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Doaitsen 420
Friesian Sire


Folkert 353
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

We are proud to offer a stunning FAIRYTALE, jet black Friesian SPORT STALLION that is as much fun to ride as he is to look at! Ulrik has 7 points in 3rd level and has started flying changes---see youtube clip above! RARE FEI dressage friesian stallion NOW AVAILABLE and is a HARD TO FIND upper level schoolmaster with the SPORT predicate. He is the horse of a lifetime that can take you all the way! Ulrik SPORT  is an exceptional choice for the serious amateur or professional dressage competitor. His X-rays are available for review with your vet. He currently measures 168 cm.(16.2 hands) There are truly just a handful of friesians in the US that have acquired the highly coveted SPORT predicate, achieved by scoring well in 3rd level dressage---in fact, Ulrik SPORT has 7 winning points in Z level, and won  his dressage class the last three times out! 

  It is an exciting time in this talented boy's life, the possibilities are endless and he has so much more to offer to his new owner. Ulrik SPORT has not only been showing successfully at 3rd level for the past year, consistently scoring  70% and accruing winning points in the process; he is also an experienced exhibition/parade horse and is EXCELLENT at carriage driving--:):)

Ulrik is bright, very consistent with smooth transitions, sound, healthy and always wants to do his best; FANTASTIC flying changes. He’s elegant and captures the eyes and hearts of people around him. He is energetic, light in the bridle, and sensitive to the aids. Here is a rare opportunity for an amateur rider looking for a well trained horse to learn on, or is perfect for an older adult, or young rider looking to be competitive at the highest level. He is really a special horse!! When we went to see him, he showed us, among other things, the flying changes---VERY FEW friesians in the world are competing with solid flying changes in their repertoire!! Moreover, we found that Ulrik is VERY well trained and all the "buttons" for 3rd level dressage are very well confirmed. He is like a fairytale looking Ferrari among the friesians. With very little effort on the rider's part, he does what you want---- and very few approved stallions have this boys LOOKS. His canter is so smooth and so powerful that even quality KWPN, dutch horses, can not beat him. With very little weight in your hands and with just a little push on the right button, you can get him to do anything. This Sport stallion has a very nice character, and is a good schoolmaster for people that are less advanced, or a proven competitor for people who want to go further up the level in dressage--want to get your Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal????...this boy can HELP you! Everybody who is into friesian horses, knows that there are VERY FEW friesian horses that are competing and WINNING at 3rd level dressage, with flying changes. Imagine, you can have one of Holland's best friesian dressage horses in YOUR stable. Just take a look at this lovely blue-black boy----. He is a winner (always in the top 5, even against the top warmbloods).

RARE Sport Stallion with HAIR TO THE GROUND, and competing at 3rd level with 7 wining points!!! Impeccable pedigree: STER-Pref-STER-STER+Pref

Will be equally sensational imported as a stallion OR a gelding (keep in mind, importing as a stallion requires an additional 30 day cem quarantine which is approx 6k). Ulrik SPORT is $46,900 including import and quarantine as a gelding, to the Port of your choice (NY, LAX, Canada or Miami)

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