Ruscherd SPORT - SOLD

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Ruscherd SPORT


Norbert 444
Friesian Sire


Ulke 338
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.2 hands

This is one of the MOST TALENTED friesians for dressage available for purchase in the world! Ruscherd fan Bokkum STER and SPORT almost never loses. Z2 Dressage, FLYING CHANGES are VERY easy for him, and he is doing everything required in 3rd-4th level dressage. REALLY beautiful horse!! Ru's dam is the famous Annikje fan Bokkum, the UNBELIEVABLY talented MODEL mare ridden by Peter Spahn in Prix St George, and was reportedly sold to S. Africa for 6 figures.


Ru's gaits are AMAZING!!




Forward, but not mean or spooky. Super sweet.

GRAND Champion at his keuring, pedigree to DIE for!  Out of the very  famous MODEL and SPORT mare, Annichje fan Bokkum, grandmother is Ster +Pref7



This is THE HORSE, if you want THE BEST.



Regio Friesland and Dutch championships are against all type of horses.... read: Ru is readily BEATING warmbloods!!


Dressage competition show record:


2017 Pavo/fryso bokaal winner 4 years old.


2018 Regio Friesland indoor championships, reserve champion L2 


Selected for Dutch indoor championships L2


Regio Friesland outdoor championships, champion M1


European championships 5 years old friesian horses Champion with 74,09%


2019 KFPS indoor championships, M2 champion + silver whip champion


Regio Friesland indoor championships, M2 champion.


Dutch indoor championships M2, Brons!


Regio Friesland outdoor championships, Z1 brons!


Selected outdoor Dutch championship Z1. 


Pavo/Fryso Bokaal 5/6 years old, Brons! 


European championships 6 years old Friesian’s 4th best.



Ruscherd was also in the team of the Train with Linda Kouwenhove. He did VERY well, and she loved him!   Our new SUPERSTAR was featured in the FRIESIAN TRAIN!


The 'Friesian Train' left an overwhelming impression on large horse audiences in Europe in 2019. The demonstration of eight top riders and their powerful Friesian horses, who ride the Small Tour and Grand Prix, was a great success. Thousands of visitors have enjoyed the black pearls: true ambassadors for the Friesian horses and their talent for dressage.
The eight amazons and their horses:
Christa Larmoyeur with Wylster 463 (Rindert 406)
Jolanda Schreuder with Jesse R. (Brandus 345)
Hennie Roffel with Douwe by R. (Maurits 437)
Susan Bouwman-Wind with Egberdina's Lodewijk (Maurus 441)
Linda Kouwenhove with Ruscherd fan Bokkum (Norbert 444 )
Harmina Holwerda with Mario fan Bokkum (Jasper 366)
Leonie Evink with Filou SB (Tjalf 443)
Hilda Visser with Helmes van 't Hoksent (Adel 357)

(watch the video above of the BEST of the BEST in the amazing Friesian train)


This is a Great opportunity to own an OUTSTANDING Z2 SPORT Friesian with the prestigious STER and SPORT predicate and the real schoolmaster type horse. We just love Ru because he is very well schooled in dressage and is very easy to ride---and the proof is ironic, another importer  recently sold a horse  as “easy for anyone” and that horse’s  previous owner in Europe contacted us, and said she sold the horse because he was “too much stallion at competitions”, and the former owner wants to buy Ru instead!  


Yep, quite simply, WE HAVE THE BEST!


Ru is sensitive to the aids and when you think it, he does it!   This STER and SPORT boy has THE BEST movement of any Friesian available ANYWHERE. Talk about well educated, Ru has the BEST of the best in his classical dressage upbringing, and he is now ready to conquer Grand prix dressage, or just help you get your Gold USDF Medal…YOU decide!




Even the competition want THIS HORSE.  Ru is THE BEST!


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