazine)...like many of our clients, Gerry's path back to horses began with identifying the Friesian as an ideal type for him. “I read about their nature and strengths and they seem to be very solid horses, calm in nature and not delicate in body or mind, to the point where I’m not easily going to be able to screw him up,” he laughs gently. “I thought it would be a forgiving horse and a great type for me to learn with.” Our 9 yr old friesian,Taling’s, clear talent for dressage triggered the happily fateful partnership with olympic hopeful, Sarah Lockman, that began a dressage odyssey our friesian customer is fully enjoying. Sarah, an FEI dressage trainer and rider, didn’t hang up when a total stranger who knew nothing about the discipline called to ask if she would take on his new Friesian. She said yes to giving it a whirl and fast-forward a few years... Sarah and that Friesian, Taling Van De Oostwal, earned a 73 percent at Prix St. Georges. Sarah is now competing our friesian, Taling, Intermediare 1!


-Gerry in So Cal


Jillis STER - SOLD Friesian Jillis STER  - Sold Sold to FLA

Where do I start? Well first off, I was very nervous about buying a horse that I had only seen on the internet. I didn't even want to call you because his picture was so gorgeous, and I knew that by just talking to you I would fall in love with him. After speaking with you, my mind was put at ease. You are so knowledgeable about the breed. You answered all my questions, and more. During the whole buying and shipping process everything went exactly how you said it would. You were always available to answer all my phone calls, and suppress any worries that I had!!! Because of your experience and honesty I knew exactly what to expect. People told me I was crazy buying a horse sight unseen, but I felt that I could totally trust you. Jillis is incredible, I couldn't dream a better horse. Everyone at my barn adores him, he draws you in with his sweet personality. I am really glad that I bought Jillis through you and appreciate the fact that you are still available for my questions. It is wonderful to have such an awsome contact! I can't say it enough, what a great experience it was to buy Jillis through you. YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

- Natasha, happy customer in Florida


Ealowna - SOLD Friesian Ealowna - Sold Congrats to Pat in Ky, owner of Bob Hubbard Horse Transport!!

As for my experience, buying a Friesian from Janna .... I have recommended you to numerous people! Both mares were exactly what you had described to me over the phone.  Both were of the quality you said they were and both had the temperaments you described.  I'm extremely happy with the mare I chose.  Should I decide to add a 5th Friesian to my barn ( and we all know how that happens), I would contact Janna and feel I didn't need to go anywhere else. It's nice to know buying a horse can still be a pleasant experience.

I have to say the mare is far more then I could have hoped for. Somebody put a lot of time into this horse and it really paid off. Even my vet said she's the most well mannered mare he's ever dealt with. HAVEN'T FOUND ANYTHING SHE ISN'T WILLING TO DO YET. NEXT WEEK WE'RE HEADING FOR THE BEACH FOR A RIDE. THE FOAL IS DOING VERY WELL AND HAS A PERSONALITY VERY SIMILAR TO MY CHOCOLATE LAB. SHE REALLY IS A POCKET PONY.

-Pat Hubbard
, Owner of Bob Hubbard Horse Transport


Warner - SOLD Friesian Warner - Sold Congrats Maren!!!

Warner (renamed Sultaan) went straight from the Netherlands, to Maren in Calif:


"I believe Sultaan and I were truly meant for each other. I love him very much❤️I’ve attached a quick picture of the two of us.


Barton - SOLD Friesian Barton - Sold Cristine Has a New Partner for Life!
I do absolutely adore my big Chocolate Bunny.  He is really a sweet treasure. I decided that his true name..." HARKOS"  has a kind of dignity and substance to it.  I can just read my name and his, in print, winning some sort of horsey award or some such..grin.  "Cristine Varney and Harkos, found at last, enjoying themselves off the course exploring a sunlit meadow with wildflowers"..or something like that..smile. 
I must confess, finally seeing Black Sterling Friesians in person was really cool.  I have been looking at your website for so long.  Speaking of which...you have some lovely new beauties offered for sale!  You didn't oversell how sweet and friendly he is...Such a huge, big-footed chocolate bunny.  I guess I say bunny because his nose and mouth are so soft and velvety.  Friendship and much goodwill,



Celvin - SOLD Friesian Celvin - Sold

"Janna...Thank you....I LOVE him!! YOU are phenomenal, and so is the horse!!" .... Thank you to Janna and Fairytale Friesian Finder Service for our most recent addition to our Chicagoland based barn, Celvin! He is absolutely every bit the doll Janna said he would be and more! My husband and I literally purchased him on a whim, sight unseen, to replace my horse that recently passed. I truly thought there was no horse able to fill the hole in my heart and to my surprise...Celvin has captured me!! He is honest, patient, aims to please, a dedicated worker, and, in just 3 weeks...we have already bonded and are communicating. Janna's correspondence was spot on. He is just as magical, delightful and smart as she said he was, and we are all so thrilled to have him in our barn! My husband's grandkids have even gotten a chance to ride him! He is so noble and we are so proud, we are calling him "The Duke of Celvin". I would recommend Janna and Fairytale Friesian Finder Service to anyone looking for a Friesian in a heartbeat! Thank you, again!! Dr Michele Marano - The M Club Chicago


Tobin - SOLD Friesian Tobin - Sold Grats to Sue in Fla!!!

What a superstar, thank you!

Can’t wait for him to come home.  


I had the privilege of trying my boy in the Netherlands prior to buying him.  I received lots of support and encouragement from Janna and Wendy, I told them exactly what I needed to build back up my confidence and they delivered, nothing was too much trouble.  This morning he arrived, thank you Nicole,Janna and Wendy for the hand holding.  I just keep staring at him, I can’t believe he is mine.  He is a dream come true. My new trainer thinks I struck gold!


If you want a want a quality Friesian, look no further than Fairytale Friesians.


Susan in Fla


Records 11 to 20 of 734

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