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Reinder 452
Friesian Sire


Fetse 349
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

BLACK LABRADOR personality!

This one won't last: 7 year old with excellent proven dressage show record in 2nd level (L2 dressage with winning points!!!)

Very easy to ride and not spooky. New LONG haired boy, he is just under 16.1 hands (164 cm) and VERY safe on the trails---

Setse also already has excellent xrays, and is kind, gentle, EASY to sit, VERY easy even for a novice, and comes with an excellent dressage show record----AND reasonably priced!
AND very well trained to drive.

I have honestly NEVER seen a friesian with this strong of motherline:


Give me a buzz at 415-272-2112 if you would like more info----


GREAT BUY on a VERY nice well trained and EXPERIENCED friesian.  Looking for a HANDSOME, BEAUTIFUL mature boy scoring above 65% in dressage?  Setse is your man!  Pedigree speaks for itself with unbroken MODEL predicates in motherline!!!!  Here is one heck of a buy on a long-legged gelding, with a beautiful head and long, well-shaped neck, he is compact, well-proportioned and built up-hill ~ this boy is TOP NOTCH!! And he isnt just kind and sweet, he   is extremely balanced, uncomplicated, and suitable for most beginners. Setse has the best attitude, very willing to work. He is such a GEM, truly just exactly what most of our buyers are looking for..... what is not to love?!? Excellent stable manners/no vices.


... Ideal age, clean x rays, proven track record in dressage, and IDEAL age with lots of experience in many many different settings---7 yrs old!

What an easy going, fun to ride and drive boy---AND he likes to work for you (read: not lazy, which has helped earn him high scores in dressage:)

email: janna@blacksterlingfriesians  Call: 415-272-2112

Buying Price:


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