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Maurus 441
Friesian Sire


Tije 401
Friesian Dam's Sire

In Foal To Wybren 464

Friesian Mare In Foal To

Horse Description

Height: 16 1/2 hands

BSF is proud to offer a very good-looking and well trained, and PREGNANT, imported mare. She is a Studbook mare that can move like a Star mare!  Very strong trot, good walk and nice canter.  She is a very very nice mare to work with. A safe, drop dead GORGEOUS mare, not spooky and a mare that can, and will,  make a name for herself dressage. She is willing to learn and always willing to work. Very sweet to handle! She is in foal to the approved stallion Wybren.

She stands 16 1/2 hands, and has a very nice long mane----looking like a stallion.

And  what a great FULL PAPER---  couldn't be much better!


Ingmar comes from bloodline that have produced a lot of sport friesians, that are competing in upper level dressage, and scoring above 70%.

B-Day 5/15/2010

LOW Inbreeding 0.39%

Reg # 201002754

 She stems from STAM LINE 25, the second most productive  stam line in producing APPROVED STALLIONS!!!

Check out the photos above---where Ingmar was just in the field with other horses around her, not brushed or anything…….. she is AMAZING!!!!

And check out the videoclips----- they were made after Ingmar spent 2 months in a pasture NOT being ridden.....we all agree, this mare is amazing!  The girl in the videoclips had never ridden Ingmar before. As you can see, she does very well, particularly for a horse that has just  spent the previous several months in a pasture with other horses.  Ingmar acts like she has been ridden every day!!!

This is one Very sweet, very easy to ride mare.

The fact that she will give you a foal in May 2015 is just icing on the cake!  Ingmar's foal will be worth nearly half her purchase price---she is 4 months pregnant to the one and only approved stallion, Wybren.

Ingmar is a 3rd premie studbook mare, but we REALLY think if she is presented  in the USA at a keuring, she will have a VERY good chance at making STER...and then you will have a FULL PAPERED STER mare!!!

Everyone is looking for this kind of mare....beautiful, ideal conformation, willing to work and NOT lazy, and bred to a stallion in Europe. Ingmar is a beautiful Maurus daughter showing the distinct heritage of her sire in an impeccably quiet and cooperative disposition. This attractive young mare has a gorgeous topline and lots of hair! She has a solid dressage foundation and is safe to ride for your child or your grandma!  Get your foaling stall ready for the spring:)

Ingmar is an ideal mare for a combination of pleasure horse/dressage horse/broodmare. A drop dead GORGEOUS moving long haired imported friesian mare..... a valuable investment with secure return....A mare that will bring you joy AND give you a foal next spring!

Please let us know if you would like Ingmar flown into Canada, Mexico, NY or Miami, otherwise she is scheduled to arrive in  LAX soon. Price includes import and quarantine to the port of your choice.

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