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Onne 376
Friesian Sire


Olof 315
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 17.0 hands

6 year old gelding, Onne x Olof. 

Bahia is 17 hands tall. Pretty impressive to see!!!! He is a very very sweet and friendly gelding. Well built,  Bahia has a beautiful head and he has a long mane and thick tail. He can move VERY well! He is not a take offish or a spooky horse at all--- check out the numerous clips of him being ridden, even backwards.  He loves attention and is easy to handle and calm in the stable. He would be suitable for very  novice riders, children, and as a husband's horse.

Bahia is also a VERY accomplished dressage horse---with  14 points in L level dressage, now qualified  to compete at M Level (2nd level). He comes with a thorough pre purchase and xrays.

We call him our "Big Friendly Giant"! Bahia truly is a very tall, sweet and friendly gelding. With his tall size of 173 cm he will be the MOST impressive horse in your neighborhood, but he has a heart of gold!

Bahia has superb conformation, very refined long neck and small throat latch,  with large friendly eyes, and jet black coat.  Here is a fantastic family horse! He loves to get attention, stands patiently for long grooming sessions,is easy to trailer, likes children and dogs and he is a pleasure to ride. He is also very safe for insecure people or novice riders! He is very trustful, even of those riders that may flop around a bit! As you can see in the video, Bahia is a golden find. He is just about as bombproof as they come, and you can do just about anything with him----- like standing on him, sitting backwards etc. Nothing is too crazy for Bahia!

  Bahia is double trained to ride AND drive and has that HARD TO FIND show record, with 3rd party verification of his dressage capabilities-- with 14 winning points in L Level Dressage. This makes him qualified to show M level (2nd Level). 

Bahia truly is a horse who has it all! If you searching for a beautiful gelding with experience, a big giant who even a child can ride, Bahia is an excellent choice for you. Bahia is a a horse that can be your friend for life, he LOVES to cuddle. 

Born: 03-04-2008

Height:17 hands (173 cm!!!!!!)

Phenomenal Pedigree: Ster+ Sport- Prestmoeder-Ster-Model+Pref5

Registered As Cees fan 'e Sylhoanne

GREAT family/pleasure/experienced dressage horse!

Comes with thorough pre purchase and xrays

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