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Pier 448
Friesian Sire


Leffert 306
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Look who’s coming to Black Sterling Friesians! 


We are the only stable in N America to have a still YOUNG friesian for sale that is actively competing at this  HIGH level.

What an amazing nine-year-old Prix-St. George friesian for sale! Once in a lifetime horse and only nine years old. Just had him x-rayed, all good.....

Success in the European show ring is no small feat. Most tests have at least 30 competitors. For the Dutch program there is a point system. In order to move up a level in the Netherlands a rider must earn at least 10 points. To earn one point, a rider must have at least a 60 percent, for two points, a score above 65 percent and for three points, a score above 70 percent. Alternatively, a rider can also lose points. If a rider scores below 50 percent she will lose a point. As the score gets lower, the number of points lost increases. If a rider loses 10 points, she is forced back to a lower level. The U.S. system is much more lenient. There is no rule in place that enforces a horse to earn its way into a higher level.


As we compare tests among the countries, one unifying theme in Europe is that the level of collection required in the lower levels is slightly higher than in the U.S. For instance, in Level Z for the Netherlands, the 8-meter circle has already been introduced. It isn’t until Prix St. Georges that the 8-meter circle appears in competition in the U.S.!!!

Half canter pirouette in Level ZZ for the Netherlands is another example of the European systems testing for more collection at lower levels than the US. Although a higher level of collection is more imposing, it could be argued that it is better preparation for the demands of the upper levels.


Prix St. Georges begins the elite levels of dressage tested at international horse shows. Horses must be at least seven years old before performing the Prix St. Georges. All of the movements required at previous levels are tested, plus the volte (turn) in an 8 meter circle at the trot, as well as the halt from the collected canter. 

**** Izaak is already doing 8 meter circles and halt from collected canter in tests!


RARE HIGH LEVEL for a Friesian, and even MORE RARE at ONLY 9 yrs of age AND not just STER and SPORT, but Izak also was in the 70 day test AND made it all the way to the final 10 stallions chosen (last 5 became APPROVED stallions!).

More photos of Izak from a competition on 12/10/19 can be found on this link:



Here is what the Dutch Judges had to say about our amazing Izak, when he was chosen for the 70 day test:

"The stallion Izak fan d'ald Loop (Pier 448 x Leffert 306) received the green light from the jury during the assessment in the discipline of riding horse,  to participate in the follow-up to the Central Examination."  The assessment bar is as follows:

step: 7.5
trot: 7.0
Flexibility: 7.0
Transitions 7.0
Momentum: 7.0

.......Izak scored a total of a whopping 76, at just 3 years of age!

"One stallion was appointed by the stallion selection jury for the Central Examination..... This is the three-year-old Izak fan d’ald Loop. He qualified for the competition  via an excellent presentation, after which he was given the green light after the veterinary inspection and the exterior inspection. Izak is a son of Pier 448 out of a star mare of the preferente Leffert 306. Via a star mare of Piter 312 the pedigree leads to the preferent star mare Roos Boszorg. This Hannes 296 daughter is the dam of the KFPS stallion Monte 378, who is now living in the US. Of the twelve stallions  participanting in this test, only Izak was chosen to proceed with the stallion approval process, and will proceed to the Central Inspection."

We truly have the BEST dressage friesians available anywhere!!!! 


Accordng to Izak's trainer, Izak steps it up at competitions, and frequently comes out on TOP,  but is very EASY for a junior or amateur rider  to handle and ride at home, and outside, for recreation, and on trails. 


We only have THIS level of dressage horse available, in FRIESIAN form, once in a blue moon.....it's YOUR chance to acquire a 9 yr old Prix St George Friesian, RECENT GOOD Xrays available for review with your vet, STER and SPORT, Was in the 70 Day Test and made it to the last 10 of newly approved stallions, 16.1 hands tall; Winning Point in ZZ Heavy Level Dressage in Europe; Also Sjees Driving Champion.


Serious inquiries only, higher price bracket.

This is a once in a lifetime horse, that is NOT going to last-- will go to an approved home only, Call Janna 415-272-2112. Primarily ridden in a snaffle!


Suitable for amateur or junior rider. 



If you want him as a stallion, let me know right away, otherwise we will geld him this week and he will be on his way to america in 3 weeks, for his lucky new owner:)  [Don't forget, importing a stallion costs an additional 6k+ and an additional 30 days in quarantine].

More info: 415-272-2112


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