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Tsjerk 328
Friesian Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

Tsjolle is a VERY special horse.  Here is a highly elastic dressage horse. He shows lots of tact and rhythm in his performance. His canter is beautifully 'uphill', and Tsjolle is EASY for all levels of riders....a push button horse. Bred to be a winner, he is entirely uncomplicated, a novice rider can ride him, inside and out, with no difficulties whatsoever. His relaxed personality made us fall in love with him, and we are proud to offer Tsjolle as one of our few BSF stallions. This is a GOOD one... a RARE hard to find boy. Pedigree?? Couldn't be much better, a Tsjerk son [Tsjerk is known for passing on phenomenal movement] has a textbook motherline.

He is very affectionate to people, he has the best character. He is gentle, willing, and easy to handle. Tsjolle is diligently forward moving, with fairytale looks, clean x-rays, 3rd level dressage training---you won't find nicer or better trained on the market!  This boy has dream looks with a gorgeous head and an abundance of thick full hair. We LOVE his fluffy thick poodle like feathering, which you just don't see anymore!

He offers great movement, an impeccable personality and goes just as well in a snaffle bridle, as a full bridle! Tsjolle is a super show horse. He stands ready to take his new owner into the winners circle, but you must promise to keep in touch----we LOVE this horse.

7 year old stallion, 1.66cm , Tsjerk son, fairytale looking!! Very well trained, 3 level , comfortable to ride, easy to collect, bombproof, Suitable for every rider, no stallion manners, Clean x- rays...... WOW!!!!

Let us know if you would like him flown into NY, Miami, Mexico, Canada, or Los Angeles. Price does not include import or quarantine.

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