Douwe G.T. - SOLD

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Douwe G.T.


Haitse 425
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire

Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Haitse X Leffert X Folkert

Points in M Level (3rd party verification  this gelding is scoring ABOVE 65% in 2nd level Competition!)

100% on Vet Check, completed on aug 19, 2017!

165 cm (16.1 hands TALL!!)

B-Day 5/25/09

This is a HARD TO FIND, EXTREMELY sweet, EXPERIENCED 8 yr old gelding, that LOVES LOVES LOVES to be cuddled---and has clearly been LOVED in his prior home!!

Stam line 110, INCREDIBLE motherline:


This is the sweetest horse in the world and is SOOOOO affectionate---talk about PEOPLE is the most willing black Lab you can imagine, in HORSE form. He is not just sweet he is absolutely gorgeous, LONG Hair, and has beautiful movement. Big (16.1 hands), smooth bodied gelding with kind big brown eyes. Once you meet him you will never want to part with this honey of a horse. He is exceptionally nice to ride, good gaits and soft mouth, with easy aids but very calm and safe minded.

Great for competition, trails, family, beginners and amateurs but stunning enough for the professional rider. If you are looking for the entire package, get Douwe before he is gone! Ideal age of 8----not TOOOOOO old, yet VERY experienced!!!

Has had a rider that ADORED him, taught him the Spanish walk (yes, he is also trick trained!)---- she took Douwe  to many different competitions, and hence he has the so sought after proven track record in Training, First, and Second level with multiple AMATEUR riders, AND he is trained to drive, and Douwe is VERY experienced in all kinds of  pleasure/trail ride settings....looking for a horse the WHOLE FAMILY can enjoy?!?  Douwe is your man. 

Here is gentle, easy going, uncomplicated, and a perfect schoolmaster that can teach YOU to ride, or your ideal partner for trail rides alone, or with others!

This is from Douwe's former owner, and is a nice recollection of his history in Europe....




"I saw Douwe for the first time and rode him when I was in France. At that time he was 3 years old and just under the saddle. Douwe was first used for driving, and after that primarily under saddle.
When I bought Douwe, he lived on a farm in Leeawarden for a year with another gelding and a mare. After that we moved to the riding school in Wirdum and he entered an open stable----Douwe is very social and does well with other horses. There he spent 2 years; After that we moved to Veenwouden, again on a farm where he was frequently with other horses.
He is very good in strange/ new settings. At dressage competitions, he is always doing his best, which usually also results in nice points, and scores 68-70%! Douwe has quite an extensive show record, winning in 1st and 2nd level dressage! I rode him as an amateur rider and in 3 years, we went from Intro level to 2nd level---(from  B to the M1) in Holland! During my pregnancy, Douwe got a second rider who also got along very well with him! They also showed dressage together, very successfully, because of Douwe's willingness to please. After my daughter's birth, I started doing much more trail/ pleasure riding together and with friends through the woods, or to the ocean, through the water, bareback in the pastures, etc. He is a very easy to ride or drive boy!! In the stable, he is easy to clip, loves being brushed, and especially likes hugging! Douwe is such an easy going, willing to please friesian--- he quickly learned how to do the Spanish walk, ... this is the kind of boy that douwe is --- if he understands what you want, he will give it to you!!!"

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