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Mewes 438
Friesian Sire


Ulke 338
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Meindert is a drop dead GORGEOUS deep black, long haired gelding with very good conformation AND the oh so desirable proven dressage show record, with winning points in Training and First Level Dressage. We love his excellent character, as he is perfect for novice or nervous riders, because he is very forgiving, and VERY sweet for children.

Meindert is used to dogs, children and traffic. He is willing to please but also willing to work and the proof is in the pudding regarding his training and movement—he has consistently scored above 65% in his tests, AND has been ridden at the beach with hundreds of other friesians, AND  participated in marathons both under saddle AND driving, and used in a 4-in-hand--pulling a carriage in weddings! This  boy may be young---but BOY DOES HE HAVE A TON OF EXPERIENCE doing  all kinds of different things, and in many many different settings in Holland, which further PROVES his athletic abilities. 

Meindert is the perfect horse for a timid/novice rider. He is safe safe safe! You can see pictured above, Meindert and his gentleman rider, on a beach ride with 400 other friesians---and Meinderts real beginner rider did not know how to post, so he was kind of bumping along on Meindert's back. He just had ridden twice before.  Even with a rider bumping in the saddle, Meindert stayed very cool in his head, and never took a step wrong! He would be an IDEAL husband safe horse!

EXCELLENT pedigree, Mewes X Ulke SPORT; mother is ster +pref5 and grandmother is Preferent4.

Meindert  also has experience competing in marathons under saddle, as well as showing dressage!

B-day 4/23/12

Stam line 47

Meindert has excellent, supple and forward going movement, an easy trot to sit, and a wonderful rocking horse canter. He is very well trained for dressage, and because he is so easy to sit--he would also make a nice western horse, AND Meindert enjoys hacking out on the trail. His collected walk, trot and canter, and extended walk, trot and canter are superb. Also excellent are his rein back, all lateral work, and 10 meter circles. Meindert is the "everything" horse. He shows in dressage VERY successfully against other breeds, AND is "dead-broke", and easy to ride, -- appropriate for a beginner rider. This boy is not lazy, he moves off your leg nicely, and he is nicely laid back for the rider that has previously had a bad experience, and needs to regain their trust riding again.

He is the ideal horse for an amateur or junior, or person looking for a NON spooky Friesian sporthorse to enjoy, and he comes with a recent thorough pre-purchase exam. Meindert is compact and comfortable in his gaits, and he is sensitive enough to your leg, to make an easy amatuer horse. The bonus is…..Meindert has an excellent character, and will make a tremendous Friend for life! 1.62 cm tall [just under 16 hands], shown Training/First Level, and Marathon riding and driving, ridden at the beach by a beginner, and pulling a carriage at weddings. 

We got a GREAT deal on this special horse, and are passing it along to his lucky buyer... this one WON'T LAST-----GREAT deal on a GREAT horse!!!


FYI: Meindert is also a VERY experienced DRIVING horse, used in a 4 in hand for weddings. In the photos above, Meindert is the RIGHT LEADER.

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