Drewis - SOLD

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Haike 482
Friesian Sire


Stendert 447
Friesian Dam's Sire


Horse Description

Height: 16.1 hands

Drewis is a very nice gelding, sired  by Haike 482. 


He stands 16.1 hands tall, which is 166 cm, and is one of our best ALL AROUND boys, suitable for ALL levels of riders, in GREAT condition, and with the so sought after dressage show experience!


 Drewis is a very sweet, easy to ride friesian gelding for sale, soft in the mouth AND he is always in a good mood!  He LIKES to work--- not a LAZY boy. He always has his eyes and his ears UP! This is the kind of horse that will follow you everywhere you go, when in his paddock or pasture and you are working outside or on your property---he is a REAL people horse:)


 He likes to be brushed, hugged, and he keeps looking until he gets a kiss when you leave the stable. 


Drewis is always ready to go out for a trail---- but also likes to win a competition!  This is THE HORSE everyone is looking for!!!!


He is ridden to L2 dressage  by 3 different riders, which says everything about his golden character, and he is now going 2nd level. AND Drewis is shown by very AMATEUR riders that have never competed before--which speaks volumes for his beginner-proof character!


Everybody can ride this stellar moving sweetheart.

My partner purchased Drewis from his very good friend in the Netherlands, who had Drewis for 2 years. He coached her (a woman in her 50's) on Drewis and she competed successfully in L2 dressage in Europe with this gentle giant, all the while ALSO enjoying taking her teddy bear personality boy out on the trails by herself. 

Watch vids above of Drewis galloping through water and through the forest----this boy literally does it ALL!


The previous owner had a 16 yr old girl that also showed him 1st level dressage (L1 dressage), and a 12 yr old that had fun jumping Drewis over cross rails! 


This horse can travel alone and is NOT spooky----what a SAFE, EXPERIENCED,  good boy. And did we mention that he likes cuddling?


Drewis likes everybody and everybody likes Drewis!


You will really enjoy your time in the saddle on him, and Drewis is uncomplicated, responsive, easy on the bit, has an excellent whoa, and is super on a trail by himself. No whip or spurs needed, and he has 3 very good gaits, and we think he will be successful in any discipline---he has an excellent work ethic!!



Xrays available for review with your vet.



If you are looking for a VERY nice to ride uncomplicated Friesian for sale with an EXCELLENT temperament, Drewis is a GOOD one, and reasonably priced at only $39,900 delivered to NY (LAX and Chicago are 2k more). Drewis is already a gelding, so he may fly to YOU as soon as YOU like!



LAX, Chicago and Miami are 2k more for airfare.





Please feel free to give me a call for more info at 415-272-2112. 



I don’t expect  this one to last, ---as he is an incredible BUY!!! Friesians with this much show experience, already thoroughly xrayed AND suitable for all levels of riders, including your grandma, are hard to find, and when we DO find them, they just don't last!


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