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Gerben 479
Friesian Sire


Tsjitse 387
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

RARE opportunity to acquire a dressage CHAMPION STER STALLION (we will deliver as ster gelding unless you prefer he remain intact)---this KFPS Champion is now M2 dressage (2nd-3rd level) and REALLY AMAZING!!!   Zeus is a fantastic looking horse!


In the stable, Zeus is a KING, always standing proud in his stall. 

He has a beautiful long swan neck. 

I think he has the best hind leg of all horses we have! REALLY under himself---almost hits his belly:)

He has a fantastic personality, Betty, his young rider, loads up this ster stallion by herself, and  goes alone with Zeus to competitions. 

Zeus Always waits nicely (standing alone and patiently) next to the horse trailer while Betty struggles pulling on her boots and puts her make up and jacket on. 

And when she gets on him,  he knows what his job is! He he does it WELL, ALWAYS in the top THREE, no matter what warmbloods are in the competition, and he USUALLY wins!!

Children can ride Zeus, he also loves pulling a carriage as a  single,  in a pair, in a 4, 6 and in a 10 in hand.  AND  he is a phenomenal trailmaster---take him ANYWHERE. ZERO spook. 

LOTS of talent for higher dressage. He often makes it to the top 3 at the shows, Zeus has a beautiful exterior and he also has an amazing full paper!

He has a very sweet character and is not scared at all. Under the saddle he does a great job, Zeus picks up all work easily and likes to think along with you, which makes him fun to do all kinds of things with---and he has progressed quickly up the levels of dressage. 

He has 3 powerful correct gaits, his trot is expressive and with a lot of impulsion.

In January, when i was in the netherlands, Zeus was my FAVORITE horse in the Friesian Proms at the stallion show---he  participated in MANY of the classes and exhibitions at the biggest friesian show in all of Europe in 2020.

Rare opportunity to acquire one of Europe's finest, and Grand Champion at the KFPS indoor dressage championships.  Dont miss this SPECIAL guy----GOLD STANDARD stam line 50, full pedigree:


LOW 2.54% inbreeding

Bday 5/11/15

Measured 163 cm as a 3 yr old, and is now 165 cm (16.1 hands)

SUPER long hair, SWEET as can be.

$48,900 to NY, $2k more to Chicago or LAX.  All our prices include flight and 3 day USDA quarantine. Optional 30 day stallion  quarantine is $6k+

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