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This is one of the first EVER ---CONFIRMED (NOT conditional on an ABFP or Ibop test) 1st premie STER Crown/Kroon mares we have been able to offer our clients ---from our private stock, NOT usually available for import!

The Crown predicate is a predicate to which exterior and sport-aptitude requirements apply. Selection for the (preliminary) Crown predicate takes place during the Central Mare Show/Centrale Keuring, from the mares that during the breeding days and studbook inspections in that same year were awarded a first premium STER status.The requirements for consideration for the (preliminary) Crown predicate are:

  • for permanent Crown status the mare must complete an IBOP or ABFP test with a minimum score of 77.0 points and an average of 7 for walk and trot. If the Sport predicate is earned that will also convert the preliminary-Crown status into permanent Crown status

Kato Kroon is NOT a preliminary KROON mare, she is the REAL DEAL, ideal age of 8 yrs, AND she is a proven producer, having had 3 foals previously (2 Gerben foals and 1 Omer foal). 


Kato is now confirmed in foal to the Approved Stallion, Ulbran---who had MANY CHAMPION foals last year, and will give you a foal in 2021!!!


She is free of dwarfism and waterhead and measures  162 cm (a  hair shy of 16 hands TALL!). 

Stam line 25---2nd most prolific at producing APPROVED stallions!

Bday 3/24/13


In 2014 she was Champion at  the Breeding Club Het Friesch Paard-Limburg show.

This is ONE SPECIAL and RARE 1st Premie Ster KROON Mare!!! For those of you just learning the bloodline "ropes" of friesians and wanting a TOP NOTCH Friesian mare...Kato's motherline is TO DIE FOR. The STER predicate indicates the mares are considered the top 15% of all mares for their conformation and movement. The PREFERENT title is even more indicative of what kind of babies you can expect from Kato.
Preferent means every single one of her predecessors has produced at least 4 STER offspring!!! This is the kind of pedigree the Dutch Judges like to see in APPROVED stallions. 

 It is said that the QUALITY of a Friesian mare is in her MOTHERLINE-and the ability of that motherline to pass on superb traits and characteristics; NOT in the sire's line. Kato STER KROON's motherline obviously produces TOP TOP quality offspring. And Kato is only 8 yrs old, which means she has 15 productive years left to produce champions for YOU. Kato's babies could very well be Approved Stallions for YOU! She has a tall 16 hand frame, a LOW in-breeding co-efficient of 3.32%, 2nd level dressage, and she represents what is desirable in a Friesian sporthorse TODAY, not the old clunky types of yesteryear.
For those of you looking, and never finding, a KROON or MODEL friesan mare, bred to an approved stallion located in Europe, this is a no-brainer. And for those of you looking for the BEST of the BEST to begin your friesian breeding program, this is also a no-brainer. We believe Kato STER KROON IS one of the best producing, best performing, best pedigreed mare on the market anywhere.

AND Kato is NOT just a broodmare, she is VERY  well trained to ride, currently going 2nd level dressage (M Level)!  Check out the pics above from a current  trail ride and gallop through the water!!:)


With Kato, there is NO ADDITIONAL money sent on  a stud fee (she has already been ultra sounded and confirmed in foal for 2021), and there is NO ADDITIONAL money spent on training for an upcoming IBOP test, and there is NO additional money spent on IBOP fees and show expenses and hauling---and Kato is already M level dressage (which translates to our 2nd level) and is regularly ridden and loved on  by a middle aged woman, that  says Kato Kroon loves to give hugs!!  AND there is no extra cost for vetcheck,  blood and cem testing, international health cert, transport to the airport, flight over, and USDA 3 day quarantine to NY; LAX and Canada are 2k more.


Kato is ready to fly to  Los Angeles, New York, Calgary, or Toronto---your choice----just let us know where you would like for her to go?


If you are looking for the female form of an APPROVED STALLION---here she is!  AND she is an excellent 2 for 1 value, as Kato will give you a foal worth 12-15k in 2021~

This 1st premie ster mare with KROON predicate is out of a 1st premie STER mare, grand mother is STER+PREF-and great grandmother is STER+PREF.  That's right, 1st premie STER KROON annd FULL PEDIGREE with unbroken ster predicates throughout!  And she is a 1/2 sister to the approved stallion, Uldrik.  


Kato Kroon is $33,900 to NY and $35,900 to all other ports of entry. Give Janna at call at 415-272-2112 if you would like to have this  amazing 1st premie STER KROON mare, in foal to Ulbran, to come live with YOU!

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