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Botte 414
Friesian Sire


Gerryt 360
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 17 hands

The ULTIMATE ALL AROUND Family horse! FANTASTIC on Trails, GREAT with Children, GENTLE GIANT!

ONLY $24,900 into NY, or $26,900 into LAX, Chicago or Miami, Toronto or Calgary! 

New great family gelding for sale at
17 hands TALL, beautiful conformation, high uphill neck (like a stallion!)… If you are looking for a reasonably priced REAL sweetheart, willing, always wants to please, forgiving friesian gelding for sale, VALIANT is your boy! He has a good go, no spurs or whip necessary, responds easily to your aids, soft in the hand. Super for EVERY member of your family, you say Whoa, and he stops easily! Also very well trained to drive! 

Has spent his life being used for driving and as a trail horse. 
Tons of experience on trails and in traffic...this is one safe trail horse ANYONE can ride and enjoy! Valiant loves to go for a ride outside, alone, or with other horses. He is a social PEOPLE oriented horse who gets along very well with all other horses, very friendly! The ULTIMATE Family horse! He has been taken on COUNTLESS trail rides, ridden all over the beach, taken in the water- just about everything you can do with a horse. Teddy bear personality! Ride bareback, backwards, western, you name it!


We are very proud to present this beautiful, brave, safe, experienced, fantastic TALL gelding! Valiant has the golden character we are always looking for. He is perfect for insecure riders, novice riders, your grandma, children etc. Valiant is the ultimate family horse! He is 12 years old and 100% sound and healthy, and comes with a brand new thorough pre purchase exam.  He is safe in traffic (also with tractors, trucks etc). He is used to children and dogs between his legs. He loves bareback riding, AND he likes to be driven! He will bond with his owner and do anything for you! Here is a teddy bear who loves attention and will be a family member for a lifetime.


Horses like Valiant are RARE, and hard to find!

Not only is Valiant super safe and reliable, he also is beautiful. He has a very kind, eye and is such a sweet horse, built like a stallion with a GORGEOUS neck!! He LOVES people. He will follow you around anywhere. He stands at 17 hands (172 cm). IMPRESSIVE!!!!

We really cannot say enough good things about this special horse. Call soon because this sweet boy will not last long. He will only be sold to the best home and is $24,900 into NY, $26,900 into LAX, Chicago, Miami, or Canada. Call 415-272-2112

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