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Fabe 348
Friesian Sire


Jurjen 303
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.0 hands

Janna and Rose are proud to present Romeo, a splendid 5 yr old stallion, with fairytale looks!!!! He has everything!!! Ideal age, 1.64cm (16.1/2 hands TALL) , 2nd level dressage, VERY good pedigree, with a full paper. This is the type and quality of stallion that could possibly be approved in the US, try him for approval HERE, or in Mexico, or Canada .... Clean x- rays, extremely long and thick hair---!!! This is not a high price tag for THIS HORSE---when you see him, you will agree---he is a WOW. Sired by the one and only FABE!! And mother is the grandmother of the approved stallion, Tsjalle!!! In short, impeccable pedigree, FEI/ upper level dressage prospect---and what an incredible partner for parades or trail rides, Romeo is a rare gem! Here is a gorgeous stallion (we will geld him prior to import, if not purchased as a stallion), 16.1/2 hands tall and still growing,with LONG fairytale looking hair, gorgeous build, talent for the high levels of dressage, and an amazingly SWEET character! And such a sweet, kind, giving horse, Romeo WANTS to please his rider. He is excellent on the trail (read: NOT spooky!). Romeo is SO HONEST. He moves right off your leg, with smooth transitions, great walk to canter, and does wonderful lateral work. It is difficult NOT to smile when on the back of this boy. He is an elegant, extremely LONG haired, beautiful mover with nice extended strides; he has that lofty knee action that friesians are so well known for, and a lovely balanced 3 beat canter.

Read: Romeo is super friendly, he loves people and has no vices whatsoever. What a splendid top dressage stallion, with a long thick mane, good papers, no stallion behavior, very well trained, shows lots of potential, great mover, good balance, REALLY NICE collected canter,  willing,always wants to please his rider. Will make a WINNING show or dressage horse,with a lovely personality.


Stam line 70, LOW in breeding co-efficient of .98%

B-day 5/6/12

Here is a versatile stallion..... he is also comfortable being a pleasure/trail companion. Ideal for exhibitions-- because of his fairytale looks, parades, costume classes, showing, or just pleasure riding or hacking out on the trail. He has great stall manners, is easy to clip, bath, stands for the farrier, and trailers nicely. He is suitable for a confident beginner, and yet has talent enough for a professional.

He has a recent complete pre-purchase exam, CLEAN x rays, and is ready for his new forever home. Price listed above includes import and quarantine to LAX, NY, Miami, Mexico or Canada as a gelding; price does NOT include 30 day CEM stallion quarantine costs (additional 2500-6k as a stallion).

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