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Teade 392
Friesian Sire


Bendert 281
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: hands

This is a colt with a wonderful mind, that is such a joy to handle. He is a total snuggle bunny, brave, forward and kind.

His full brother was 2nd Premium Reserve Champion of his Inspection and his full sister was called into the ring for Reserve Champion but lost the title to a late entry that was allowed to present. She was also a 2nd Premium foal.

He has that gorgeous, thick, masculine Teade neck. Legs are straight - nice shoulder - active hind. He has a small chiseled head.

He is micro chipped and will be presented at the keuring this fall.

His dam is intelligent to a fault. She opens gates, takes off her halter and everyone elses. He is showing that he has her brains. He is bold, confident and kind. Not flighty but spirited. This colt is going to be an amazing horse for someone.

The best mind we have ever seen. He will thrive in any environment that gives him a job. He has soooooo much potential.....this one is special.

 He takes correction very well and only needs it one time. He really is smart.

This young colt will grab your heart. He is pretty - much like his father, Teade, but perhaps a tad more refined; it is the mind of this horse that makes him stand out.  He is a thinker-- the world is Harmon's oyster! He will learn anything you teach him.

We like the babies to develop bone density and coordination so Harmon has free access to exercise in the pasture, where he is kept.

Harmon's blood work came back good and he is on a regular deworming program.  And he is up to date on vaccinations.

His full brother was Reserve Champion Colt in Santa Rosa at the keuring.  The last picture above is a picture of Harmon's dam and his full brother by Teade.

B-Day Jun 10, 2010

Reg # 201004492

Motherline is : Stb-STER-STER-Stb-STER

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