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Many of these photos are of our happy customers with their new friesians!
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Wybe - SOLD Friesian Wybe - Sold

I hope you remember us Dr. Michael and Gigi Downs. We would like to tell you how much we love Wybe our gelding we bought from you. Wybe has been in full training for almost two years now and he is wonderful. His form is stunning his trot and canter are smooth and fluid !
Gigi in So. CA!!

Hi Janna, My name is Marti and I am the happy new owner of "Wybe". I hope you remember him. He was imported about 4-5 years ago through you for a woman named Gigi, (well actually for her husband Mike). I have since then purchased him and first of all just wanted you to know how amazing he is and how happy I am to have him!! Yes, he is looking wonderful and LOVING his new job and we would love to start showing him!! He is extremely kind and bright and seems to really take to the technical work of dressage, as long as he gets to strech out for a nice gallop up in the hills every now and then...!
With Sincere Thanks,

Just wanted to tell you again how EXTRAORDINARY this horse is. My 11 year old daughter will also be showing him!! He's the most gentle and sweet horse and so willing to work and please! A true gem!! We are so happy you found him and brought him here!

Wybe aka Saxon , is with the love of his life Alisa. I can't tell you what a connection they have and how he has blossomed! You would be so proud. He is being trained and shown dressage and is winning EVERYTHING!
I am kind of ashamed to say but I cry watching him go in alone and perform for the judges , like he is my own born child! Can anyone say Menopause?lol so handsome and muscular he is like a stud horse . He is really everything you said in desire for pleasing his rider and his extreme kindness. What a guy and Alisa is thrilled to finally have bought him after being his exerciser for so long. Love ,Gigi


Raven - SOLD Friesian Raven - Sold Congrats to Jerianne

I am so excited I can't stand it!! Thank You for helping a dream become a reality!!
Jerrianne, Bob and Grace in Calif


Wilko - SOLD Friesian Wilko - Sold Sold to minn

My wife and I started riding dressage about three years ago, but had never owned a horse. After seeing Friesians at the local Horse Expo, we knew that this was the breed we wanted to own. We wanted to buy a Friesian locally that was already trained, but this proved to be impossible. So, I started to do some research on the internet and came upon Janna's website. I was immediately impressed by the beautiful Freisians she had for sale. The fact that the horses were already trained was a huge plus for us. Naturally, never having owned a horse before, and then buying one over the internet was a bit scary for us at first. I booked a flight out to San Francisco to meet Janna, Ron, and Wilko. Janna and Ron could not have been nicer to me. And, of course, Wilko was everything they promised. He is not only a stunning looking horse, but he is also extremely gentle - especially for a four-year old. My wife and I have two small children, so it was very important for us to have a horse with a gentle temperament. He is absolutely wonderful with our kids. We are looking forward to many happy years together!

happy customer in Minnesota


Warner d - SOLD Friesian Warner d - Sold Sold to Texas

I can't tell you how much I love Warner D.!! He is exactly as you said through our emailing letters and as you had listed on your web site. He was no problem in transporting from California to Texas.Everyday I just can't believe how incredible he is, both with his personality and his elastic movement. I'm sure that we'll be tough act to follow at the Dressage shows!! My trainer loves him too. She loves his willingness, gentleness and she especially loves his mind. I can't thank you enough for listening to what I was looking for and for pointing me toward Warner D. Not all sellers are as honest as you are and I just want to thank you soooo much for finding this fabulous horse for me. I have already recommended you to my friends!
Sally in Plano, Texas

Hi Janna,
I am so excited to hear today that Jennifer is buying Gauke! Warner will be happy too when I tell him tomorrow . I refer so many people to your site after they comment on how wonderful Warner is. He’s the favorite in the barn and he opened the way for Jennifer and others to see how fabulous Friesians are. I’ve mentioned before that your website is really perfect in the way you explain about each horse and have plenty of pictures to show. This really makes a difference compared to other websites selling horses. So, I just wanted to say Hi and I can’t wait to see Gauke come to our barn! Take care,
Sally in Texas


Kobus - SOLD Friesian Kobus - Sold Sold to IA

""When I started looking for my Friesian I knew I wanted a horse that was safe for a beginning rider. When I saw your ad for Kobus he sounded like exactly the right horse for me. He was old enough to be well trained, beautiful, and very lovable. We had my Sister-In-Law take the time to come down and ride him. She called with the news that he was everything you promised and more. We purchased Kobus site unseen. I had to wait two long weeks to get to meet him in person. When I got there you made me feel so welcome that I hated to leave. My experience in purchasing Kobus was absolutely memorable! He is my gentle giant puppy dog and we are learning dressage together. I would recommend a Friesian to anyone and recommend that they call you first!
Chris Gill of Noble Friesians in Iowa


Sietse - SOLD Friesian Sietse - Sold

Sietse (now renamed Warlock) is the greatest horse I could ever imagine. He is great around kids and my 9 year old son is starting to ride him. He is awesome on trail and never spooks and has a great disposition. Thanks so much for getting him for me.


Soft fury - SOLD Friesian Soft fury - Sold

Soft Fury is EXACTLY as you described him, bombproof, perfect on trails, drop dead GORGEOUS, and my pocketbook is thanking me for buying him from YOU!'
Liz,  and Soft Fury


Xeros - SOLD Friesian Xeros - Sold Sold to Medieval Times!

We require horses that will be suitable in a ring with all kinds of noises, loud music, lights flashing, smoke machines going, etc. We found them at Black Sterling!"
David Jay
Head Trainer, Medieval Times


Sander - SOLD Friesian Sander - Sold

My entire life I have dreamed of owning a Friesian horse, even before I knew what they were I knew that I would have one in my lifetime. Inspired by just knowing that someone close to my home was actually housing Friesians, we made the jaunt, guided by intuition to your stable and there is where I met Sander. I knew it the first time I saw him, something I can't quite explain but I knew he would be my horse. This is a lifelong dream and intention that has come true for me, and I can't tell you how grateful to you and Ron I am for help making this happen. Sander has been an unbelievable blessing and I am so happy we found each other. Thanks Janna and Ron!!!
- Julie


Xzootos - SOLD Friesian Xzootos - Sold Sold to Medieval Times

It is nice to have horses added to our show that we can integrate quickly due to their solid dressage training foundation.
David Jay
Head Trainer Medieval Times


Records 721 to 725 of 725

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