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Ielke 382
Friesian Sire


Jasper 366
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

BSF is VERY proud to present  a really gorgeous shiny jet-black 9 year old gelding and one of the  most WELL EDUCATED friesians available anywhere. His name is Taling  and he is sired by Ielke SPORT x Jasper PREF +SPORT. Real sports bloodlines, Ielke and Jasper are two of the highest competing dressage approved stallions of all time!! 

Taling is Z1 level dressage with points---which means he is competing at 3rd level and scoring ABOVE 60%, which is 3rd party verification this is an UPPER LEVEL SCHOOLMASTER.  Taling was sold to his previous owner as a 3 yr old, and she is an amateur rider that took Taling from Intro level, to Training level, to 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd level.  So he wasn't immediately started in upper level work by a professional---this boy is suitable for your AMATEUR, NOVICE, or JUNIOR rider!!!

  He is absolutely very well mannered.  Taling is the kind of well trained horse that is truly suitable for a beginner rider.... he will do nothing wrong!  Riders slide of his back, and down his tail,  without a problem! He doesn't mind dogs, traffic etc.

Taling is also a very experienced trail horse---He was used as the lead horse on group trail rides for tourist groups in Europe! 

He is very well built, has a nice refined head, long mane and a nice gorgeous thick tail. He has very strong movements and the dressage exercises are easy to do with him----this boy can teach YOU dressage!

Here is a very well mannered and incredibly sweet LONG haired boy. If Taling's rider tells him to stand still, not tied up, he will stand still and the rider can just walk away to get the saddle and bridle. He will just stand there like a statue!

There are VERY few friesians on the market with a full set of  good xrays, under 10 yrs old, FAIRYTALE looks, AND  have the flying changes.... Taling is THE ONLY ONE!!!!  See videos above of Taling doing flying changes above; Taling is a rare find indeed---not just a HUNK, a TALENTED man, SUPER long hair, SWEET and gentle, and an ideal age, with  a full set of xrays and thorough pre purchase exam done two weeks ago, available for review with your vet.

Taling  was only sold to us because his rider/owner for the last 6 years has serious knee issues, and is unable to ride him as much.

Taling is available to see and try at BSF  at 59 Baywood Canyon Equestrian Center in Fairfax, CA!

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