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Leffert 306
Friesian Sire


Rypke 321
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16 hands

Dazzel is easy to ride, excellent teacher for beginners.
He is L1 dressage with winning points!!!
In the stable and with other horses he is VERY social and people oriented.
His mother was Z1 dressage and very sweet and easy to ride, too....
Like mother, like son!
VERY long mane and thick tail and jet black.

We are always looking for extraordinary dressage horses, that are , experienced, and have a proven dressage record competing. We searched high and low,  and found a RARE Leffert son whose character and quality are just what we are looking for, as this horse is EASY for all levels of riders.

Friesians aren't the most popular breed in upper level dressage classes....If you take a Friesian to a competition, everything has to be 'top'. 

We like to sell horses that shock the judges. We hear comments running through the crowds – and the judges' boxes, at competitions with our horses....from "a horse like that doesn't belong in a dressage competition" to "well, they are lovely cart horses." The range of the prejudices is as narrow-minded as it is firmly planted into some people's heads. 

BUT this  FRIESIAN gelding leaves mouths agape and spectators rethinking their preconceptions, but he is  by the famous FPS Approved Breeding Stallion, Leffert Pref, who is known for producing great sport horses, and dam is by the TALL Rypke! These 2 FPS Approved Breeding Stallions represent some of the most highly desired sires in the Friesian Studbook. Not only is each sire known for his excellent movement and sport ability, but they also pass these positive traits on to their offspring!   wherever he appears at a competition. Not only does have the outstanding papers,

Dazzel showed  Dutch L level, which is equal to the US 1st level, placing very high even against Warmbloods, and quickly earned the necessary points to move up the levels.

He is not only jet black (no white),  he is stunning, beautiful, and charming!!! He certainly inherited poppa Leffert's abundant HAIR and jet black coat, and he is also gentle, friendly and really intelligent!  Everybody who rides him falls head over heels in love with him.

He moves like he owns the place, and he has a very balanced WONDERFUL perfect 3 beat canter that will make it very easy for him to learn the flying changes. And the best of all: he is really comfy to sit on, just like sitting on your favorite recliner!  

We are very impressed with  his lateral work. He has EXCELLENT simple changes and counter canter. We think this is a horse that could very easily go Z level in just a few months [3rd level].

Dazzel is uncomplicated, cool,  and easy to handle in all situations.

This is an elegant Gelding with the 'WOW' factor, deep black color, fantastic mover with excellent suspension, LONG hair, and winning points in L level dressage, proving his ability.

He is appropriate for a novice or timid rider----This one won't last!

B-day Jun 13,  2009
163 cm (16 hands)

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