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Folkert 353
Friesian Sire


Tsjeard 331
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 15.21/2 hand

  Sahara is a 7 year old imported 3rd premie studbook mare sired by Former World Champion, Folkert 353.

Her motherline is very strong: studbook-ster-ster-ster (full of ster mares) and she's 15.2 1/2  hands tall and very easy to ride and sit the trot!!!!  Throw a western saddle on her and hit the trails- she's done it all- western and english.

Her stam line, Stam 50 is the GOLD STANDARD for breeding- all of these Approved Stallions came from Stam 50- it is the #1 producing Stam line for Approved Stallions:
Fokke 217, Tsjalling 235, Walter 282, Doeke 287,  Bartheld 292, Jakob 302, Thomas 327, Warn 335, Pilgram 336, Anne 340, Anton 343, Brandus 345, Jelle 368, Otte 375, Sape 381, Rintse 386,  Time 398, Beart 411, Beintse 418, Jorn 430, Loadewjk 431, Maurits 437, Stendert 447, Sipke 450.

She is an experienced mom- she has had  one colt and 2 fillies.  Her 2009 filly born May 29, Fiona, is stunning, sweet and  was born absolutely perfect!! 
Fiona's sire is the European approved friesian stallion,  Monte 378.

Valor, Sahara's 2007 colt, was Keuring Grand Champion Colt (sire Lolke 371) in the huge Pomona, CA keuring ( see 2nd page of photos  above).  Her 2008 filly, got an esteemed 2nd premie. She has had no problems foaling, is an excellent  mother, and is easy to get pregnant. 

You will absolutely LOVE this mare.  She'll do anything for a hug- she's SO affectionate.   She's a ball to ride... forward and fun.  She has a solid dressage foundation, and she's also very smart.  The bulk of her YEARS of under-saddle experience has been trail riding and horse camping, but we think she's a natural at dressage.  Her hind end is really incredible- she really steps under herself naturally.  You can see what a quality broodmare she is by looking at her perfect filly, Fiona.   Her sire, Monte 378, is known for his tall size and hair, which Fiona will inherit from him!

Sahara loves water and swimming/wading through creeks and rivers and can lead others across  bridges and water. She is a VERY experienced trail horse--check out the photos of her going thru water, and the "car wash" obstacle course. NOTHING fazes her.

Her trot is easy to sit and she has been great with inexperienced riders. She has never once done anything dangerous like bolting or bucking- she's a true gem.

If you are looking to start a quality breeding operation, buy Sahara before she gets away! This Mare is SUPER SWEET and
an experienced trail horse and broodmare.  And her 2009  filly is simply exquisite and friendly!

Sahara is an easy breeder and has no complications when having her foals- she does it on her own every year, and her foals are consistently high quality! 

Sahara is sold with  a breeding to the ONLY approved stallion competing at Grand Prix level dressage, the one and only, Tietse.

Sahara's price includes full board and training 5 days weekly  at BSF until Aug 13  [when her filly, Fiona, is weaned].

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