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Tahari BSF
Arriving on 2020-04-26
6 Year Old Gelding
16.1 hands
Bartele 472 X Liekele 364

New boy i found when in the Netherlands for the Stallion Show!


Tahari is double trained to ride AND drive and has that HARD TO FIND show record, with 3rd party verification of his dressage capabilities-- with winning points in L Level Dressage. 

Tahari truly is a horse who is IDEAL for a novice or beginner rider, or person that has had a bad experience, he will make you LOVE riding again!! If you are searching for a beautiful gelding with experience, a big "Black Lab" in horse form who even a child can ride, Tahari is an excellent choice for you. Here is a a horse that can be your friend for life, he LOVES to cuddle. 

AND a Wonderful buy on a 6 yr old long haired friesan, including import and quarantine and thorough vetcheck. If you are seeking an INCREDIBLY handsome, tall, sweet, forgiving Friesian that is versatile and you can do anything with--- you really need to consider this uncomplicated boy.  Tahari is a true lover that will be your forever best friend.



He is STUNNING, competed this weekend in 1st level dressage,  great movement, talent, excellent  temperament for a timid rider, and the BEST personality. He really is a GEM and will NOT last at this excellent low price.



 He doesn’t JUST have a heart of gold, he has exceptional conformation, build, and an absolutely beautiful head and neck. He loves his work, and is NOT lazy. He is also not the spooky type, and is very brave, even when I rode him on the road with VERY loud trucks going by!!  This is not only a nice dressage boy with show experience---he really is a GREAT trail/Pleasure horse, AND is double trained to ride AND drive.  Because he is easy to sit, we think he would also make a nice western horse. 



Tahari is a GOOD one, and our horses are selling quickly right now---give me a call at 415-272-2112 if you would like more information on this good thinking friesian gelding for sale. --- He is $25,900 including import and quarantine to NY, and $27,900 to LAX, Chicago, Miami, or Canada.



Call janna for details 415-272-2112

Tina Turner
Arriving on 2020-04-25
6 Year Old Mare
15.3 hands
Tsjalle 454 X Ulbert 390
In Foal To Julius_486

Rare opportunity to purchase a gorgeous mare sired by Tsjalle x Ulbert AND 
In foal to Julius 486----who ROCKED THE HOUSE at the Stallion Show last month in Leeuwarden!!

 Julius 486 Sport Elite has been named FHANA’s
**2019 Breeding Horse of Distinction!**
This means Julius is also a nominee for FHANA’s
**2019 Horse of the Year!**
This is a tremendous honour!!


But time is LIMITED---Tina's foal is due in May , so she MUST be on the plane coming to YOU 30 days beforehand.

This FULL pedigree  gal can sure MOVE WELL---check out the hocks on this pregnant momma!  And she is FULL papered---- cant get much better papers than this:



BDay 6/27/14

LOW 2.54% inbreeding

Stam line 177
Double trained to Ride and Drive 

Tina T is a beautiful jet-black mare, sired by WORLD GRAND CHAMPION, Tsjalle, and her mother is by the gorgeous moving Ulbert SPORT. Tsjalle SPORT and PREF is one of the MOST well respected Approved stallions in europe....The average scores achieved by his offspring at their keurings ranks him as one of the best stallions in the world! Not a bad thing to OWN a Tsjalle SPORT PREF mare in the U.S.:) 

It doesn't stop there....., her dam's sire is Ulbert SPORT----note, a LOT of SPORTs in this pedigree!
This is an exceptional opportunity to buy a daughter of a recent World Grand champion at the stallion show. 

Ms Turner has been started slowly and properly in dressage and driving and she is going to give you a foal SOON:) 

Tina T comes from our private collection with a breeder that hand raised her. She is an easy mare with no white, and no vices or problems. She has SUCH a good trot, she moves even better than most star mares we see!!

She’s very easy to handle, always calm to people and friendly. She is really a good horse for somebody who wants to start with horses, or has no experience with horses, because of her kind, easy-going character.

She is coming 6 years old and a fairytale looking Friesian mare with a floaty trot, loads of air time, and a superb pedigree as well. Just check out the space and tact in the videoclips above, of this special mare!!! She is the kind of mare we think is a no brainer for making STER, if tried again in the US, as she matures, because the only thing Tina T needs is a day where she doesn't jump off her feet, and shows the trot she has! We are sure impressed with how well she moves off the back end, with that mind boggling trot of hers:) 

Her sire, Tsjalle SPORT and Pref, is considered one of the finest authorized Friesian stallions in the world known for passing on that rare floaty trot and we cant WAIT to see her Julius  foal---Julius offspring are doing very well in sport and are also easily identified by their beautiful looks, movement, and personalities!

Tina Turner shows perfect conformation and powerful gaits. Great disposition, easy to handle, and a horse that can literally pay for herself in less than 2 years---check out her under saddle video----what a great  mare you can enjoy riding AND will give you a foal worth 1/2 her purchase price!!

Tina would be an excellent family horse, great for pleasure riding or taking out on the trail or up in the hills, and the bonus is her foal, due this spring:) 

EXCELLENT 2 for 1 value.

Tina will be a joyful addition to your family, she is a delight to handle. She is 100% safe, sound, and sane, and clips, ties, cross ties, lunges, loads, and stands for the farrier. 

This is a TOP NOTCH young Friesian mare imported from the Netherlands,  with an excellent pedigree, drop dead gorgeous looks, fantastic movement, and a reasonable pricetag AND she is a great value; bloodlines are impeccable! Dont wait---limited window of opportunity when purchasing a pregnant mare.

Tina is ONLY $22,900 including import and 3 day USDA quarantine to NY; LAX, Canada and Miami are 2k more.

Arriving on 2020-06-30
6 Year Old Gelding
16.2 hands
Brandus 345 X maiko 373

 What a SWEET 6  yr old!! Tije is still a stallion, but we will deliver him to you as a GELDING (unless you  wanted to pay the additional 6k+ for the 30 day stallion quarantine?).

This talented HUNK wins most times out and has amassed quite the record in M2 Dressage, and now is competing  Z level (3rd Level)--and his young rider has Tije on his way to earning the coveted SPORT predicate, already having earned 2 winning points for their hgh scores in 3rd level competition!!


You won't find a kinder, more gentle giant anywhere.  167 cm tall--- 16.2 hands. 


Tall dark and handsome describes this boy to a tee! 


Tije was 4th at the european championships in DEEP competition.


His xrays are all good, taken in 2018, available for review with your vet, and he comes with a brand new physical exam with flexion testing and bloodwork.


Tije was bred for perfection in the SPORT of dressage ---his pedigree is textbook--sired by  Brandus SPORT pref (who is by Reitse SPORT PREF, who is by Hearke SPORT pref!!) . AND get this, his dam is ALSO STER and SPORT, and his grandmother is MODEL SPORT Pref Prest, and Gr Grandmother is  STER Pref Prest, and dam's sire is the incredible SPORT approved stallion now located in Australia, Maiko SPORT

So its no surprise this boy is one heck of a TALENTED  boy, in any athletic endeavor he attempts!!:)


Tije is an incredibly sweet and intelligent horse, the look he has in his eyes is so incredibly beautiful!

 Jet black, long mane, stallion like muscular neck, and a thick tail. 

Tije has a heart of gold and will always do his best for you. He always wants to learn during training; learning new exercises is no problem for this young talented boy!! He has already mastered much--- in no time:)


In the stable, Tije is a real LOVE BUG; he will do ANYTHING for a hug!!! While preparing for a competition, we always wash Tije, and we think that is Tije's favorite thing, with all hands and focus on HIM!!! He loves to be doted on, and is very relaxed in the wash rack, and perfectly behaved for clipping bathing, trailering, and super for the farrier.  When he is not "on" in the showring, he is very relaxed and allso very sweet with very small children, as well as dogs! Tije is focused, not spooky at competitions--he will give his RIDER confidence!


Tije also LOVES his time hacking out on trails---particularly forest rides, which he does frequently in the netherlands---- he thinks it is wonderful!  This is NOT a horse that HAS to be shown dressage---Tije thinks it would be just fine if he goes to a home where someone wants to teach him new things, and takes him on frequent trail rides!!:):)  Oh, and Tije is pretty sure he can help teach YOU dressage:) Piaffe? No problem for Tije, he already well started on piaffe and passage.


Tije's current rider can't say enough positive things about this SUPER moving TALENTED boy.  She primarily rides and competes warmbloods, and Tije is one of the FEW friesians she really enjoys, because of his willing temperment, natural talent for the upper levels, and HEART.  Tije is ready to take you to the next level AND he will be your BEST buddy, while helping you attain your goals in any sport/discipline you decide to take him in!

Arriving on 2020-07-15
5 Year Old Gelding
16.0 hands
Haike 482 X Felle 422

Zayden is not just any 'ole friesian--- this boy will be your best friend!!   Winning points in L2 Dressage, now showing M Level (2nd Level), 5 yrs old, and already a GELDING:) 


164 cm and still growing (just over 16 hands)----- Zayden is safe, safe, safe, ok for a baby to ride, or your grandma!

Bred in DENMARK and sired by the SPORT approved stallion, Haike SPORT, and out of a STER mare by the SPORT stallion, Felle SPORT.  Zayden might be young in years, but what a GOOD THINKING, EASY to ride and sit boy he is!!  With the OH SO sought after  dressage show experience!!


He is suitable for any kind of rider. He is not only super safe and friendly for an amateur, but also fun to ride if you want to compete in dressage. His gaits are very comfortable. Both vetcheck and x-rays available for review with your vet.  You can take him to a competition by yourself in the trailer, he’s not spooked or overwhelmed with ANYTHING, he just thinks it’s fun to go on a trip!

Here is what  his last owner has to say about him "I first tried him when he was 4 weeks under the saddle as a 3 year old stallion. My cousin who trains stud stallions told me she found the perfect horse for me both in looks and character and that I should come try him out. She didn’t tell me which horse it was when I arrived at the stables and I walked right up to his stall because he is so handsome ( much more so in real life than in pictures). I never rode a young stallion before him and right away he gave me the most secure and safe feeling. He would stop and stand still before doing anything wrong. He was a little above my budget but I knew he is the kind of horse you want as a friend for life. He makes me laugh every day because he really has a sense of humor, I can play tag with him, we are working on playing catch and he just plain loves to be around people. If it’s sunny and we are having coffee outside, he’ll come and hang with us instead of eat his way through the pasture. He comes when I call him and he does it so dramatically, all the herds start running with him.
When riding, he knows when he is doing a good job and he loves to hear it. We have competed throughout the summer and fall of 2019 and worked our way through almost 3 levels. We were in the top 5 in probably 90% of our competitions. We were 5th at the Regional Championships and competed at the National Championships. Judges love him for his looks and everytime i earned a remark about how gorgeous he is,  on my test remarks! He does not have high knee action, which makes him very comfortable to ride for all level riders. He adjusts to his rider as I have put a 4 year old girl on him and he was so careful and protective, but at the same time when I have a lesson with my trainer and I fire him up, he delivers.
I went to several competitions by myself with the little truck, he loves it! Saddling him by myself in a strange environment is fine by him, as long as he can take a look around. Walking past large flagpoles, food booths, judges tables, etc etc is never a problem, he is just happy to be there and on an adventure with me (his rider)."


Motherline IMPECCABLE:



Bday 2/23/25


Has already been gelded and thoroughly vetted, and ready to go to his new forever home!


This one will NOT last at this price!!! We got a good deal on Zayden, and are passing it onto YOU!



Arriving on 2020-06-01
8 Year Old STER Mare
16.0 hands
DRIES 421 X Fetse 349
In Foal To Ulbran_502

This is one of the first EVER ---CONFIRMED (NOT conditional on an ABFP or Ibop test) 1st premie STER Crown/Kroon mares we have been able to offer our clients ---from our private stock, NOT usually available for import!

The Crown predicate is a predicate to which exterior and sport-aptitude requirements apply. Selection for the (preliminary) Crown predicate takes place during the Central Mare Show/Centrale Keuring, from the mares that during the breeding days and studbook inspections in that same year were awarded a first premium STER status.The requirements for consideration for the (preliminary) Crown predicate are:

  • for permanent Crown status the mare must complete an IBOP or ABFP test with a minimum score of 77.0 points and an average of 7 for walk and trot. If the Sport predicate is earned that will also convert the preliminary-Crown status into permanent Crown status

Kato Kroon is NOT a preliminary KROON mare, she is the REAL DEAL, ideal age of 8 yrs, AND she is a proven producer, having had 3 foals previously (2 Gerben foals and 1 Omer foal). 


Kato is now confirmed in foal to the Approved Stallion, Ulbran---who had MANY CHAMPION foals last year, and will give you a foal in 2021!!!


She is free of dwarfism and waterhead and measures  162 cm (a  hair shy of 16 hands TALL!). 

Stam line 25---2nd most prolific at producing APPROVED stallions!

Bday 3/24/13


In 2014 she was Champion at  the Breeding Club Het Friesch Paard-Limburg show.

This is ONE SPECIAL and RARE 1st Premie Ster KROON Mare!!! For those of you just learning the bloodline "ropes" of friesians and wanting a TOP NOTCH Friesian mare...Kato's motherline is TO DIE FOR. The STER predicate indicates the mares are considered the top 15% of all mares for their conformation and movement. The PREFERENT title is even more indicative of what kind of babies you can expect from Kato.
Preferent means every single one of her predecessors has produced at least 4 STER offspring!!! This is the kind of pedigree the Dutch Judges like to see in APPROVED stallions. 

 It is said that the QUALITY of a Friesian mare is in her MOTHERLINE-and the ability of that motherline to pass on superb traits and characteristics; NOT in the sire's line. Kato STER KROON's motherline obviously produces TOP TOP quality offspring. And Kato is only 8 yrs old, which means she has 15 productive years left to produce champions for YOU. Kato's babies could very well be Approved Stallions for YOU! She has a tall 16 hand frame, a LOW in-breeding co-efficient of 3.32%, 2nd level dressage, and she represents what is desirable in a Friesian sporthorse TODAY, not the old clunky types of yesteryear.
For those of you looking, and never finding, a KROON or MODEL friesan mare, bred to an approved stallion located in Europe, this is a no-brainer. And for those of you looking for the BEST of the BEST to begin your friesian breeding program, this is also a no-brainer. We believe Kato STER KROON IS one of the best producing, best performing, best pedigreed mare on the market anywhere.

AND Kato is NOT just a broodmare, she is VERY  well trained to ride, currently going 2nd level dressage (M Level)!  Check out the pics above from a current  trail ride and gallop through the water!!:)


With Kato, there is NO ADDITIONAL money sent on  a stud fee (she has already been ultra sounded and confirmed in foal for 2021), and there is NO ADDITIONAL money spent on training for an upcoming IBOP test, and there is NO additional money spent on IBOP fees and show expenses and hauling---and Kato is already M level dressage (which translates to our 2nd level) and is regularly ridden and loved on  by a middle aged woman, that  says Kato Kroon loves to give hugs!!  AND there is no extra costs for vetcheck,  ultra sound confirming pregnancy, blood and cem testing, international health cert, transport to the airport, flight over, and USDA quarantine to NY, LAX, Miami or Canada.


Kato is ready to fly to  Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Calgary, or Toronto---your choice----just let us know where you would like for her to go?


If you are looking for the female form of an APPROVED STALLION---here she is!  AND she is an excellent 2 for 1 value, as Kato will give you a foal worth 12-15k in 2021~

This 1st premie ster mare with KROON predicate is out of a 1st premie STER mare, grand mother is STER+PREF-and great grandmother is STER+PREF.  That's right, 1st premie STER KROON annd FULL PEDIGREE with unbroken ster predicates throughout!  And she is a 1/2 sister to the approved stallion, Uldrik.  


Kato Kroon is $36,900 to NY and $38,900 to all other ports of entry. Give Janna at call at 415-272-2112 if you would like to have this  amazing 1st premie STER KROON mare, in foal to Ulbran, to come live with YOU!

Athens STER
Arriving on 2020-06-25
11 Year Old STER Gelding
15.3 hands
Onne 376 X Jakob 302

Very special upper level schoolmaster STER boy!!  With VERY VERY long hair--- has that RARE Fairytale look!!:) Looks like a CHESS PIECE!

Currently 11 years old  and compact----measuring 160 cm, which translates to 15.3 hands,  competing and winning in 3rd level, and training 4th, with a finished phenomenal piaffe and passage already! AND trained to drive, AND regularly hacks out like a CHAMP on the trails!


This is an extremely RARE opportunity to acquire a VERY EXPERIENCED exhibition baroque boy with experience in PARADES and in crowds, that is a lovely All Around Pleasure/Trail/Dressage Horse,  fully vetted and xrays available for review with your vet.


This mature  and experienced "REAL DEAL" fairytale boy has an Incredible Pedigree, ranking in the tippy top 10% of all horses, acquiring the STER predicate!!!!!!!

Onne X Jakob


Athens STER is intelligent and friendly, a big IMPRESSIVE STER boy with noble and jaw dropping looks, correct and strong conformation-----in short, a gorgeous Friesian, a real head -turner, that  is trained to DANCE WITH YOU!! ...... with a long forelock, Long thick mane, heavy tail and feathered legs. He has outstanding ground manners, being very respectful of his handler's and their personal space, and is accustomed to being handled by small children. His upright conformation allows him to bring his hind legs well under himself. His movement is very swingy and light to the rider.


Athens STER  is a lovely forward moving Friesian,  not a spooky horse, but he's also not a lazy Friesian with no forward, that requires whips and spurs. He has quite a bit of experience in harness, EXHIBITIONS, PARADES, AND COMPETITIONS. He has driven as a single, and in pairs. He also loves being riden bareback on trails.


Dressage riders that have ridden/shown this powerhouse have all really loved him and were thrilled with how quickly he learns---- doing all kinds of things in a short period of time. From lateral movements- to his really nice canter, to his piaffe in place, he  is super sweet, kind, and giving; wanting to please his rider at all times.


This fairytale looking STER friesian, now being offered for sale,  is very light in his movement, and light in his contact, and his personality is priceless. 


What an INCREDIBLE extended trot!!!!! He is a trooper out on trails and very courageous and curious in any situation.



Is not often we get friesians like Athens STER available--- the smaller, more compact boys with this much experience and good xrays, and HAIR HAIR HAIR, that are already doing 4th level dressage exercises, are few and far between! 

And Athens was in the 70 day test----VERY VERY few ster stallions are chosen as provisionally appproved friesian stallions, and selected to attend the 70 day test---this is  INCREDIBLE 3rd party verification of his quality and impeccable character.


And even FEWER friesians have solid flying changes and piaffe and passage already in their repertoires -----dont miss this once in a lifetime friend!

Gerbrich SPORT
Arriving on 2020-04-30
9 yrs old Year Old Mare
16.2 hands
Reinder 452 X Feitse 293 PREF

RARE 9 yr old friesian for sale with Winning Points in ZZ Heavy (now doing all exercises of PRIX ST GEORGE!)




 2014: Central mare examination:

As a 4 year old reserve champion. Young Friesian horses with talent for dressage.


2014 and 2015;

Breeding examination in Garyp: Champion Best Going Mare.



Friesian Championship: Placed third in M2 level.


Between and after these accomplishments she won several good championships, now riding ZZ zwaar (4th Level Dressage, and training PRIX ST GEORGE).


Gerbrich also gave birth to 2 foals:


Fedde born in 2017, by Maurits 437, and Lutske born in 2019, by Eise 489. They are now 3 and 1 year olds,  in perfect health. They both are living in the stable of the family that has owned Gerbrich her whole life! 



This mare has a fine character, easy to handle, loves long grooming sessions,  and learning new things under saddle; she is a hard working and focused horse when training and in competition!  


Looking for a friesian with EXCELLENT flying changes CONFIRMED IN COMPETITION?!?  HERE she is!!:)



In every day life---- also easy going, GREAT all around family/trail/pleasure horse. 


RARE opportunity--this gorgeous gal has been with the same family her whole life---and is a superb opportunity to acquire an FEI dressage friesian that can also produce  young dressage superstars for YOU! 

Gerbrich is the daughter of Tialda fan ‘e boppelannen. Tialda was also the mother of Reinder fan Wifo, "Reign", a stallion i imported a few years ago and Julio Mendoza competed  Prix St George and Intermediare 1!


 Gerbrich is easy going. This makes her perfectly suitable for any kind of rider. She has high concentration, when asked for in competitions,  and yet is always easy to handle and waits patiently for novice and beginner riders. What a reliable friesian mare for sale that has acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate----she is hardworking and sweet!!



Gerbrich was started in L2 dressage and ridden  all the way up to ZZ heavy, where she has earned 1 point thus far, the SAME as Izak, who we recently sold to Michele in Indiana! In all her earlier classes, she earned 10 points or even more, and qualified for and competed in all levels in both the dutch and Friesian championships!


As a 4-year-old she made reserve champion for best going riding mare on the KFPS keuring.


The talent for upper level dressage is in this mare's DNA..... She has acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate, just like her STER and SPORT momma!!


Phenomenal motherline for any breeding program:




and TALL, 168 cm, thats OVER 16.2 hands TALL--waaaaay above average for a friesian mare!


LOW 3.13% in breeding


B-day: 4/21/10


Stam line 219



ONLY for sale because her owner is pregnant with twins. 


Great new home a MUST for this very special upper level friesian mare for sale!

Call 415-272-2112 for more info! 


Arriving on 2020-04-15
6 Year Old Gelding
16.3 hands
ULDRIK 457 X Teunis 332

New Boy!!!! Topaz is a very easy uncomplicated beautiful tall long haired gelding!

6 years old gelding, 16.3 hands, great strong mover, lots of elasticity

Excellent  X-rays and comes with a brand new thorough pre purchase exam including lameness exam and flexion testing.

He is suitable for every rider, forgiving not spooky, willing!

Safe in nature and traffic, and on trails, or at the beach.

Sired by the great Uldrik X Teunis

Biday 6/23/14

Stems from stam line 81

LOW in breeding co-efficient of just 1.37%

Excellent pedigree chock full of ster predicates:


Potential for dressage, moves very light like a warm blood, splendid canter & extremely comfortable to sit ---so a good one for you western riders!
Soft in the hand, go’s automatically on the bit, never too fast, never too slow! Perfect GO, only say whoa and he stops directly.

And what i love the MOST about this boy---- Topaz Loves to cuddle, very affectionate, lovely kind gentle personality. He has the puppy dog kind of personality most of our friesian clients desire, and our horses are famous for!!!!!

Lots of experience on the trails by himself.

Topaz is a good one---you will need to learn how to French braid, he has that LONG HAIR fairytale appeal😊 Call Janna at 415-272-2112 for more info. This one is guaranteed to NOT last. Topaz is athe whole package! Suitable as a husband horse going western, or for grandkids going bareback, yet talented enough for you to take in the showring and compete, going english or dressage!

Arriving on 2020-05-01
7 yrs old Year Old Stallion
16.1 hands
Gjalt 426 X Abe 346

Black Sterling is VERY PROUD to offer this splendid beautiful  TALL full pedigree 7 year old boy.

Extremely long mane!!

Excellent pedigree!!

AND potential for the upper levels of dressage:):) Kors has MUCH show experience with his previous owner and breeder----not only does he have a TOP NOTCH pedigree from a well known breeder, he ALSO has been to dozens of competititions, further proving how suitable and SAFE he is in settings he is not familiar with:)

Kors is the easiest horse to ride in every way.....you name it, KORS can do it:




Family horse

All Around Pleasure


Its no wonder this fella looks the way he does---he has a phenomenal pedigree chock full of  high performance horses, and motherline is:




B-day 3/9/13

 Kors is good for amateur or beginner/timid riders, and also has much dressage training, going 2nd level!! He is SUPER QUIET and gentle.

  Read: EXPERIENCED. IDEAL AGE of 7 yrs!!!


Watch the 12 yr old young girl drop her reins and raise her hands , while cantering in the video above:)!!  This boy is a CONFIDENCE BUILDER.


This is a rare GORGEOUS boy who has the so sought after experience doing many different things, solid dressage foundation, --- very easy to ride and take on trail rides by himself, super for a novice!


Not only is KORS an amazing horse to ride, he also has an athletic build, which makes him a great performance horse for any discipline. You will get lost in his sparkling eyes, and watch him FLOAT. His coat is black as can be, with poodle like feathers. 


Kors is a rare friesian,  this boy has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels in whatever discipline you want to do! In dressage, he is already doing long and collected gaits, and excellent leg yields.  He is very responsive to the aids. Really a dream horse to ride.



Talk about SAFE SAFE SAFE,  safely rides  in loud traffic---this 7 yr old is a  NO BRAINER if you are looking for an all around, been there, done that, pleasure, trail, dressage horse!  


Once in a lifetime horse in his Beauty and Behavior is the only way I can think of to describe him!  Really a special price, most horses like KORS are priced in the 50k range. Pretty sure Kors wont last long, as we have him priced for a quick sale, delivered to NY as a gelding with vetcheck and xrays, only $37,900!  To LAX, Chicago, Ontario or Calgary, $39,900.

Have to say, he has some white on his head, a little spot, and a few hairs on 1 hind leg, just above his hoof, which for us is  no problem!! We will deliver Kors as a gelding (unless you prefer a stallion), just let us know if you prefer he fly into NY or LAX or Canada for you?


Give janna a call at 415-272-2112 for more info on KORS!

Arriving on 2020-05-01
6 Year Old Gelding
16.1 hands
Michiel 442 X Aan 416

Michiel x Aan 

6 years old--ideal age and with MUCHO SHOW EXPERIENCE!


Z1 (3rd level) dressage with a lot of winning points, Mateo has acquired the HIGHLY COVETED SPORT PREDICATE, which is 3rd party verification that he is scoring in the TOP of his classes in upper level dressage. In fact, Mateo WON his last 2 classes in Z1 Dressage!!!!



He was in the semi finals of the show driving friesian championshp, with my friend Wendy driving---and get this..... this was the FIRST TIME Wendy had ever driven a horse in any horse show!!! Mateo took care of her, and they made it all the way to the semi finals!  


Of all our horses, Mateo has a TON of experience going to various horse shows and events, and competing, with ALL KINDS of different level riders. 

A young girl competed him in  Intro Level, Training Level and First Level dressage for a year.  And then an older gentleman competed him in 2nd and 3rd Level, winning the majority of his classes and acquiring the  SPORT predicate. Mateo has 7 winning points in Z1 dressage currently!!!!  Oh, and that's not all....he ALSO performed in 3 exhibitions at this year's stallion show in the Friesian Proms, under the lights, with all kinds of loud noises.


Mateo is 166 cm which translates to 16.1 1/2 hands. He is a Michiel son, one of my favorite approved stallions that i rode on the beach last fall, in the Netherlands, and his motherline is near perfect:


Bday 7/8/14


Typically 3rd level dressage boys that are scoring  ABOVE 63% in 3rd level, and are only 6 yrs old,  are in the 40k+ price range.  We got a good deal on Mateo, and are passing it on to YOU. 



Mateo is only $36,900 delivered to NY, or $38,900 to LAX, Chicago, Calgary or Ontario.


 Xrays available for review with your vet.

Mateo is truly a drive off the show room, and into the winner's circle, push button READY dressage friesian, annd he is just such a SWEETHEART, he is appropriate for a real novice or timid rider. IDEAL for exhibitions, carriage driving, or just hacking out on trails and HAVING FUN!!!  He LOVES to be hugged, and gives hugs back  ---a REAL people horse.


Check out the pics above of  3 exhibitions at the Friesian proms 2020 that Mateo was in!


Get ready for an AWESOME summer with an amazing, TALL, long haired  easy going, SWEET friesian that has proof of his ability and training---particularly while  travel is limited, and the only way to buy a horse, is sight unseen due to the corona virus......why not buy a reasonably priced exceptionally pedigreed young tall good looking friesian  that has EXCELLENT 3rd party verification of his  talent in upper level dressage, as he HAD to score consistently high in upper level dressage in order to acquire the SPORT predicate----which translates to EXCELLENT training and foundation FOR YOU, whether or not you ever desire to step foot in a dressage show ring--


When buying sight unseen, why not  buy a friesian that has 3rd party verification of that upper level training, with multitudes of licensed Judges giving their thumbs up on the horses ability to be put through complicated maneuvers in foreign  settings?!? 


This makes Mateo an EXCELLENT choice, even if all you ever plan to do is to pleasure ride around your own farm! You can be ASSURED this is a WELL TRAINED, seasoned boy that can truly DO IT ALL.


Give Janna a call at 415-272-2112 to find out if Mateo is right for YOU.

Directions from San Francisco

via US-101

Get on I-380 W,Take I-280 N, 19th Ave and US-101 N to Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Larkspur.

Take the exit toward San Anselmo from US-101 N

Follow Sir Francis Drake Blvd to Baywood Canyon Rd , turn right on Baywood Canyon

Road dead ends at 59 Baywood Canyon Rd , Fairfax, CA 94930

(50 minute drive)