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Just in Time


Time 398
Friesian Sire


Teunis 332
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Here is one of the new SPECIAL horses we found in Holland, and a REAL TREASURE!!! He is at the IDEAL age of 7, and "Justin" has the FAIRYTALE looks everyone dreams of.

Just look at him.....What more could you ask for?  He always wants to work! This boy can flat MOVE!! Check out the photos of him trotting under saddle:) He is not only a fairytale horse, with an unbelievable stature and very IMPRESSIVE build, he  is also a "honey"; an in your pocket kind of horse. He is very easy to handle, and it is hard to take your eyes OR hands off of him.....he is really an incredible specimen. VERY VERY uphill build-- which makes him IDEAL  as an exhibition or trick trained horse, as he has an UNBELIEVABLE overall presence when he enters the arena.

Registered as "Just in Time van Stal Daimler", "Justin" will adapt to a novice, but he is sooooo special, he will be an excellent parade, exhibition or show horse, as well!  We know ambitious show riders will like him, as he has the potential to go ALL THE WAY, and he likes to learn! Tall, jet-black, shiny coat, HANDSOME, and he has the looks of a WOW horse coming right out of a dream....this horse will awe the crowds wherever he goes, and we want to show him under saddle ourselves! 

He comes with a thorough pre purchase exam and clinical  x-ray report.

Previously, in Holland, Justin was the lead horse in a 4 in hand, driven by an elderly gentleman.  When Justin's driviing partner died, his owner realized that is would be very difficult, or impossible,  to find another  driving partner to go next to Justin---heck, VERY few friesians look  like Just in Time, and less than 1%  have his upright conformation and amazing presence!!!

So instead, he allowed us to purchase Justin, and  the previous owner decided to just drive a 2 in hand, with his remaining horses (that were a  matched pair).

This is one RARE, hard to find fairytale friesian. We are giving him a solid dressage foundation, and he has MUCH experience as a driving horse. Justin loves getting out of the arena and going on trails and long hacks, and he is very well behaved, even by himself.

He is 100% sound, having never had any health issues whatsoever.

Only the TIPPY TIPPY top of friesian horses receive a 1st Premie, indicating that even the dutch judges thought Justin was in the TOP 5% of all friesian horses for conformation and movement.

B-day 7/23/03

*** In the photos above with two horses on a trail, Pajero has the female rider and "Justin" has the male rider. **

Photos by Anna Ryslinge Photography, www.darkbayphotography.zenfolio.com/blacksterlingfriesians

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