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Heinse 354
Friesian Sire


Jurjen 303
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

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Gin is a long legged, elegant Friesian Star gelding who is 7 years old. This boy is REALLY talented.  His sire is the legendary stallion, Heinse 354, who recently past away. And his dam is a Star mare by Jurjen 303, also an outstanding well respected approved stallion that is no longer living. Gin is a lovely forward moving Star gelding with 3 good gaits. He can float across the ground with a amazing extended trot! Our dressage trainer already loves him and is thrilled how quickly he learns. Gin is ready for first level dressage.

He is also experienced in harness and is 100% traffic safe. Gin is very light in his movement, and light in his contact, and his personality is priceless. He is a trooper out on trails and very courageous and curious in most any situation -----which makes him an ideal horse for most riders. He is doing very well in dressage, and could easily be a solid mid-level contender, but he also loves the trails so much, he would be ideal for someone to use him in that capacity as well. If you are looking for an exceptionally sweet, kind, giving horse, Gin may just be your new best friend.

Gin loves human attention and stands quietly for hours to be doted on. We love Gin's kind personality (he is a people pleaser), has a good work ethic, loves trail rides, has a solid dressage foundation, drives, and has three really good gaits.  He is nice and quiet, responsive, and just plain FUN to ride. This one is VERY  friendly and so easy to handle, yet he can flat MOVE!

He comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam.

Gin was the first son of Nienke fan it Heech. Nienke (Nienke is his dam) did a ABFP test in 2000 (that is a same test as the IBOP but with the ABFP the horses are trained for 5 weeks at the training center of the studbook). Gin's mother received the following scores: Walk 6.8, trot 7.1, canter 6.0, riding test 6.7, driving test 7.0, pulling the sled 7.0, show driving test 7.2, willing to work, 7.0. Gin became ster with a second premie at the keuring in 2007 as a 5 yr old. He received the following excellent scores: Breed type: 7.5, Build 7, Quality of legs 6.0, Walk 6.5, Trot 7.5.

  Heinse x Jurjen x Hearke x Jarich


Ster x Ster x Ster x Ster x Model

163 cm stam/mare line 167 full pedigree

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