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Pier 448
Friesian Sire


Krist 358
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Very special EXPERIENCED friesian for sale!!  He has that RARE Fairytale BAROQUE build and look!!:)

Currently 9 years old and 16.1 ¼ hands tall, going 2nd level and trained to drive, all good xrays taken recently and available for review with your vet.


This mature and experienced friesian for sale is intelligent and friendly…. here is YOUR opportunity to buy a real SCHOOLMASTER. Chaz is a big IMPRESSIVE friesian with noble and jaw dropping looks, correct and strong conformation-----in short, a gorgeous Friesian, a real head -turner, that has 3 excellent fluid gaits.

 AND WOW---this boy was an approved stallion with the Baroque Pinto Studbook prior to being gelded----which is INCREDIBLE 3rd party verification of many things re: his tippy top movement and conformation!


Look at his numbers:


Type - 9.0
Build - 8.5
Correctness - 8.5…
Movement - 9.5
Walk - 8.5
Gallop - 8.5
Overall impression - 9.0
Points - 61.5
Average 8.8


These scores are incredible! Lots of people will DIE to have a formerly approved stallion because that is a REALLY HARD nut to crack, and excellent 3rd party verification of the quality of the animal.



From an investment standpoint, when you invest in Chaz, you are investing in a HIGH quality boy that the Baroque Pinto Studbook allowed into their registry as an APPROVED stallion because they were SOO impressed with the high quality of his movement and conformation, and wanted his HIGH quality and talent for sport passed on to their pintos.  I have never really understood WHY the baroque pinto studbook allows all black friesians to be approved stallions in their studbook -------and the answer from the studbook is—ONLY if the stallions are SO IMPRESSIVE with movement, type, and conformation, that they will ADD to their registry in those categories (not color).

His upright conformation allows him to bring his hind legs well under himself. His movement is very swingy and light to the rider.


Chaz is a lovely forward moving Friesian, not a spooky horse when you ride him, but he is also not a lazy Friesian with no forward, that requires whips and spurs. He has SELF CARRIAGE---watch while the rider drops his reins, and Chaz stays in a good frame, and in perfect cadence.  This boy can teach YOU.


Dressage riders that have ridden Chaz have all really loved him and were thrilled with how quickly he learns---- doing all kinds of things in a short period of time. From lateral movements- to his really nice rocking horse canter, Chaz is super sweet, kind, and giving; wanting to please his rider at all times.


This fairytale looking friesian, now being offered for sale, is very light in his movement, and light in his contact, and his personality is priceless. He is a trooper out on trails and very courageous and curious in any situation.


Chaz is not only ideally built uphill with a strong, short, coupled back, but he also has the talent and, most importantly, the enthusiastic work ethic, to go all the way in dressage, if his rider so chooses. He really likes to work, and never gets tired!  He is currently doing all the exercises of 2nd Level. 


Here is a truly exceptional opportunity for a rider looking for a BEAUTIFUL experienced gelding, that is fully TRAINED and accustomed to all kinds of settings, at a mature age of 9 yrs old, with excellent vetcheck and xrays available for review with your vet.


We hardly EVER get friesians for sale with this much experience under their belt, like Chaz, and when we do, they just don't last!  What a SUPER all around boy that is not spooky when ridden on trails or in traffic.  FANTASTIC HORSE, reasonable price tag, this one won't last, as he has just TONS of experience!!!!

Sold by Kate Walker

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